HS Game Of The Week: Haverford(PA) vs Loyola(MD)

HS Game Of The Week: Haverford(PA) vs Loyola(MD)

HS Game Of The Week: Haverford(PA) vs Loyola(MD)

This week's Lax.com High School Game of the Week took us to the campus of Washington College in Chestertown, MD, for the Wednesday afternoon clash between the Haverford School of PA and Loyola-Blakefield of Baltimore. Haverford and Loyola are both one of the top three schools in their respective states and had each been undefeated. Haverford took it home with a 7-5 win.

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Haverford's D looked nasty.
    by (#179262) on 3/31/08 @10:31PM
Are any of these poles going to play D1? Kids looked good. Stanwick looked solid. Loyola vs Calvert Hall should be a sick game.
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one is
    by (#157324) on 4/02/08 @10:49PM
one of em is goin to UVA according to laxpower recruiting
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Steele Stanwick Is Going To UVA
    by (#136419) on 4/05/08 @9:02PM
He is also considered by many to be the top player in the country this year. Wow, some day, Stanwick is going to be the biggest name in the history of lacrosse!
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    by (#106245) on 4/17/08 @2:27PM
You know, that's what they said about the Bratton twins last year as they were heading to UVA. There is such a difference in the overall athleticism of college players that standout players in high school end looking only a little better than average. For Stanwick it may be different. Middies are always harder for young players to excel at the college level in my opinion.
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    by (#195905) on 4/18/08 @2:39PM
Stanwick is easily one of the best finishers I have ever seen at the highschool level. He won't run by you, but he uses the quickness he does have to get that half-step needed to get the shot off. He is smart; often driving on his defender when the slide is furthest away (which could probably also be attributed to his coaching staff for instilling that in him), turns his shoulders quickly to get the defender on his back and get his hands free, and takes shots from inside 3-5 yards where he has plenty of cage to shoot on and the goalie has little chance of saving the shot.

He is the leader on that field and thus a marked man, and he is still dominating. Sounds alot like another Loyola attackman who people doubted could ever have the same dominating presence in college; Ben Rubeor.
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all of them are
    by (#181544) on 7/20/08 @12:45AM
one is going to uva, one to bucknell, and one to dartmouth
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(no subject) (nt)
    by (#102584) on 4/01/08 @10:19PM
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(no subject)
    by (#167651) on 4/05/08 @4:03PM
haverford seems to be a very good team. they put up a good fight against Delbarton School of NJ today. they lost 5-8 i believe but then again, Delbarton is a seven time state champ, top ten nationally ranked powerhouse.
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    by (#256963) on 10/11/10 @8:30PM
is that steele stanwick?
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