HS Game Of The Week: Gilman(MD) vs Landon(DC)

HS Game Of The Week: Gilman(MD) vs Landon(DC)

HS Game Of The Week: Gilman(MD) vs Landon(DC)

This week's" Lax.com High School Game of the Week" took us to Maryland, for the regional clash between the Landon Bears of D.C. and the GIlman Greyhounds of Baltimore. Gilman lived up to their preseason hype, defending their home turf with a 16-9 victory.

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No left hands?
    by (#1383) on 3/19/08 @1:50PM
What's the deal with the Gilman kids killing their shots so they can switch back to their right hand? You'd figure a Baltimore prep player could use both hands.
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When Does Landon Play Georgetown Prep?
    by (#136419) on 3/19/08 @2:49PM
IMHO, Landon-Georgetown is the biggest high school lacrosse rivalry in the country. And I am not being biased at all when I say this, because I am originally from Baltimore, and a lot of people will argue for St. Paul's-BL and Gilman-McDonogh.
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switch hands???(basic lacrosse)
    by (#157093) on 3/19/08 @3:34PM
That kid could have scored a goal before he got sandwiched if he shot w his left...
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    by (#178025) on 3/20/08 @1:08AM
gilman came down to my school and played us and we the score as tied for the first like 3 quarters and they pulled ahead in the 4th to make it 13-8 but we are like also from north carolina
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    by (#188590) on 3/21/08 @8:47AM
Yes i agree it was a great game, BUT they should have used their left hands it would have helped from getting lit up good game though
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still choppy...
    by (#135422) on 3/21/08 @9:47AM
ive tried everything, letting it load, watching it through choppy and replaying it, everything but it still like skips and doesnt play just straight through... anybody else have this problem/know how to fix mine?
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   left hands? by 3/21/08 @2:49PM
   Rosie's viewing problems...... by 3/23/08 @5:56PM
(no subject)
    by (#186717) on 3/23/08 @4:43PM
Yeah, a left hand would have helped them score what like 2-3 more goals? like they needed more...

Is #17, Holman? He was really good.
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   17 by 3/24/08 @8:10AM
no left hands
    by (#192286) on 3/25/08 @11:20AM
dude my 14u teamhas left hands jus like theri right.how come 2 of the b est lax schools have no left hands? its embarrasing.any team can shut them down if they don't have a left hand. its jus embarrasing
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(no subject)
    by (#191190) on 4/16/08 @10:32PM
i agree with shocks
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Great video
    by (#211867) on 2/15/09 @11:25AM
Some of those checks were pretty nasty
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