HS Game of the Week: Lawrenceville (NJ) vs Highland Park (TX)

HS Game of the Week: Lawrenceville (NJ) vs Highland Park (TX)

HS Game of the Week: Lawrenceville (NJ) vs Highland Park (TX)

LAX.COM grabbed another great interstate battle, as the Lawrenceville School of New Jersey hosted Highland Park, Texas. In a game of runs, the boys from Texas got off to a fast start, but ever surge was matched by the Big Red. Playing to an 11-11 draw in regulation, the Fighting Scots slipped one past the Big Red in overtime, walking away with a big win for lacrosse in the Southwest.

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ya ya!!
    by (#153169) on 4/07/09 @7:17PM
Texas lacrosse baby.. good job HP.
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   (no subject) by 11/01/10 @8:57PM
    by (#190236) on 4/07/09 @7:24PM
this is pretty random i cant believe TX won, good thing sports spreading! east coast will always dominate in the end tho ;)
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   Well by 4/10/09 @10:05AM
    i don't know by 4/21/09 @12:23PM
(no subject)
    by (#187464) on 4/07/09 @7:42PM
Actually, Highland Park has always been good even though they are from texas
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    by (#205413) on 4/07/09 @9:03PM
lville rules
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   lville by 5/04/09 @9:43AM
    by (#204807) on 4/07/09 @9:40PM
go HP lets see some more TX ball now!!
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   delaware will by 5/17/09 @1:37AM
    by (#202236) on 4/07/09 @10:10PM
let's go delaware.
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   (no subject) by 5/17/09 @1:39AM
    by (#196296) on 4/07/09 @10:44PM
beat a landon, BL, west islip, UA from ohio or denver east then we will talk
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   (no subject) by 4/07/09 @11:17PM
   Homer by 4/08/09 @1:07AM
      sorry by 4/08/09 @7:17AM
   OH-IOlax is an idiot by 4/08/09 @4:48PM
      How does losing by 4/08/09 @11:44PM
         Elite? by 4/09/09 @3:04AM
            I agree by 5/07/09 @2:47PM
            Hilarious - I know the thread is dead... by 5/23/09 @12:46AM
         One more thing by 4/09/09 @3:08AM
            No by 4/09/09 @1:08PM
               Lawrenceville is 24th in the country by 4/09/09 @3:02PM
                  Lighten up by 4/09/09 @4:09PM
                  No sense arguing..... by 4/10/09 @7:53AM
      Idiot by 4/16/09 @4:09PM
    by (#210248) on 4/07/09 @10:59PM
#25 is mega legit...go to 2:06 in the video and see this kid work... word on the street is that he goes by backyard dennys... mega legit playin d1 fo sho
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   pffft by 4/09/09 @4:43AM
   (no subject) by 3/08/11 @7:40AM
(no subject)
    by (#167651) on 4/08/09 @11:19AM
Thank god. I'm from jersey, and I personally, I think Lawrenceville is way over rated. They could never hang with any of the big northeast teams, nor could they beat Delbarton or Mountain Lakes. Congrats to Highland Park
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   well by 4/08/09 @4:16PM
      (no subject) by 4/10/09 @9:22PM
(no subject)
    by (#218641) on 4/09/09 @12:03PM
there we go HP thats a way to shock the east coast
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   this dosent mean i like hp by 4/09/09 @10:07PM
   The reality is by 4/10/09 @10:47PM
      The White team's goalie.... by 4/12/09 @4:59PM
         highlight vid? by 4/14/09 @1:11PM
(no subject)
    by (#178643) on 4/13/09 @12:14PM
Im from Princeton and this texas school sucks
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   (no subject) by 4/13/09 @5:49PM
   (no subject) by 8/27/09 @1:05PM
   get used to texas lax in princeton by 12/12/09 @7:20PM
    by (#200597) on 4/13/09 @6:37PM
I'd like to see a video of some of the D1 VA hs schools like Collegiate, Norfolk Academy and St. Annes-Belfield
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Speaking of VA Teams
    by (#209274) on 6/15/09 @1:14AM
On the topic of Texas teams, a few years ago when Plano went out east, they beat STAB. Just more proof Texas is on their way.

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(no subject)
    by (#212123) on 6/30/09 @1:14PM
i think universitys need to start coming down south because we probly thave the most athletic teams in the nation
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(no subject)
    by (#226968) on 12/15/09 @8:57PM
I'm from texas, HP is unstoppable there. Texas lax isn't anything compared to west coast or North East. that's why HP went to play out side of state
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(no subject)
    by (#246893) on 5/12/10 @12:02AM
Eventually the boys from the south will be on an even playing field where as stick skills are concerned, and this is when pure athleticism will come into play. And if football is of any comparison the south will as we know dominate.
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