Hopkins Over Navy, 12-5

Hopkins Over Navy, 12-5

Hopkins Over Navy, 12-5

Hopkins Over Navy, 12-5

Annapolis, Maryland- The Blue Jays jumped out to an early 4-0 first quarter lead in route to a 12-5 victory over the Navy Midshipmen in front of an exuberant crowd of 16,042, the second largest crowd in Navy Marine Corps Memorial stadium lacrosse history.

Hopkins senior attackman Kevin Huntley ignited the attack scoring three of the first five goals for the Blue jays. Huntley scored the first goal of the game off a loose ball rebound, which he finished behind the back to put the Jays ahead one. Huntley found the back of the net just four minutes later off an assist from Stephen Peyser, pushing the lead to two. After the play, Navy’s Marty Gallagher was penalized for unnecessary roughness. It did not take long for Hopkins to capitalize of their man advantage as freshmen Kyle Wharton extended their lead to three. Wharton took the feed from senior Midfielder Paul Rabil and fired a beautiful low to high riser past Navy’s Tommy Phalen. Hopkins would score once more before Navy even got on the board off a man up goal by Steven Boyle with 4:48 remaining in the first quarter.

With Navy looking for an answer they turned to sophomore attackman Tim Paul who scored two goals on the day. Down by four Paul took a feed from freshman midfielder Marty Gallagher and sent a low heater past Gvozden for Navy’s first goal. Just one minute later Tim Paul found the back of the net again off an unassisted power move. Paul shook up his defender before firing an off hip underhand ripper. To end the first quarter, Huntley scored his third goal of the game off a legit face dodge giving Hopkins a 5-2 first quarter lead.

To begin the second quarter Hopkins offense looked crisp and precise as they continually created mismatches out of a 1-4-1 set, as well as sending Steven Boyle in from the box. With 10:50 remaining in the second quarter, Paul Rabil scored off his patented left to right split dodge sending a shot past Phalen. Hopkins would score once more before Navy’s Nick Mirabito made his presence known as he snuck a shot past Gvozden. Mirabito caught the Jays defense sleeping as he turned the corner from X, firing a high to high rip making the score 6-3 going into halftime.

Coming out of halftime Hopkins picked up right where they left off scoring the next five goals of the game. Off the opening face-off Peyser pushed it forward creating a fast break opportunity which was capitalized by Senior Attackman Mike Doneger, pushing the lead to 7-3. Doneger would score just minutes later off an assist from junior midfielder Mark Bryan, when he caught the Navy defense sleeping off an end line whistle. Mark Bryan got Hopkins on the board once again as he scored a goal of his own unassisted closing out the third quarter.

Leading 9-3 going into the final period of regulation, Hopkins continued to dominate as Stephen Peyser scored his second goal of the game. Peyser split down the lefty ally firing a 15 yard ripper past Phalen with 14:06 remaining in the game. Andrew Miller scored once more for Hopkins before both teams began to clear their benches.

After being held scoreless since the second period Navy finally got itself back on the board. Senior Greg Clement scored off a rebounded shot by Navy midfielder Sean Standen. Hopkins would score for the last time before Sean Standen put in a goal of his own ending the game with a score of 12-5.

Navy is back in action next weekend in the first round of the Patriot League tournament TBD. Hopkins will continue regular season play in Baltimore and look to dominate in the playoffs.

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Tournament Hopes For Both Teams
    by (#136419) on 4/20/08 @11:43AM
First of all, congrats to Hopkins on a great win. They were clicking all over the field, and they took care of business in a big way. Now, although both teams' NCAA Tournament hopes look pretty good, they still have some work to do.

Hopkins is 5-5 now, and they still have to play Mt. St. Mary's, Towson, and Loyola. With their strong schedule, as long as they win two of three and finish 7-6, they will definitely make it.

Navy has four losses:


In addition, their schedule isn't quite as tough as Hopkins'. If Navy wins the Patriot League Tournament, they will make the NCAA Tournament. If they don't win it, they could possible still make the NCAA Tournament, but they won't be a lock.
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    by (#91678) on 4/20/08 @2:56PM
For several years now, you guys have ALWAYS had the best game photos...but please tell the photographer for this particular set of game shots to relax on the "Dodge tool" usage in Photoshop to try to bring out some of the details in the players' faces. It looks incredibly unnatural. Look at the JHU players in photo #42, for example...are you kidding me?!

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    by (#118964) on 4/20/08 @7:35PM
looks like theyre smoking
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Navy Had Shooting Issues
    by (#136419) on 4/20/08 @3:13PM
The Hopkins goalie played a good game, and some of the saves he made were good, but Navy played loads of catch with him and shot stick-side high way too many times.
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Of Course, One Thing To Remember Is That
    by (#136419) on 4/20/08 @10:42PM
Navy has a new offensive coach. Not only is Navy young on offense, but they are learning a new system. It sometimes takes more than one year to learn.
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Hopkins will go all the way
    by (#65589) on 4/20/08 @5:39PM
even though they lost 5 games i'm calling hopkins verse syracuse in the championship
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(no subject)
    by (#165751) on 4/21/08 @1:46PM
Hopkins will be done in the quarterfinals. Cuse over Duke.
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    by (#118964) on 4/20/08 @7:38PM
How 'bout that hit on photo 75? Looks pretty malicious.

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mcdonalds and its tastey burritos
    by (#196701) on 4/26/08 @11:21PM
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