Hofstra vs Hopkins Video Highlights

Hofstra vs Hopkins Video Highlights

Hofstra vs Hopkins Video Highlights

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Uh, who won this game?
    by (#112995) on 3/10/08 @6:30PM
With the exception of the very last few shots where you actually see the Hofstra players rushing the field and the scoreboard, you'd have thought JHU cruised to a victory.
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    by (#185297) on 3/10/08 @9:35PM
not too many shots of the Hofstra goals, but I guess it just emphasizes the win. Good video though.
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Agreed, good video.
    by (#112995) on 3/10/08 @10:05PM
I particularly liked the slow-mo of Gvozden's save on Muscarella.
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    by (#185818) on 3/10/08 @10:40PM
I normally don't reply negatively to someones comments, but what video were you watching because it was very obvious that Hofstra won that game but maybe its because I watched the video all the way through...

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    by (#112995) on 3/10/08 @11:38PM
That's pretty much what I said in my comment. Except for the end when you see Hofstra's players rushing the field and it shows the scoreboard, the majority of the highlights are of Hopkins' goals.

The video is well down.
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i agree
    by (#167923) on 3/11/08 @7:50AM
hofstra clearly destoryed JHU and the keyed to them winning was the kept paul rabil quiet wit maybe one point. Hofstra beat them on the fast breaks n cutting during offence.
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(no subject)
    by (#208891) on 2/03/09 @3:05PM
Hofstra won 8-7 over Johns Hopkins

Micheal Gvozden was really seeing the ball the last Jay Card goal was a fluke he caught Hopkins out of position
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Danny Orlando
    by (#208891) on 2/04/09 @9:49PM
I thaught Danny Orlando played outstand by beating the #1 lacrosse teams in the WORLD 8-7. I thought that they could ok showed a few more highlites of probably one of the best goalies @ that time!!! Congrats to DANNY ORLANDO KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!! :D :)
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Entire Video
    by (#90203) on 3/11/08 @2:03AM
That was an amazing game, and the video quality is great in this version. Does anybody know where I can find the entire video online, or even who/where this came from?
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this is the entire video
    by (#2) on 3/11/08 @8:26AM
we shot it just so we could make a highlight piece. we can't put the whole 2 hours up though.
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What kind of camera did you use?
    by (#155270) on 3/11/08 @10:21AM
Neil, What brand/model of camera did you use for this?

Thanks for the high quality videos.
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    by (#179262) on 3/11/08 @10:45AM
Not sure if you guys saw this, but hit the button just to the right of the volume to see the video in FULL SCREEN.
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Outstanding video
    by (#73922) on 3/11/08 @11:59AM
Great job to you and the team Neil. Another excellent highlight video, love the quality. I live in California so I obviously didn't see the game, but it looked like a good one. Congrats to Hofstra on an important win. And always, MORE!!
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    by (#184817) on 3/11/08 @2:59PM
It's not working for me? I watcehd the rutgers video when u first had it but now none of the vidoes are wroking for me..
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    by (#212142) on 2/24/09 @3:50AM
(no text)
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