Haus Leaves Hopkins for UNC

Haus Leaves Hopkins for UNC

Haus Leaves Hopkins for UNC

Haus Leaves Hopkins for UNC

CHAPEL HILL, N.C.--John Haus, for the last two years the head coach at the nation's most tradition-laden collegiate men's lacrosse program at Johns Hopkins University, has accepted an offer to become the new head men's lacrosse coach at his alma mater, the University of North Carolina, it was announced Thursday. Haus, who graduated from UNC in 1983 after a vaunted career as a defender at the University, takes over for Dave Klarmann, who is resigning from the position effective June 30, 2000 after 10 years as UNC head coach.

"First off, I wanted to thank all the people at Johns Hopkins for the opportunities they gave me, both as a head coach there and as an assistant coach earlier in my career," Haus says. "I was always treated in a first class fashion there and I have nothing but respect and gratitude for the people at Hopkins.

"However, I was offered an opportunity to take over a program at the school where I played college lacrosse and where two of my brothers also played. Obviously I have many ties to the University in Chapel Hill as does everyone in my family. I am thrilled to get the opportunity to coach at a place that means as much as UNC does to me."

Haus becomes only the third individual to coach lacrosse at Carolina since 1978. The Ruxton, Md. native was recruited to play at UNC by legendary coach Willie Scroggs who piloted the Carolina program from 1978-90 before Klarmann took over. Now Haus has a chance to return to the place where he had so many positive experiences during his playing career.

"We are very pleased to have John Haus as the head coach of our lacrosse program," says UNC Director of Athletics Dick Baddour. "He is one of the most respected individuals in the lacrosse world. It is his love of and devotion to Carolina that has created this opportunity for us and for him."

A standout defenseman at Carolina, Haus helped the Tar Heels capture the 1981 and 1982 NCAA Championships, the first two in the history of the program. A four-year starter on close defense, he was a key element of a defense which helped lead the team to a 12-0 record in 1981 and a 14-0 record in 1982. In 1982, he earned first team All-America honors and received the Turnbull Trophy as the UNC team MVP.

A two-time All-Atlantic Coast Conference performer, Haus garnered second team All-America honors as a senior. As a freshman, he earned the Jay Gallagher Award as Carolina's top newcomer during the 1980 season. During his collegiate playing career, he helped the Tar Heels to four NCAA appearances, two NCAA Championships and an overall record of 43-8 (.843). The Tar Heels' 26-game winning streak from the start of the 1981 season through the 1982 title game is the fourth-longest in NCAA Division I men's lacrosse history. At the conclusion of his playing career, he was selected to play in the annual North-South All-Star game.

Haus prepped at the Loyola-Blakefield School in Towson, Md. and served as an assistant football and lacrosse coach there from 1984 through 1987. From 1988-94, Haus served as the defensive coordinator at Johns Hopkins, helping the Blue Jays to the 1989 NCAA title game.

During his tenure as an assistant coach at the Homewood campus, Hopkins posted a 62-27 record, appeared in the 1989 title game, and made two other appearances in the NCAA semifinals. Under his guidance, nine Blue Jay defensemen and goalies earned All-America honors, including defensemen Dave Pietramala and Brian Voelker and goalie Quint Kessenich, who all earned first team honors.

In addition, Pietramala was named the Lt. Raymond Enners Memorial Award winner as the top player in the nation in 1989 and the William C. Schmeisser Memorial Award winner in 1988 and 1989 as the nation's top defensemen. Kessenich won the Ensign C. Markland Kelly, Jr. Award as the top goalie in the nation in Division I in 1988 and 1989.

An innovative defensive coach with a proven track record of success, Haus left Hopkins in 1994 after seven years as an assistant to move to the Eastern Shore of Maryland where he took over as the head coach at Washington College. Haus guided Washington College to its first-ever NCAA Championship in 1998 with a 16-10 title-game victory over Nazareth at Rutgers University. The Shoremen were making their third straight trip to the NCAA III title game under Haus. Washington had lost both the 1996 and 1997 national titles games in overtime to Nazareth.

