HS Game Of The Week: West Genesee(NY) vs Syosset(NY)

HS Game Of The Week: West Genesee(NY) vs Syosset(NY)

HS Game Of The Week: West Genesee(NY) vs Syosset(NY)

Highlights from the NY Class A State Championship, from the campus of Hofstra. West Genny took home the trophy with an 11-7 win, and gave coach Mike Messere his 15th NY state title.

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    by (#90203) on 6/16/08 @4:58PM
wow, when that attackman caught the ball from X he should have gotten crushed by #11. Bet he felt stupid when he got rolled like a that.
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    by (#206256) on 11/24/08 @10:33AM
them cuts were fresh...im guna get one
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    by (#178153) on 6/16/08 @5:03PM
Haha nice dome cuts.
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    by (#199449) on 6/16/08 @8:41PM
my team did that 2. for our tourney we all showed up with wicked haircuts
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Every year
    by (#91657) on 6/16/08 @9:18PM
Genny does it every year.
Well, every year they win sectionals and move onto states I think.
So yeah, every year.
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the hair cuts are great
    by (#3709) on 6/17/08 @12:09PM
Its the right time in life to do something stupid like that. It also builds unity amongst the team.

good for them, it looks like they had allot of fun with it.
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(no subject)
    by (#192935) on 6/16/08 @10:10PM
please dont tell me the goalie on genny was wearing shin guards. Cause if he was then he doesnt deserve to win.
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    by (#201122) on 6/16/08 @10:43PM
There coach makes the goalies where shin pads dumb ass
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    by (#201122) on 6/16/08 @10:44PM
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I do not care if they were armor in the goalie
    by (#3709) on 6/17/08 @1:45AM
Shin Guards, knee pads, thigh pads, hip pads, arm pads.


As long as they make a save, I do not care what they wear.

Its like the D-men who insist on wearing the elbow pads instead of the full arm pads because they do not want to look like a sissy.

But the problem is they look like a sissy when they do not go hard after a ground ball because their arms get hacked.

point being, where whatever you feel comfortable in.

If wearing pads makes you less hesitant to step in front of a ball then so be it.

I will say this though. The problem with Goalies wearing excessive leg pads is that they begin to make saves with there legs rather than using the stick.

Not wearing pads will force you to use the stick because you will not think of your shin in front of the ball as a first option anymore.
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(no subject)
    by (#201122) on 6/17/08 @11:30AM
Last time I checked a save was a save and generally shots off the shin dont rebound out of the crease, so I'm a little confused as to where the problem is.
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you are correct.
    by (#3709) on 6/17/08 @12:07PM
A save is save, so its not a problem.

It is just proper form to use the stick. Because you have more chance to control the ball and more of a surface area to stop the ball. Thus you want the goalies first impulse to be to go down with the stick. Not to stick his shin out, the shin has less surface area to stop the ball and also who knows where the ball will bounce, could even go into the goal.

Where as with the stick it could only bounce forward.

Sometimes if you got to stick a shin out there then so be it, It's just not a good first reaction.
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it dont matter
    by (#195971) on 7/08/08 @10:04PM
ive played goalie for 9 years now and for the first 4 or 5 years i was so bad at takin pain that i wore shin guards and thigh pads too... but i still was good if thats wat a 62% save average is...but if thats wat it takes to do ur best then so be it
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    by (#91657) on 6/17/08 @7:55PM
I don't remember Galloway or McKeon wearing anyway.
Shin guards towards the end of the season sometimes become necessary depending on how you play. I'm a left and make a lot of saves with my right leg, so by the end of the season I need to wear one on that leg.
People who wear them before there are any damages are foolish though. Shouldn't need them to feel comfortable in goal.
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not sure?
    by (#140423) on 6/30/08 @11:21AM
know one other than their teammates are sure because at least galloway always wore sweat pantss. not sure about mckeon tho
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(no subject)
    by (#205124) on 10/23/08 @2:19PM
You're right! 15 state champions. What a dumbass!

West Genesee Lacrosse Traditions
West Genesee is a program steeped in tradition. Some traditions are long-standing, some more recent, some have been modified over the years...

High Socks - This tradition dates back as far as anyone can recall. Genny is known nationwide in the lacrosse community as the "guys with the high socks". In 2002 , Inside Lacrosse Magazine conducted a internet poll asking readers their preferred sock length. One of the choices was "West Genny High Socks".
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    by (#55396) on 6/17/08 @12:00PM
lax.com, yall should put these videos on youtube..just a suggestion
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Hell Ya
    by (#184131) on 6/17/08 @2:33PM
West Genesee's 15th NYS class A Championship! Go Cats!
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west genny keep
    by (#170006) on 6/20/08 @1:24AM
Its not an issue to wear shin guards, ill wear one for a day or two if i take good shot to the shin, But i dont think he made a save on the video, im sure he did in the game but they made him look like trash. His form wasnt that solid and his hands didnt explode to the ball very good....is he as bad as they made him look or is that a bad example
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central NY
    by (#208891) on 12/30/08 @11:58AM
u should get more central NY games like West Genny, AUBURN, JD, CBA, and Skaneateles
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Four things...
    by (#190904) on 6/20/08 @12:32PM
1) I think that Stephen Mahle did an amazing job in goal. Stepping in to fill John Galloways's shoes must have been a huge and stressful task, especiall as a junior.
2) I loved Ryan Barber's goal after he was slashed and the flag was thrown, that was amazing.
3) Gotta love the hair :D
4) What happened to West Islip.. who did they lose to?! I was obviously too busy following the Carthage boys...
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(no subject)
    by (#84391) on 6/21/08 @5:15PM
did anyone else see major breakdowns in the defense. i mean wow. if i didnt see the title. i wouldnt believe this is a state championships.
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    by (#181544) on 8/04/08 @11:38PM
syosset's goalie was dirty does anyone know where he is going? gotta be d1
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I wish our team had fun like that
    by (#248295) on 5/25/10 @7:34PM
Nice hair West Genny
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