Hopkins Downs Duke For Crown, 9-8

Hopkins Downs Duke For Crown, 9-8

Hopkins Downs Duke For Crown, 9-8

Hopkins Downs Duke For Crown, 9-8

Duke's Matt Zash met Kyle Harrison at the faceoff X, with Duke putting two poles on the wings and a shorti back in their defensive box, and it was Harrison that drew first blood with a clean rake behind him. It didn't take long for the undefeated #1 seed to get going; Paul Rabil started the scoring on that first series with a drive from top center, breaking to his right, and just banged it by Fenton on the run.

Hopkins' Greg Peyser took the next face for Hopkins (part of a great 1-2-3 punch of faceoff men for JHU) but the Jays threw it away on the backline after good pressure from Duke's longpoles. Duke would answer on the scoreboard after that turnover. Middie Kyle Dowd took a divebomb drive from way up top, broke left and just blasted it by Schwartzman high stick side to tie it at 1-1. Duke then tried their hand on some more shorti iso's from the top of the box, but lost possession in a double team. The Hop controlled again and tested their mettle with some of their own middies up top until Peyser passed it wide on rotation across the top. An offsides call on Duke during the ensuing clear, but they claimed the loose ball and went back into their offensive set to bang out two more goals. The first goal, to bump it to 2-1, began with Duke set in a spread offense, nobody in the crease. Eventually some middies started dropping into the hole and occupied their slide men while Matt Danowski drove around from X lefty, took a couple of rocker steps, leaned in and pushed a shot 5-hole with a stick on his shoulder. The second came as Dan Flannery grabbed a cross crease feed from Danowski ; after some nice button hook clear-unders on drives from Zash top center, Zash drew a man on his cut left and dumped it over to Danowski popping up opposite, who then found Flannery back across the grain for a layup on a moving Schwartzman. Hopkins called timeout to regroup.

Duke was now really spreading it out and taking a lot of time looking for the right matchups, and every time a Duke player got a new touch his first step (well, steps) was away from the goal. A couple of wide shots on drives down the middle followed for the Blue Devils, and on this one possession alone Duke had now had the ball for just under five minutes (most of which seemed to be in preparing to actually do something). The extended possession would finally come to an end once Fred Krom took a horrible shot from dead center on which Schwartzman had a great look and all the time in the world to react. The Hop managed to clear but Paul Rabil's pipe rebound, shortly after the JHU got it in the box, gave the ball right back to Duke on the race to the sideline.

More deliberate runs again came from Duke's middies at the top of the box until Schwartzman came up big on a time and room rip from a nicely executed draw and dump. When the Jays finally settled on their own end, Duke shorti Ed Douglas was showing attackman Jake Byrne no love by locking on, all so close pole Tony McDevitt could always take the most threatening middie at the top of the box. That middie was usually Kyle Harrison, and with the 1st running down McDevitt forced Harrison into a poorly advised no angle shot on a drive moving away from the right pipe.

Duke's Matt Zash grabbed his own face to start the second quarter, one that would see 9 of the 17 totals goals on the day. The Blue Devils again went into their high middie, spread offense that tried to create by dodging from the top and looking opposite field once the slide came. It was almost automatic that if a middie would break left on his dodge from the top that he would curl to the outside and feed across the grain to a cutter moving towards the top of the box.

Hopkins' Schwartzman ended the run when he grabbed a floater and cleared (after some trouble), but his counterpart Fenton snagged a cross-crease pass himself and cleared with a great outlet to Zash. Duke, on their next set, was still in a high 2-3-1 with Danowski constantly threatening the sneak to keep his slide at bay. But after Duke forced it with a tough pass to the pipe, JHU would reel off three and start to loosen up on the offensive end. Greg Peyser bolted to the left pipe, from top left, where once he snuck under shorti Michael Ward's stick he brought his stick back to the inside and beat Fenton inside low. Ward made last ditch effort to wrap once he lost a step, but Peyser was just out of reach. Duke immediately called timeout and won the next face.