In four years at Washington, Haus guided the Shoremen to a 47-21(.691) record, the three trips to the NCAA III championship game, and a pair of Centennial Conference Championships. The 1996 recipient of the Morris Touchstone Memorial Award as the NCAA III Coach-of-the-Year, Haus coached 18 All-Americans at Washington College, including five first team honorees. In addition, under his guidance, Andy Taibl won the 1997 Ensign C. Markland Kelly Jr. Award as the top goalie in the nation in Division III.

Haus then became the 21st coach in the history of the Hopkins lacrosse program and was the clear-cut choice to fill the position when it became open during the summer of 1998. In 1999, Haus and the Blue Jays posted an 11-3 record, were ranked number one in the nation early in the season, won nine straight games at one point, and advanced to the NCAA Final Four. A national-best eight Johns Hopkins men's lacrosse players were also selected as All-Americans. This past season the Blue Jays recovered from a 1-3 start to win eight games in a row and advance to the NCAA semifinals before falling to eventual NCAA champion Syracuse 14-12. The Jays finished 9-4 overall with a #4 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

In all, Haus has been involved with college lacrosse for 17 years. Teams he has played for or coached (head coach or assistant) have posted a cumulative record of 172-63 (.732), won three NCAA Championships, played in six NCAA Championship games, advanced to the NCAA Semifinals 13 times, and qualified for the NCAA's 16 times.

Haus currently lives in Reisterstown, Md. with his wife, the former Lisa Ariosa. The two were high school sweethearts. She earned her bachelor's degree from the University of Maryland at College Park and then went on to earn a master's degree from the University of Maryland at Baltimore. She is a licensed clinical social worker. The Hauses are the proud parents of four sons--John age nine, Will age seven, Luke age four and Grant, six weeks old.

Haus is the son of Bert and Anne Haus of Ruxton, Md. Bert was an All-America lacrosse player at the University of Virginia in the 1950s and he is now retired after a long career in real estate. John is the second of seven children. Sister Kim is the oldest of the siblings, followed by John, brothers Michael, Tom and Kevin, sister Kathy and brother Tim. Both Tom and Kevin also played lacrosse at Carolina and both were All-America defenders here. Tom, the national player of the year in 1986 and three-time national defenseman of the year, is a 1987 graduate. He lives in Winston-Salem, N.C. and is a certified public accountant. Kevin was an All-America defensive midfielder for Carolina who graduated in 1988. He now lives in Baltimore and like his father works in real estate.

