Hofstra Tourney Hopes Afloat With Win Over UNC

Hofstra Tourney Hopes Afloat With Win Over UNC

Hofstra Tourney Hopes Afloat With Win Over UNC

Hofstra Tourney Hopes Afloat With Win Over UNC

With Hofstra winning eight straight games and 44 of the last 62, the Tarheels traveling to play Hofstra at home was a battle in the making. A win over the #7 ranked Duke Blue Devils put the Pride in a spot with a win over North Carolina to make the ncaa tournament. The two teams last meeting held in 2000, Hofstra walked away with a big win over the #11 ranked Tarheels, 20-12, scoring most of those 20 in the second half. This years meeting, the Pride walked away with another win over North Carolina taking their fourth out of the last five at home.

With the sun about to set and the Prides stadium slowly but steadily being filled with fans, there was an energy in the air coming from both spectators and teams alike. Before the game even began the Hofstra fans were already in a frenzy when it was announced that Kessler had reached 130 career goals making him the all time leading scorer at Hofstra. The announcement and pre game ceremony seemed to give Hofstra that extra something needed to spark the Prides pride and give them the edge from the get go.

The first of Carolinas seven came with 10:00 into the first with an EMO situation when Mike McCall (3,1) scored on a sweet assist from Jed Prossner (1,2), 1-0 Tarheels. Hofstra then answered right back only nine seconds later when #3 Paul Rao scored on a low bounce shot right between the legs of Paul Spellman of North Carolina.

After a bunch of changed possessions and North Carolina dominating on every clear The Tarheels second came from another EMO situation when #15 Pat Jackson burned one right over the left shoulder of Jack Alaimo, UNC 2-1 with 3:65 to go in the first. Like clock work Hofstra answered back again 28 seconds later on a busted play as Kessler, splitting two Tarheel defenders and going high, was assisted from #16 Steve McTigue. At this point the game turned into a battle of possessions and at times looking more like field hockey than D1 Lacrosse. Hofstras next came on a classic draw and dump when #2 Jim Femminella caught a feed from Ryan Harris with yet another EMO situation making the score 3-2 Hofstra. So far an even match with the first quarter coming to an end.

Catching Jack Alaimo off guard from the back side with 1:16 into the second, Andrew Lucas tied the score, 3-3. UNC took over the lead when Mike Mccall, camped out on top of the crease with no defense for miles and scored on a turn around bounce shot, Alaimo had no chance. 4-3 Carolina. Tieing the score again was Mike Allain, breaking ankles, with a text book spin dodge and rip from up top. The rest of the second with not much action until #14 Paul Defendini burned one over the shoulder of Spellman putting the pride up by one. The Heels answer 12 seconds later, McCall from Garrison, 5-5 going into the half.

Coming out of the locker rooms after half time both teams seemed to be even more pumped than the start of this battle and the fans of both were the loudest yet. The first of the second half came on a touchdown pass from Garrison hitting Jed Prossner who after catching the ball, took four more strides, planted his feet and let one rip, with a laser stick side high, 6-5 UNC. With a great defensive stance by Carolina Hofstra worked the ball around and around the perimeter trying to find a seam, 2 flags were simultaneously thrown, Hofsras first of three EMO situations in the next two and a half minutes, finishing on none of them. At this point both teams began getting frustrated and a little cranky with a bunch of little shoving matches to end the third, 6-6.

With a close match all night, the fourth belonged to the Pride scoring six out of their twelve points in this quarter alone. 1:35 into the last quarter Kessler found McTigue cutting to the crease who scored on a catch and quick stick, 7-6 Hofstra. Only 20 seconds later, 8-6 Hofstra, after winning the face off, Dooley from McTigue, faking low and again burning one over the shoulder of Spellman. Carolina then created the perfect outlet pass for Hofstra I have ever seen when a Tarheel laser of a shot bounced off the pipe and landed right in the stick of Dooley as he was breaking down field. He then found McTigue again, 9-6. Dooley scored his third in a row after faking high, leaving a good foot and a half between the turf and Spellmans feet,dropped his stick and dumped it in low. The next and last two came from Kevin Dougherty making the final score 12-7 Hofstra. The Prides tournament hopes are still afloat after winning this battle, leaving the Heels with a long bus ride back to Chapel Hill.

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congrats hofstra
    by (#27346) on 5/02/02 @1:15PM
they deserve the tourney and shall receive the tourney
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YES!!! Hofstra!!!
    by (#3651) on 5/02/02 @1:24PM
Give Hofstra Props. HU should be considered one of the "Big Boys" now and deserves every bit of that lable. Congrats, and kick A@* in the tourney. - '84 Dutch team
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Since when..........
    by (#13195) on 5/02/02 @1:39PM
haven't they been considered one of the Big Boys. I've always held them up as that, and I hate Hofstra's guts. Well deserved win though. Hopefully the Pride will represent that CAA well in the tourney.
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big boys
    by (#20465) on 5/02/02 @4:12PM
this is the highest the pride has ever been ranked at the end of the regular season. they might even crack top 5..i was at both loyola and hopkins and they had both of those in the bag, but blew it in the end. could easily be top 3 or 4 now.