Hopkins tied it at three on Kevin Huntley's finish from the bottom right spot of a 4-3 break; Benson Erwin had legged out the clear on great save from Schwartzman and an even quicker outlet, and Duke found themselves in trouble (with Peter Lamade trailing the play) because the Schwartzman save came from a 1-4-1 set where the top '1' drove into the hole and no one from the wings filled his spot. Duke shot back with a typically smart look from Danowski, operating from the top of the box, to a sneaking Dan Flannery from behind the cage. Flannery had all of Hopkins' defense above him and just sunk the gimme on the doorstep for a one goal lead.

But Kyle Harrison pushed out the next face and immediately tied it when, on the continuation of the faceoff, he nailed a jumping lefty on the run that beat Fenton stick side hip. On the next face, which Zash won cleanly and brought to X himself, Greg Peyser got hit for a 1:00 slash and Duke took advantage of the EMO for a 5-4 lead. The Devils started in a circle, dropped to a 1-4-1, then back to a circle with Danowski camping out at the top of the key. In a set play they would run several times today, Matt Zash broke hard from a low crease towards Danowski, Danowski hit Zash in stride, and Zash turned for an overhand blast that came from ten yards out. While Zash's first attempt on this EMO sailed high, they tried it again after some rotation and struck the 2nd time on exactly the same play.

Hopkins got their shot at a man-up when Michael Ward got flagged for holding, but Duke killed it and cleared when a Hopkins middie whiffed on his shot windup. They would take advantage of the possession, to make it 6-4, on Junior middie Bret Thompson's offside righty rip. Fred Krom had challenged his man on goal line extended to Schwartzman's right, pulled a draw and dump to Thompson, and Thompson just stepped in and ripped it. Harrison took matter into his own hands again after that, this time pulling a carbon copy of his earlier goal, but to the right; he sunk a hard righty overhand jumper as he drove from the top of the box with a shorti on him. The Hop tied it up about three seconds later. Lou Braun took the face, bumped it to Jake Byrne, who fed it across the mouth of the goal to Kevin Huntley for the easy finish. Duke called timeout, won the next face, and almost had another immediate score when Danowski tried to finish at the bottom of a 4-3 break, but his underhand sailed wide.

Duke initiated with their shortstick iso's again until Zach Greer found himself a little below the goaline and tried to take his longpole on a drive to the pipe. He managed to draw a slash call on Hopkins' Matt field (a very weak slash call) and Duke set off on another EMO. They would convert, and take a 7-6 lead, when at the top of the key Danowski fed a high curling Zash for a turning overhand lefty rip; it was exactly the same man-up play they had run 4 or 5 times today already. About 1:00 remained in the half at this point, and after a series of missed passes and hurried sets the half came to a close.

More coming.....

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(no subject)
    by (#104085) on 5/30/05 @2:34PM
duke shut down
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   hopkins got lucky by 5/30/05 @2:40PM
      Yeah by 5/30/05 @6:31PM
      No by 5/30/05 @8:07PM
      idiot by 5/30/05 @9:28PM
      you dont get lucky twice in a row. (nt) by 5/31/05 @7:43AM
   MVP's by 5/30/05 @3:24PM
      Hopkins MVP by 5/30/05 @3:38PM
      MVP by 5/30/05 @5:07PM
         agreed by 5/30/05 @5:11PM
         R u kidding me.....jhh1422 by 5/30/05 @7:03PM
            WHAT BEAT DUKE by 5/30/05 @7:59PM
               "what beat duke" by 6/05/05 @5:33PM
         mvp by 5/31/05 @7:46AM
      probably by 5/30/05 @8:07PM
      byrne by 5/31/05 @11:00AM
   darn good game by 5/30/05 @10:05PM
   Duke NOT Shut Down by 6/01/05 @2:53PM
   Yeah Boi by 6/02/05 @7:41AM
      wurd by 6/02/05 @10:43PM
   Stop the noise by 6/03/05 @5:18PM
hopkins defense
    by (#63976) on 5/30/05 @2:59PM
The Hopkins defense was struggling in the first half. On man down, they couldnt put pressure on Danowski and keep Zash out of the middle, at half time they made adjustments and really buckled down on defense and the offense stepped up and started putting the ball in the net. That was why Duke was having a hard time scoring.
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(no subject)
    by (#38132) on 5/30/05 @3:24PM
Congrats to the coaching staff and the players. A championship that has been a long time coming and well deserved. Goalie was the diff. this year. Schwartz had it this year, Smith didn't last year. Kudos to he and the rest of the D for shuttin' the Devs down the last quarter and a half. Go 'hop.
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    by (#103873) on 5/30/05 @4:01PM
finally its hopkins! 2nd half they just totally shut down the attack of duke. also all american goalie fenton had a great game......wait no he didnt! 1 save at halftime and only 7 saves all together. zach greer, 1 assist.

