HS Game Of The Week: Pre-Season Tourney

HS Game Of The Week: Pre-Season Tourney

HS Game Of The Week: Pre-Season Tourney

Lax.com traveled out to Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison, Conn. to check out exhibition play amongst some of the top boys high school teams in the Northeast. Contenders from New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts sharpened their skills while getting a look at who the rest of the top competition might be this year.

Viewer Guide:
Canandaigua,NY-Red lids, white/red pinnies.
Duxbury, MA-Green lids, white/green pinnies
Garden City, NY-Maroon lids, maroon pinnies
Mountain Lakes, NJ-Orange lids, orange jerseys
West Genessee, NY-White lids, white jerseys
Yorktown, NY-White lids, black pinnies

Note: We're not allowed to name this tourney due to CT high school regulations.

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    by (#179262) on 4/02/09 @12:13PM
Is this from the Daniel Hand Tournament? Mt. Lakes' gear is tight.
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(no subject)
    by (#190904) on 4/02/09 @2:30PM
Obviously Genny Nation is tearing it uppp out there =)

And it's good to see Yorktown putting on a hard show after the recent loss of Brian Crockett... RIP #7
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West genny's goalie
    by (#129810) on 4/02/09 @3:36PM
i was about to say the dude looked like a siv but then i saw the mini section devoted to his epic saves so now im reppin that dudes dirty
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No Wood ??
    by (#217972) on 4/02/09 @4:06PM
Where's the love for the boys in sweats, no Maroons Lax, thats cold. We will just have to drive right on by your shop when we play Springfield at Giants Stadium this weekend...
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What the hell is a maroon?
    by (#179262) on 4/02/09 @6:21PM
turn and rake buddy.
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No wood – might want to go see a doctor for that
    by (#118585) on 4/02/09 @6:27PM
Was “wood” or “Maroons” they even at this tourney? I don’t see their names above.

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    by (#217972) on 4/03/09 @10:22AM
Ridgewood was there, played W Genny, Ridgefield Park and canandaigua
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That’s what she said
    by (#118585) on 4/03/09 @3:02PM
Maybe your wood is no good

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these teams
    by (#211667) on 4/02/09 @7:16PM
damn these teams have got some quick shots i wish i could learn from them and also that west geenesee from ny has got some tight gear i like it
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Yeah right
    by (#91657) on 4/02/09 @10:14PM
They've been rocking the same plain gear for YEARS. They're sick though so it doesn't really matter.
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Dang those guys had really good lefts!!!!! (nt)
    by (#196945) on 4/02/09 @10:34PM
(no text)
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    by (#210122) on 4/03/09 @11:13AM
They play way to much stick defense, half the reason those goals were scored was because instead of playing solid defense and and just not letting the attacker in they went for the stick check and got burned.
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