HS Game of the Week: Georgetown Prep (DC) vs Duxbury (MA)

HS Game of the Week: Georgetown Prep (DC) vs Duxbury (MA)

HS Game of the Week: Georgetown Prep (DC) vs Duxbury (MA)

Haverford School hosted the Inaugural Checking For Cancer Lacrosse Invitational Saturday, April 18. The event brought together some top boys lacrosse programs in the name of competition and cancer awareness.

Lax.com attended the event, capturing all four of the day's contests.

One of the best teams from the beltway, Georgetown Prep, faced Massachusetts traditional powerhouse Duxbury. Prep sprinted out of the gate, steamrolling the Duxbury Dragons 13-1.

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    by (#52162) on 4/23/09 @4:58PM
unbeleivable score, i thought duxbury would have a little more in them
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Running up the score...
    by (#194027) on 4/23/09 @5:47PM
Wow, usually Duxbury puts on a good show... sad to see a good team lose that badly, but Georgetown Prep has amazing talent...
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   overrated by 4/23/09 @7:53PM
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Could've told you who won before the game started
    by (#7572) on 4/23/09 @10:08PM
Look at the beginning of the video - GP is running on the field while Duxbury is just taking their time, walking on. From the start it was easy to tell who was there to play and who wasn't. I am by no means a Prep fan, but I have to hand it to them. Duxbury should be completely embarrassed, not by the loss, but by the one measily little goal they scored. It was a nice goal but by no means a team effort. I wondering what they were doing on offense the rest of the time. I read something about a kid going to cuse and ND on this Duxbury team, where were they?
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   ditto by 4/24/09 @10:16AM
Duxbury had a bad game
    by (#91657) on 4/24/09 @2:16AM
Quick! Let's all criticize these high schoolers for not playing at an elite level game in and game out.
These highlight videos didn't show anything of two kids going D1. Where were they? They clearly should carrying their team!
God forbid we judge everyone on one high school game even through recruiting in high school lacrosse has much more to do with stuff outside of actual high school games and more to do with camps and travel teams.

Sometimes the people on this site lose touch of reality.
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   otally right, just a Bad Game by 4/26/09 @7:17PM
      MA? CT? Neither by 4/27/09 @11:08PM
         NJ already a pretty big hotbed? by 4/29/09 @10:26PM
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    by (#203828) on 4/24/09 @11:37AM
There is no way Duxbury or any Mass team can compete with any team from Long Island or Maryland. They cant even beat teams from upstate NY. A team from a lax hotbed will always win.
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   Ah so you're saying that by 4/24/09 @1:52PM
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         I think you missed my point by 4/26/09 @6:37PM
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      Nice try? by 4/27/09 @10:18PM
         Apparently I'm wrong by 4/27/09 @10:21PM
   very stupid and arrogant of you by 5/17/09 @6:53PM
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    by (#191388) on 4/24/09 @12:23PM
does any one know what those light blue laces are saw several kids who had them
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   laces by 4/26/09 @11:43AM
      13-2 by 4/27/09 @8:09PM
         Also goes to show by 4/28/09 @1:37AM
DUX talent all graduated
    by (#157093) on 4/30/09 @12:42AM
Dux was on top because they had Max Quinzani who now STARTS at DUKE. After him, his younger brother took over. He now starts at fairfield. They also graduated a D stick who went to 'cuse. When all the good players graduate, a team has to rebuild. Dux has peeked.A very successful run. But now they must rebuild. Billerica will win The mass championship this year. mark my words. Billerica is the next mass champ. They start all sophomores and lost the sate championship to Dux in double overtime last year.
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   Bill-ricker? by 4/30/09 @2:04PM
   Facts by 5/05/09 @6:39PM
    by (#201611) on 5/01/09 @12:02PM
to be honest its not about how bad duxbury played its about how sick GP is year in and year out
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