thank you hopkins!
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    by (#102327) on 5/30/05 @4:47PM
who was mvp
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   schwartzman (nt) by 5/31/05 @7:48AM
    by (#3651) on 5/30/05 @5:04PM
I wonder now how much John Christmas regrets taking that lame-ass between the legs shot rather than turn, shoot, score, beat Hopkins and get another shot at Duke.
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   christmas (nt) by 5/30/05 @6:52PM
   (no subject) by 5/30/05 @9:30PM
      Take a better look by 5/31/05 @8:59AM
   Christmas Regrets by 6/01/05 @6:32PM
   karma by 6/02/05 @3:11PM
    by (#85972) on 5/30/05 @5:22PM
Both teams played an even game i think. Hopkins dominated later on in the game though. Duke had some key opportunities that they could have scored on but they blew it. Although I was ruting for Hopkins I think that Duke played an even team. Hopkins had a great season going 16-0, congrats to everyone on that team, esp. the seniors!
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    by (#105581) on 5/30/05 @5:33PM
Did anyone see how bad Harrison wanted to score? Why would you shoot at the empty net when all you need to do is waste the clock. Say Duke picks up that ball, maybe Hopkins wouldnt have that crown. Besides that Harrison played well. For Duke I thought their attackmen played well and that long pole O'Hare.
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   Harrison by 5/30/05 @5:38PM
      agree by 5/30/05 @7:12PM
         dude....def. not by 5/30/05 @8:15PM
            typo by 5/30/05 @8:16PM
            (no subject) by 5/30/05 @9:12PM
            (no subject) by 5/30/05 @9:12PM
         THEN YOU HAVE NEVER PLAYED THE GAME by 5/31/05 @12:46PM
   shot by 5/30/05 @11:19PM
      WIN THE GAME by 5/31/05 @12:49PM
      WIN THE GAME by 5/31/05 @12:54PM
   def. not by 5/31/05 @7:52AM
      so then why... by 5/31/05 @4:28PM
   Harrison Stripped Twice! by 6/01/05 @2:56PM
      true by 6/01/05 @7:41PM
   "and that long pole O'Hare" by 6/05/05 @7:30PM
    by (#30586) on 5/30/05 @5:37PM
hopkins took the first lead of the game with a 1-0 score at the beginning of the first. The byrne rip was their second lead of the day.
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   nice memory by 5/30/05 @9:15PM
    by (#68735) on 5/30/05 @5:40PM
4th quarter killed duke. stupid shots stick side and not enough movement on O. Wish it could have gone the other way, exciting game to watch though.
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   I second that by 5/30/05 @7:01PM
      second half by 5/31/05 @7:54AM
         4th by 5/31/05 @1:25PM
            4th continued by 6/01/05 @2:52PM
            I agree by 6/01/05 @2:56PM
   (no subject) by 5/31/05 @1:09PM
   I do concur by 6/02/05 @8:00AM
    by (#104768) on 5/30/05 @6:26PM
WOW the goaltenders just shut down in the opposition in the 2nd half. The MVP has got to be Hopkins goalie. One goal in the second half. Come on.
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   duke's attack not hopkins goalie by 6/05/05 @7:40PM
      I agree... by 6/06/05 @9:44PM
Duke was too loose
    by (#105593) on 5/30/05 @7:01PM
Duke should have def. won against hopkins....# 40 had a sweet game and #10 played sweet...they should have attacked more...My man from OP played nasty though, Ohara and donowski r the future of duke lax
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   (no subject) by 5/31/05 @1:12PM
   Nah try again by 6/02/05 @7:45AM
   your a dumbass by 6/02/05 @11:43PM
   DUKE'S Future by 6/05/05 @7:51PM
      im pretty sure danowski's a sophomore. by 6/06/05 @7:34PM
         What about Greer by 6/06/05 @9:48PM
            Calm down by 6/06/05 @10:20PM
   my bad jhulaxfan by 6/09/05 @11:03AM
    by (#5100) on 5/30/05 @7:47PM
congratulations to hopkins for finally getting what has been an elusive title for them.

