Hobart vs Cornell Video Highlights

Hobart vs Cornell Video Highlights

Hobart vs Cornell Video Highlights

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Yeah Cornell
    by (#126483) on 5/07/08 @6:21PM
Yeah Cornell asserting itself over a soon to be D3 team
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    by (#105835) on 5/07/08 @6:24PM
yeah good thing hobart is staying d1...fk'in idiot
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way to stay up on things!
    by (#188060) on 5/07/08 @6:26PM
KLee0891 you really don’t follow lacrosse or read this website – do you?


Read what it said in read “May 2nd Update - Hobart Back To D1”

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(no subject)
    by (#167078) on 5/07/08 @6:31PM
hey hey now, dont hate. everybody makes mistakes guys.
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what could have been
    by (#118964) on 5/07/08 @7:32PM
Even though I'm glad that Hobart stays D1, there was a part of me that really wanted to see them match up on some top ten D3 squads. I could see them legitimately challenging anyone in d3, even Salisbury on a good day.
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(no subject)
    by (#209852) on 2/03/09 @4:51PM
yeah i went to goalie camp and max was a councellor there. he is sick.
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no wonder they lost that bad
    by (#192240) on 5/07/08 @8:04PM
they're playing D1 teams with a D3 goalie
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another uninformed douchebag
    by (#105835) on 5/07/08 @9:01PM
max isn't a d3 goalie...he had an awful game it happens to all of us...don't make such ignorant comments like that
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So funny
    by (#1248) on 5/08/08 @9:18AM
To still see guys talking like D3=Scrubs. I've played with some absolutely sick D3 Goalies, when they step in the cage in Summer League against D1 talent, you certainly can't tell the difference. I'm guessing most of the people that make fun of D3 have never played D1 or D3. I never knew any D1 players who actually paid much attention to it or looked down on as if D3 players were any less of lacrosse players than D1. I'm thinking it's just a bunch of 7th graders who don't have a clue what it means to play college ball.
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(no subject)
    by (#196413) on 5/08/08 @11:41AM
hey hot shot, first off what D1 team do you play for(im assuming no one) and also its a f*ckin highlight tape, i mean it would be a pretty damn boring one if all they were doing was showing people picking up ground balls and making crisp passes. the point of the tape is to show the goals and maby a few spactacular saves. i will give it to you, there were a few goals in there that he gave up that looked to be easier shots to save, but every goalie, from kemp at ND, queener at albany and zimmerman at UNC let in a few shi*ty goals here and there...it doesnt make you a bad goalis it makes them human. Additionally, how can you rag on a goalie (if you even are a goalie) when they are taking shots from Cornell one of the top teams in lacrosse? (just ask yourself, when was the last time you shut down a team that is in the NCAA tourny?)
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stick check
    by (#196754) on 5/07/08 @10:33PM
At about 2:00 that is such a crazy stick check
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Who won?
    by (#195043) on 5/07/08 @11:42PM
does anybody know who won and what the score was
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(no subject)
    by (#118964) on 5/08/08 @12:39AM
15-7 Cornell
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...maybe they should reconsider d3
    by (#189935) on 5/08/08 @12:03PM
Tradition is an awful reason to relegate a team to mediocrity. No money=not a contender in d1. Sure, they may upset a good team or two in a season, but so will any other ranked d3 team.

They need to lose the pride, they're not JH.
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    by (#94928) on 5/08/08 @5:59PM
I know that he may have had a bad game. But the hobart goalie played absolutely horrible. It looks like he had never played the position before in his life.
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    by (#198099) on 5/09/08 @1:46PM
OK, first off, I played DIII and I've really taken acception to people viewing Hobart's now aborted move to DIII as a death sentence. It's not as if the program was being dropped from the school. DIII is good ball - granted some teams are pretty weak -like Delbarton could beat the lower eschelon ones- but it's legitimate lacrosse.

In fact I think most DIII teams have a couple of guys who could play DI. To me, the main distinction iss the DI has a whole team of DI players. That is, there are some weak links on DIII teams.

The distinction between DI and DIII lax is not as wide as it is in DI and DIII basketball.
That's to say that if Carolina played Salisbury, I don't think the score would be 27-3 whereeas if they played hoops it could absolutely be 100-40.
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    by (#189935) on 5/09/08 @3:51PM
I don't think anyone was insinuating that d3 isn't good ball. Its just that hobart, like any other decent d3 team, can't run with the top 8-10 d1 teams consistently. So the issue really is, why bother if you're never going to get money for players?

what would be interesting is if Salisbury, a d1 sized school, would make the switch.
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D1 Sized school????
    by (#185818) on 5/10/08 @12:03AM
Have you actually been up to Salisbury, the school isn't D1 sized at all...its smaller than roanoke, lynchburg, and gettysburg... and if you mean D1 sized players your still wrong, but thats not to say there is actually a D1 size in lax any more Mikey Powell broke that rule when he played...if Salisbury were to play UNC though in lax I think the score might be closer than you think, the defense isn't the great a.k.a. the goalies suck, but their offensive power is much like Cuse in transition and Duke in style...run and gun in the open field and dodge and dunk when its 6 v 6 i hate Salisbury but they're beast...

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    by (#189935) on 5/13/08 @11:22AM
salisbury pop. 7,383...gettysburg pop 2,600...roanoke pop 2,000...lynchburg pop 2,400... maybe instead of "eyeing" up schools when considering their size you can actually do some research?

and as for size, you're also wrong, although that is not what i meant. and do you think mikey powell is the regular case or the exception? oh right, there is only one mikey powell. wrong again.

And I didn't say salisbury would be blown out of the water by d1 teams, so i don't know what you mean by "if salisbury were to play unc...it might be closer than you think"...all ranked d3 teams can run with most ranked d1 schools...i just dont think the majority of d3 schools could do it for a whole season (ie drop of in talent on rosters).
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    by (#196655) on 5/10/08 @10:41AM
hey can we do something about the music please? the videos are all silly but the music selection you guys put with it sounds like something you'd hear on a disney channel original movie for christ's sake.

the uva v. towson game is more of the likes that im talkin' about.

but anyways, again another sweet highlight real you got there lax.com
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Hobart Defense
    by (#166240) on 5/22/08 @11:37PM
Correct me if you think I'm wrong. I didn't watch the actual game all i watched was the highlight reel, but it looks like Hobart's defense was the problem in this game, their slides look like high school lacrosse slides, they are chasing stick, not body. It also appears as though Hobart's goalie is not very good at following the ball with his stick.
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Hobarts Slides
    by (#241758) on 4/27/10 @3:56PM
I'd have to agree. I didn't see the game on TV, but from watching this their slides didn't look good at all. There were a bunch of Cornell goals where the man would beat his defender and there was no one there. Right when he beats him, there should be someone right there to deliver a blow of a check. Cornell on the other hand, had their slides down.

There was one goal Cornell had when the guy beat his defender and the sliding person just watched him shoot the ball (#34). Thats not gonna fly at the DI level. Hobart just needs some good recruits. There just going through a rough time. Next year for them will be better (2011). They have a solid recruiting class coming in. Look for a big improvement in 2011.
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