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    by (#764) on 6/01/00 @3:54PM
Who's going to coach JHU now? I heard it might be Tierney, Pietramala, Corrigan, or John Tucker. I think they say Tierney and Petro only because they both coach and Petro played at JHU, however I doubt either would leave their present positions. Anyone have any ideas?
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    by (#1329) on 6/01/00 @5:46PM
(no text)
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Tierney won't leave
    by (#3439) on 6/03/00 @9:36AM
at least until his sons graduate. I am told his wife prefers the Princeton area to B'more. Much less pressure at P.U. They are ecstatic when they make the final four. At JHU, you are vilified if you do not win the whole thing. Haus will resurrect the Heels and they will be back in the final four within 3-4 years. What a great place to recruit!
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    by (#2981) on 6/03/00 @6:30PM
Tierney WILL NOT leave until his kids go, so whoever said that, you are right. Coaching Princeton and having your kids get free ed must be about the best job in lacrosse.
I can't imagine Petro would leave either, but it is possible, he definately has ties to Hopkins.
Rumor has it, they were trying to get Zimmerman back at the same time they were courting Haus, but Zim was not interested in returning to the school that treated him like shit on his way out last time.
Tucker is probably a good candidate, maybe better than all others. He wants to stay in Balt, so he and his wife don't have to move. He's a great coach, so he definately wouldn't be afraid of the Hop. Who knows?
The problem with Hop is the expectations by the alumni are too high. It takes a strong person to want to coach there, and an even stonger one to stick around for an extended period of time. I feel sorry for anyone that gets the job.
Haus is GREAT though, and he will do well at Chapel Hill.
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tierney and pietremala
    by (#2177) on 6/01/00 @7:20PM
I cant imagine either of those coaches would leave. Tierney got to the finals with a team made up of mostly freshman. Princeton has a great future. Cornell is rebuilding, with that big win against 'Cuse. Cant imagine either of those coaches will leave.
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    by (#2857) on 6/01/00 @8:04PM
Carolina has had talent the last few years but a coach that is a @$$hole and doesn't know how to cultivate athletes into championship lacrosse players. UNC has not hasn't had a great season since the graduation of the last class that Scroggs coached. Thank god Klarmann is gone and Carolina brought in great coach in Haus (though they probably had to shell out a LOT of cash to get him to leave Hopkins). If anyone can take this program and make it great again, hopefully it's him.
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    by (#2776) on 6/01/00 @10:12PM
UNC wins it all in 5 years!
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Hell yeah!
    by (#895) on 6/02/00 @12:43AM
Thats right UNC!
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Less than that
    by (#846) on 6/02/00 @11:04AM
I'd bet on 3 years . . .
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Talk about school loyalty...
    by (#3081) on 6/02/00 @11:47AM
Wow, Haus is really loyal to his alma mater.
I mean that's like Mike Kryzezwski the head coach of Duke's basketball team, going and coaching at his alma mater, West Point.
Johns Hopkins is regarded by many to be the most traditional lacrosse program in history. Haus is leaving a team that he lead to the final four this year and came within three goals of going to play for the championship. He is also leaving a hoard of young talent and another excellent recruiting class.
North Carolina has been mediocre at best the past couple of years and he will have to take time in rebuilding them now. Will they make it back to the top soon?, maybe. But JHU is a lot to leave and take a chance on another school whose program has appeared to be descending from the ranks of the best in recent years.
This will be interesting.
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    by (#764) on 6/02/00 @9:21PM
Carolina has the talent right now to get into the tourney. With a great coach like Haus, they won't be making many mistakes and losing in major upsets like before. I'd say tourney for UNC in 2-3 years.
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My question for Haus
    by (#150) on 6/02/00 @12:02PM
I was very happy to see John Haus leave for UNC. Division I is getting too top-heavy and it seems like we see the same teams every year compete for the finals. While UNC has been a strong program, they've been pretty silent for some time now and it will be good to see some new blood pushing the envelope even harder. Lacrosse is the greatest sport on Earth, but if I have to see Syracuse, Virginia, Hopkins, and Princeton in the final-four one more time, I'm going to be sick. UNC goes to the final four in two years. End of story.
I'm hoping we see UNC, Duke, Maryland, Virginia, Hopkins, and Georgetown...along with a possible Navy and Towson re-birth from the South all beat the crap out of each other and make the post-season a bit more interesting. From the North, I'd like to see Cornell and Harvard continue their strides to join Princeton and Syracuse as kings of the region. Maybe Hofstra too. This sport needs a bit more variety than the usual suspects to step to the plate. Haus allows this to happen by leaving. I just hope Tierney and Petro stay put so their programs stay strong and somebody else guides Hopkins.