but let's drag out the negative. last year, when everyone was hyper-patriotic and critical of syracuse for outperforming navy, as if that was somehow "unamerican" to do on memorial day, several people criticized a syracuse player for running up and immediately grabbing the trophy. . . did anyone notice a member of hopkins' COACHING STAFF do exactly the same thing this year?

you win the championship when time expires; you get the trophy when the NCAA presents it to you.
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   umm..... by 5/30/05 @8:14PM
   no. by 5/30/05 @9:32PM
      that must have been difficult, by 5/31/05 @1:29PM
         i would love to see what you wouldve done. by 5/31/05 @1:58PM
            yess by 6/01/05 @10:38PM
   (no subject) by 6/02/05 @10:14PM
   (no subject) by 6/18/05 @4:17PM
    by (#22919) on 5/30/05 @7:53PM
Hey drawing-board-dept: hopkins scored the first goal of the game, and that means they led the game originally. get your story straight.

Duke shot the lights out against MD. They forgot about placement in the fourth quarter. They panicked even though Hopkins gave them chances with some uncharacteristically poor decisions and sloppy play in the second half
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it wouldnt have been fair.
    by (#103345) on 5/30/05 @9:19PM
i know im going to sound like a first-grader saying this, but it just wouldnt have been fair to jhu, umd, cornell, and all the others that havent won the title in a while if duke had won. think about it. those teams have been contenders since day one, and jhu just lost in the semis and finals three years in a row, and to have duke come out of nowhere and immediately take it in their second final appearance (i think it was their second). it just wouldnt seem right.
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   agree by 6/04/05 @6:53PM
   dukes appearance by 6/08/05 @12:23PM
those who look at numbers...
    by (#103345) on 5/30/05 @9:30PM
if you werent watching the games, you might call this tournament boring. the only "upset" came when cornell beat towson, which shouldnt have been a upset. but anybody who saw the major games will agree with me that this year was exciting, i mean, uva 1.4 seconds away from ruining jhu's dream season. pretty intense.
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greer is over-rated
    by (#90744) on 5/30/05 @10:12PM

schwartzman should be the MVP of the whole game. Danowski was not the leader that he usually is. Zash played well enough of every aspect of the game to receive the MVP for Duke. Also, what happened to Greer? When you cover him right, hes not who everyone thinks he is...hes the garbage man. One person you cant forget about is Kyle Harrison with those two nice outside shots. Aaron Fenton (supposed to be a first team AA) did not live up to his numbers.
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   (no subject) by 6/02/05 @11:44PM
flat out
    by (#105648) on 5/30/05 @11:21PM
How long was Duke held scoreless for? No more comments.
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   DUKE Scoreless by 5/30/05 @11:46PM
      I agree by 6/01/05 @10:42PM
   Duke's only wepon by 5/31/05 @6:51AM
      i think its Schwartzman (nt) by 5/31/05 @7:55AM
    by (#90626) on 5/31/05 @11:02AM
does anyone know if and when ESPN or some other channel will replay the championship game?
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   Replay by 6/06/05 @4:05PM
    by (#22291) on 5/31/05 @12:32PM
It is amazing that with a whole season of games, and playoffs that all the training running, shots, games, in a quest for a championship comes down to a missed scoop by Greg Peyser of Hopkins.
With 12 seconds to go and down one, Peyser faced off and won the draw behind him easily, if he scoops the ball the game is most definetly over with UVA just buckling down and playing D for 11 seconds, but PEYSER BOTCHES THE SCOOP. This lead the UVA faceoff man to make a poor decision and challenge him for the ball, Peyser does not make the same mistake twice and now creates an unsettled situation which leads to the tying goal with one second to go.