should make a run in the tourney if and when they get in. last nights game, carolina just looked really tired at the end of game, hofstra was running all over them.
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    by (#20511) on 5/02/02 @4:42PM
Polanco should win the defenseman of the year award.
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I'll agree that he.........
    by (#13195) on 5/02/02 @4:54PM
is a good player, and definitely deserving of a spot on one of the AA teams but DOTY is a big stretch. I would take Howley, Glatzel, Baxter, McClay (sp? the Cornell kid), and DiConza over him at close any day.
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Don't believe the hype.
    by (#29141) on 5/02/02 @5:36PM
You are wrong my friend. How many times have you seen Polanco play this year? He dominates and deserves DOY. Polonaco didn't have the hype of Howley or Glatzel coming into the season but he has outplayed them all. That is a fact.
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I agree
    by (#1384) on 5/02/02 @5:51PM
Polanco for DOY. He dominates everyone he plays against and he can take over a game.
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Who hasn't............
    by (#13195) on 5/02/02 @5:57PM
Glatzel or Howley or Baxter or DiConza dominated this year? Not challenging you, just asking.
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    by (#29141) on 5/02/02 @6:25PM
A case can be made that Glatzel and Howley are better then Polanco but Polanco is clearly better then Diconza and Baxter. Diconza had a very tough time with Kessler. If I was picking first team it would be Polanco, Glatzel and Howley. I haven't seen Koontz play this year but I heard his play droped off a little due to his injuries.
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I've only seen him.....
    by (#13195) on 5/02/02 @5:55PM
play twice this year, so I may not have all the info. As far as him not having the hype of the two you mentioned, I would agree. Him outplaying them though is an opinion, not fact. Just like it is my opinion that he has not outplayed Glatzel or Howley (although I must admit I haven't seen Polanco play this year as much). I like Polanco, but I don't even think that he is the best close defenseman in his own conference. I guess we will just have to wait and see when the time comes to hand out the post-season awards.
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Hofstra D
    by (#12731) on 5/02/02 @6:49PM
Polanco definitely is the best in the CAA. however, last night, besides Polanco playing a great game, I was impressed with Evan LaPenna, he looked good last night, and had several strips. I feel strong about seeing Hofstra in the final four this year, they definitely have the capability of making it there. They are riding a 9 game winning streak.
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Hostra plays with pop
    by (#26946) on 5/02/02 @9:35PM
How about that pop in the fourth quarter. That poor tarheel is still seeing last week! Solid game,although the slow start and transition goals against the D could be trouble in the tourney.

Go Pride!
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Hofstra D
    by (#28442) on 5/03/02 @11:54AM
You are right Evan LaPenna #44 not only played excellent against NC but how about Duke - he's outstanding and needs to be acknowledged more!!! He should be up for DOY!!!!!
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    by (#8807) on 5/02/02 @9:57PM
Howley has played erratic this year. He was even moved to LSM and Brett Harper dropped back to close.
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    by (#1384) on 5/02/02 @10:39PM
isn't even the best d-man on his team. Chris Passavia is!

Now that is a name you should remember. He is going to be embarrassing attackman for two more years....
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You may be right
    by (#13195) on 5/06/02 @8:17AM
Passavia is pretty damn nasty.
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let me guess
    by (#2489) on 5/03/02 @1:34PM
the game you saw howley play LSM was against Hopkins? if you watched closely he also played close a minimal amount. that was b/c when Doneger was on the field howley was on him and Doneger played middie.

As for that Polanco guy, I have never seen him play and wouldn't really care to. Many replies say he dominated everyone he has played. Maybe. BUT WHO THE HELL PLAYS IN THE CAA. Give me a break. You guys sound like idiots.
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Educate yourself.
    by (#29141) on 5/03/02 @1:59PM
The CAA could be the best league in Division I. Hofstra, Loyola and Towson were all quarterfinalists last year. Hofstra mauled the ACC teams they played this year including ACC champ Duke. They also beat UMass the ECAC champ. Who sounds like an idiot?
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you do
    by (#2489) on 5/03/02 @5:31PM
hofstra, loyola, towson, in the quaterfinals last year. exactly that, last year. you want to talk about the past. last year was the first time in over ten years the final four didn't include a team from the acc. when was the last time hofstra went to a final four. and umass, you must be joking. let me know how good the caa teams and umass do in the NCAAs, IDIOT!
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    by (#951) on 5/03/02 @3:55PM
you are pretty much clueless and obviously ignorant as well. not a good combination you got going there.

polanco is definitely first team AA material. why dont you ask mike powell what he thinks about him? he stripped him about half a dozen times last year in the quarterfinals.
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explain how i am clueless
    by (#2489) on 5/03/02 @5:34PM
give me some reasoning to why YOU think i am clueless then we'll talk. and don't cry when polanco doesn't make first team. or second. he'll be lucky with third team. and just like the IDIOT above, you referred to last year. nobody cares about last year especially the committee that elects AAs. you sound pretty ignorant yourself.
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Howley & Harper
    by (#2808) on 5/03/02 @5:02PM
Howley was flipped to LSM at Navy with Harper taking McKinnon. It worked so well that they have kept it that way. Harper has played better at crease than Howley who has had a couple nagging injuries. Passavia and Howley are exceptional as individuals but you need some glue to make a team.
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LaPenna #44
    by (#28442) on 5/03/02 @11:56AM
I think Nicky is great but how about that #44 - never letting down and no one can get by him!! He should get some recognition don't you think!!!
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    by (#1384) on 5/03/02 @4:52PM
is playing good - but are you his mom Ellen?

Or at least a sister/girlfriend...
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