HS Game Of The Week: Kent Denver(CO) vs St Ignatius(CA)

HS Game Of The Week: Kent Denver(CO) vs St Ignatius(CA)

HS Game Of The Week: Kent Denver(CO) vs St Ignatius(CA)

This week's Lax.com High School Game of the Week takes us to Denver, CO for the biggest Western match-up in years. Previously undefeated Saint Ignatius Prep (now 18-1) was killing everyone in Cali, but met their match in Kent Denver, who was killing everyone in Colorado (Kent is now 11-0). Kent took home the Friday afternoon win 10-6.

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    by (#154332) on 4/28/08 @10:30PM
both teams looked good. I know Kent Denver is a very good team. As for the St. Ignatius squad, they have a bit more to go before they contend with the eastern powers. What was up with # 10? is that the only go-to player on St. Ignatius? Nobody threw the body on that kid.
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   Since Ignatius has been top of CA lax for 2 years by 4/28/08 @11:26PM
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goalie/overall opinion
    by (#197064) on 4/29/08 @11:34AM
i knew before i even read the comments that the goalie was going to get heat for his style. from the very beginning i also noticed he was dropping down to his knees for shots. i see that sometimes from people who play goalie in hockey as well, or just are scared of the ball. i mean its one thing when someone fakes low, and you drop your stick... and possibly your body... but look at '1:48' for example... he drops to his knees and the ball would have hit him right in the chest if he was just standing there, instead its a goal. (he makes up some slack at '2:00' though when he crushes that kid)

i play attack not goalie though so i really cant cretique the kid. other than that it looked like a decent game. i agree with the other posters that you really cant compare west coast skill, atleast from what ive seen here, to what we see on the east coast. they had some good shooters, but there were no stand out dodgers or playmakers.
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    by (#197065) on 4/29/08 @11:48AM
The Cali goalie was quick.......at getting out of the way. I played some cali team at champ camp a few seasons ago and the velocity on their shots was piss poor. Any decent team from the east coast could cut that team up. They are slow, don't slide and ball watch. I would say that the Cali goalie wasn't getting much help also. He was definitely the weak link on that team. Put a better goalie on that team and introduce a defensive philosophy and they would be pretty dec. Kent is ligit not far off the Malvern, LaSalle, and Haverford from Philly.
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   You might be right... by 4/29/08 @12:07PM
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         Kent Denver by 4/29/08 @2:10PM
            Brunswick - Kent Denver by 4/30/08 @6:10PM
dont forget
    by (#94928) on 4/29/08 @1:18PM
SI was tied at the half. The altitude got to them durring the 3rd abd 4th quarters. I would also like to say that this is the goalies 2md year playing lax. Si is as classy as a team can get.
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Re: MD/NY?
    by (#1524) on 4/29/08 @6:00PM
Why don't they show some more high school teams from the Baltimore & Long Island area? These other teams pale in comparison.
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im really sorry
    by (#196069) on 4/29/08 @7:51PM
in my world both teams have brought out great squads. i made allstate in oregon.... which i came to figure out means absolutely nothing. this is the west's best which isnt so great, its alot of useless driving and lucky shooting. i agree with the fact that as talented as these teams are they could be alot better with better goalies and better defence strategies
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   you dont know what your talking about by 4/29/08 @9:25PM
Westcoast vs Eastcoast
    by (#197175) on 4/30/08 @10:23AM
These teams would get run all over on the east coast esp. in upstate new york and long island its a totally different game. its where the game was invented and where the best highschool teams in the world are.
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   charm city by 4/30/08 @11:26AM
   ....invented? by 6/06/08 @6:36PM
    by (#154593) on 4/30/08 @7:11PM
The coach that used to coach St. Ignatius is now the varsity coach at my high school and he was sayin how his old team would kill us. After seein this i believe him
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   stuff by 4/30/08 @8:43PM
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long island lax
    by (#197262) on 4/30/08 @10:28PM
long island lacrosse is where the best teams are at. there are some great teams in maryland, virgina, and the rest of ny but no one can match the long island teams. both kent and st ignatius never would have any shot at beating those teams
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   Give them some credit! by 5/01/08 @12:39AM
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   yes by 5/02/08 @9:13PM
Texas teams?
    by (#178537) on 5/02/08 @8:04AM
Those teams are pretty good but you all should show some Texas teams like highland park, Plano, ESD, or St. Marks. Those teams could actually contend with teams in the east or little SI. Even The Woodlands have some kid going to Johns Hopkins. So show some Texas teams.
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wow new goalie
    by (#196916) on 5/03/08 @10:22AM
the cali goalie looks like he is shitting himself every time a ball is shot i mean yea i play goalie and it is hard to make a stick save when the guy is on the crease but when the frekin guy is almost 15-20 yards away you better be stoppin that shot.
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   which one? by 5/11/08 @11:50AM
(no subject)
    by (#205365) on 10/30/08 @8:46PM
S.I. had a a middie going to cornell, a middie going to dartmouth, an attack man going to princeton, and a dpole going to bucknell, and another junior attackman commited to bucknell i believe.. SI is legit and so is kent denver..

why is westcoast lacrosse not legit

we put together teams for fall and summer head out to maryland and combined between 3 or 4 teams we go 18-2 showing the westcoast can compete
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    by (#216134) on 3/17/09 @7:57PM
sick vid i might go to SI i love lacrosse

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