I guess that is why they say that is how the ball bounces. what do you think????
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   it isn't just one scoop by 5/31/05 @1:34PM
      i agree w/ jimminycrickers by 5/31/05 @2:01PM
         My bad by 5/31/05 @2:02PM
   Agreeing with the other two by 6/08/05 @12:50PM
schwartzman was MVP?!!!
    by (#5100) on 5/31/05 @1:44PM
I'm sorry, but that is a terrible choice. fine, he made 7 of 12 saves in the second half, which looks sort of impressive on paper. but that only shows that he settled down, and improved from a terrible performance to making an average performance. he made 7 saves, but duke took 19 shots. I'm not going to bother to do the math, because more importantly, the saves he did make were more like catches. duke did not shoot impressively in the second half. poor shot selection, poor shot placement, poor shot velocity. go back and watch it. any D1 goalie worth his starting job should have made those 7 saves in the second half.

credit schwartzman for not continuing to be a sieve, but to put him in the same category of goalie performances as a brian dougherty in 95 or tillman johnson in 03 is an offense to all of the goalies who have dominated a championship game. schwartzman was far from dominant yesterday.
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   Some of jhu's goals came from clears he started. (nt) by 5/31/05 @2:03PM
      so making routine outlet passes by 5/31/05 @8:31PM
         thats not all. by 6/01/05 @11:13AM
            are you actually reading my comments by 6/01/05 @2:49PM
               the 03 championship was johnson's one good game by 6/01/05 @4:02PM
                  What the hell are you talking about by 6/01/05 @11:14PM
                  What the hell are you talking about by 6/01/05 @11:25PM
                     the stall by 6/02/05 @6:41PM
   Tillman, Dougherty and Schwartzmann by 6/03/05 @12:23AM
      well said. (nt) by 6/03/05 @9:32AM
On a Razor's Edge
    by (#2700) on 5/31/05 @3:19PM
When Princeton was winning NCAA lax titles in the 90s, the Tigers were known for coming out on top in important 1-goal games. That distinction now belongs to JHU. 5 of their 16 wins in 2005 were 1 goal margins -- a total of 12 over the last 3 seasons. That's attributable to both JHU talent and coaching.

Congrats go out to the Jays. Their long, long drought is finally over.
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   JHU's distinction by 6/08/05 @12:38PM
All americans?
    by (#79336) on 5/31/05 @5:40PM
can anyone tell where i can find the division 1 all american lists or can someone tell me them? I cant find them
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   AA's by 5/31/05 @8:13PM
   Laxpower.com DUDE by 6/02/05 @7:48AM
wow danowskis stick
    by (#79336) on 5/31/05 @5:47PM
in one of the pictures danowski's stick looks really illegal.
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   Illegal Stick (nt) by 5/31/05 @11:00PM
   Illgeal Stick by 5/31/05 @11:06PM
   from that angle it does. (nt) by 6/01/05 @11:14AM
   JOHN CURRY is wierd by 6/02/05 @7:54AM
      John Curry by 6/02/05 @6:42PM
         and crass.... (nt) by 6/02/05 @10:18PM
         NO DUDE by 6/03/05 @5:10PM
   danowski's pocket by 6/05/05 @7:55PM
how did they shut down duke?
    by (#95641) on 6/04/05 @8:33AM
After duke coming off an incredible turn around, and virginia coming off that loss to JH wich team do u think will make it back to the title game. duke isnt losing any of there starters, an the cavs lost christmas wich could be crucial..were do you see these 2 teams rank next year?
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   (no subject) by 6/04/05 @6:39PM
   06 final four predictions: by 6/06/05 @7:37PM
      yeah for duke by 6/08/05 @4:04PM
   Duke by 6/07/05 @6:47PM
   Duke all the Way by 6/08/05 @12:32PM