But I have one question for Coach Haus: Clearly this decision was made before the post-season. How could he have spent time looking at the UNC job while he was preparing his team for a run at the National Championship? Something's not right there.
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Out with the old
    by (#2700) on 6/02/00 @12:51PM
With his appointment to Carolina, that program will ramp up to championship caliber very soon. I too have grown tired of the lock some teams enjoy in the D1 Final Four. Syracuse has appeared 18 straight times, JHU 21 of 30. For the sake of the NCAA game, it's time for more programs to move to the top of the heap.
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    by (#1849) on 6/02/00 @1:30PM
Coach Haus is an intense coach and he is as competitive as they come. The fact he was looking for a different job did not interfere with his ability or desire to lead Hopkins to a championship. No matter what the situation Coach Haus puts his heart into it and even though he knew he was going to UNC he still wanted Hopkins to take it home, and gave it his all. I don't particularily care much for him, but he does have certain qualities, one, most importantly, is always try your hardest, something he preaches and something he does himself. Not to mention he addressed the team about his interview with UNC. So i don't think he was scheming about leaving or putting Hopkins on the back burner. He did what he felt was best for him but he wouldn't have done it if it were to interfere with his team either.
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    by (#1635) on 6/04/00 @12:23PM
I sat in Haus' office in the fall getting recruited and I asked the question if he was even considering going to Carolina. He said he was at Hopkins for good and he loved it. I ended up not going there, and I feel terrible for all the recruits who don't know who their coach will be right now. I wish Haus good luck at Carolina, but I just don't think it's fair to be like that.
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    by (#846) on 6/04/00 @2:31PM
I can't believe Coach Haus actually would have said he was at Hopkins "for good." But even if he did, anyone hearing a statement like that must take it with a grain of salt. Coaches move around, that's all there is to it. And the question about Coach Haus going to UNC has been on people's minds for quite a while now.
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Grain of Salt
    by (#2700) on 6/05/00 @11:03AM
As Bill Parcells once informed a crowd of sportswriters: "Gentlemen, I reserve the right to change my mind"
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    by (#2675) on 6/04/00 @6:23PM
Hey champ, this is major D1 lacrosse here. Take off your skirt and realize that a guy like that is going to be making major moves with his career to put himself in the situation that is best for him.
Wherever you are going, good luck but don't blame him for your problems. Get a life
Later fool
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Screwball, you never learn...
    by (#1329) on 6/04/00 @8:19PM just keep your stupid mouth shut. That dude didn't blame any of his problems on Haus whatsoever. So I have no clue what your dumba$$ is talking about. I think you're the one with no life 'cause all you do is post on here like 24/7 anyway. Also, if he's getting recruited by Hopkins, I doubt he's that much of a fool at all, like you are. For the record, I got recruited by Haus when he was at WAC. He seemed like a great coach all those times that we talked and with all the letters he sent me also. I wish him the best of luck. Oh, and screwball, when you get recruited by very good d-1 programs (which you know will never happen) then maybe someone on here will give you some slack to speak your mind w/ some intelligence. That is, if you ever prove that you can do that without insulting everyone at the same time.
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Screwball, YOU SUCK!
    by (#2981) on 6/05/00 @1:20AM
Who picks on freshmen? You ass. If you have some sort of pent up aggression, at least have the dignity to keep it to yourself.

The kid should feel a little cheated. The coach that recruited me left my team and I resented it a little myself. There's nothing wrong with that
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Wait...who do you play for?????
    by (#1635) on 6/05/00 @9:43AM
Yeah, I guess I did the same. Don't worry, I'm getting ready to win a championship ring under Urick. That is, if I can handle "major D1 lacrosse", right? Whatever, you've got small nuts and can't handle it when younger kids step in front of you. It's a shame when there are people like you, but then again, I won't be seeing you. Cause you'll be sitting in the stands at Byrd with your shades and flip-flops. Oh, and by the way, Hopkins was last on my list behind G town, Princeton, Virginia, and Duke. So talk now, WIMP.
later fool
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    by (#1329) on 6/05/00 @12:49PM
(no text)
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Well Put
    by (#2981) on 6/05/00 @2:12PM
I love to hear the truth. Keep it coming younger. (Although I question your knowledge about the size of his nuts)
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Know Your Role Screwball (nt)
    by (#3107) on 6/06/00 @8:39AM
(no text)
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    by (#1329) on 6/07/00 @12:23AM
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