HS Game of the Week: Yorktown (NY) vs West Islip (NY)

HS Game of the Week: Yorktown (NY) vs West Islip (NY)

HS Game of the Week: Yorktown (NY) vs West Islip (NY)

LAX.com traveled to Middletown, NY to catch the New York State Semifinal game between West Islip (Section 11) and Yorktown (Section 1). The Lions rolled 13-8 en route to Rochester, where they took the Class A state title against Orchard Park (Section 6) 10-5.

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West Genny not even in Semis
    by (#91657) on 6/15/09 @5:38PM
How disappointing.
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West Islip
    by (#222845) on 6/15/09 @10:08PM
wow that guy number 5 on west islip is a power house lefty. he is going places
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(no subject)
    by (#221542) on 6/15/09 @11:27PM
nicky galasso, hes a junior
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    by (#157920) on 6/16/09 @1:08AM
hes going to UNC
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    by (#166445) on 6/16/09 @11:26AM
has two left hands..he looks so awkward when he goes to his right in this video.
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galasso (#5).. is a monster
    by (#215859) on 6/16/09 @5:19PM
hes unstoppable!! he has over 120 points (assists+shorts) and hes only a junior..
Ranked #1 by junior right now, probably #1 player in HS lax.

Im a duke fan.. next year Dukes gonna be top 4, but in 2 years, UNC gonna have a huge win over Duke with Galasso..
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    by (#223985) on 6/18/09 @8:44PM
Nicky is a great player. Can shoot the ball and see the field with the best of them. He is a complete non-factor in physical games. Nicky also is not a great dodger. Best player in HS, please. In my opinion not even the best player on his team.
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NIcky Galasso
    by (#216427) on 7/31/09 @7:33PM
Yo, you defiantly know what you're talking about besides the fact that Nicky isn't the best in high-school. He is a two time high school all american and he's only a junior. He got the award as a sophomore and this year as a junior, and is probably gonna win it next year also. So i gotta say that he is definitely one of the best lacrosse players in high-school... no offense to you but I'm just stating my opinion and i think that he is AMAZING and is a real asset to his team.
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bitter and galasso
    by (#228590) on 2/20/10 @8:21AM
maybe they have two really good attackmen but how will their defense stack up against Josh Offit and our offense

(I'm a Duke fan too)
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Talented Players in the video
    by (#223939) on 6/16/09 @12:46PM
Can someone tell me where some of these kids are going to play college lacrosse?

#44 mid/face-off - huge player that seemed to do everything on the video.
#22 attack

West IsLip:
#3 attack
#17 attack
#11 mid
#25 mid
#13 I think he was a mid
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    by (#221217) on 6/16/09 @2:51PM
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    by (#221217) on 6/16/09 @2:52PM
names John Ranagan or something like that...

also I think #22 is going to Johns Hopkins as well...
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(no subject)
    by (#221542) on 6/16/09 @7:59PM
22 is kevin interlichio, pretty sure hes verballed to hopkins
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    by (#223971) on 6/16/09 @7:27PM
also a junior
committed to towson
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West Islip
    by (#223985) on 6/16/09 @9:36PM
Nicky(#5) is a great feeder/shooter, not the greatest dodger.
Braddish(#25)is a major dodging threat. Great vision after the slide comes, but needs work on shooting.
Braddish(#7) faced off for WI this game, and did worked Ranigan. Will be an impact playeer for WI next year.
The entire WI defense is great. MacCormac(#42), Mattera(#15), Turri(#27), and Zaremba the goalie will all be good college players.
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    by (#195924) on 6/17/09 @1:19AM
for WI... Anyone know who that is? Kids got a sick shot.
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Shane Craig
    by (#223985) on 6/17/09 @5:44PM
#17 is Shane Craig the coaches son. Average player at best, but had a great game against yorktown
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Long island lax
    by (#222174) on 6/18/09 @9:42AM
best lax in new york state once again
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When is the BS
    by (#91657) on 6/18/09 @11:59PM
Ever gonna die? Who cares.
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(no subject)
    by (#224069) on 6/18/09 @11:39AM
Islip Is where its at
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