HS Game Of The Week: LaSalle (PA) vs Gilman (MD)

HS Game Of The Week: LaSalle (PA) vs Gilman (MD)

HS Game Of The Week: LaSalle (PA) vs Gilman (MD)

The Gilman Greyhounds prevailed at home against the LaSalle Explorers in a game pitting arguably the nation's best high school teams. LaSalle dominated the early play, taking a 5-1 lead into halftime. But Gilman rallied in the second half to knot the score at 7-7, tying the score in the last seconds of regulation. Despite starting the extra period down a man, the Greyhounds had the last word, taking this one 8-7 in OT.

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    by (#154346) on 3/27/09 @9:41PM
..so Gilman scores OT goal on a blatant moving pick violation that was missed by the Refs..
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    by (#217318) on 3/27/09 @10:03PM
so true on the moving pick call
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    by (#199913) on 3/27/09 @10:05PM
how did the refs even miss that...
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(no subject)
    by (#208939) on 3/27/09 @10:13PM
i watched this on insidelacrosse and thought the exact same thing
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Questionable but correct
    by (#206360) on 3/27/09 @10:21PM
I was at the game and he wasn't moving while picked but when he saw he was going to get hit he braced himself.
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Err, what?
    by (#1383) on 3/27/09 @10:44PM
The dude who set the pick was practically a pulling guard. He even extended his arms to jack up the defenseman and knock the stick out of his hands.
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who "braced themself"??
    by (#215756) on 3/28/09 @11:59AM
the defender that got jacked up with the obvious MOVING PICK? Wow! This is one of the worst missed calls I have ever seen. Anyone who thinks it is legal needs to learn the game. The officials involved should never be allowed to ref another lacrosse game.
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    by (#217448) on 3/29/09 @10:39AM
if you brace yourself the defender shouldnt be the one getting knocked down, even if you get knocked over it will buy your teammate some time.
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kinda agree. . .
    by (#198233) on 3/29/09 @10:10PM
although it looks like the kid did a moving pick, and im not arguing that it wasnt a bad call, i kinda agree with the bracing part. kid had his feet planted and had no forward momentum into the defenseman (take another look).

on top of that the defender still got in front of the shot without a stick. i think everyone knows thats not legal. so the pick didnt keep the d out of the play at all.
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    by (#215756) on 4/01/09 @7:04AM
Were you one of the refs? Or was the one of the refs your father?

"so the pick didnt keep the d out of the play at all."

You, sir, are an IDIOT!

Didn't keep the D out of the play? How much do you think the defenseman WITHOUT A STICK altered the kids shot? He wasn't even close to topside. Oh, and also, out of all these comments, you're the only one that thinks it wasn't a moving pick. Learn the game before you log back on.
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Couldn't agree more...
    by (#20511) on 3/28/09 @12:54PM
With every other post here. That final play could be used as an instructional film of what a moving pick is. Goal should not have been allowed.

Lasalle can't really complain cause they did blow a huge half time lead, but they were robbed on that OT call and an opportunity to win it fairly
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(no subject)
    by (#203051) on 4/18/09 @10:06PM
that is not a moving pick at all... its just his stick up and the defender ran right to him dumbass
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can't believe it...
    by (#217432) on 3/29/09 @1:32AM
a great game like this is going to be remembered for the horrible call by the refs. i haven't seen a more obvious moving pick violation in my life. lasalle should of put it away earlier blowing the lead came back to haunt them.
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    by (#126657) on 4/14/09 @11:47PM
ridiculous moving pick. that was absurd.
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feet planted?
    by (#199913) on 4/16/09 @12:27AM
yeaah rightt, he was moving into the defender. I can tell it wasn't intentional but he still brought his hands up into the defenders chest.
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Where is the slide?
    by (#228542) on 3/23/10 @12:45AM
yes its obvious that it was a terrible call, but as a defensemen I have to wonder, where was the slide? it seems like whoever was guarding the pick should have easily been able to pick that guy up.
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    by (#228542) on 3/23/10 @12:50AM
oh I see it was a middie... that explains it. he just ran through and wasnt paying attention to the pick.
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