Hopkins Survives Duke 12-11 to Win 9th Title

Hopkins Survives Duke 12-11 to Win 9th Title

Hopkins Survives Duke 12-11 to Win 9th Title

Hopkins Survives Duke 12-11 to Win 9th Title

Johns Hopkins survived a second half barrage from Duke to win the Blue Jays ninth NCAA Championship, 12-11, Monday in Baltimore. After being down 10-4 at halftime, the Blue Devils stormed back with a 5-0 run in the third quarter to turn the game into a thriller. But Duke’s prolific tandem of Matt Danowski and Zach Greer were kept in check as Hopkins stars Paul Rabil, Stephen Peyser, Jake Byrne, and Jesse Schwartzman shined on the big stage. Sitting at 4-4 halfway through the season, the Jays strung together nine straight wins to propel themselves into the tournament and through Memorial Day weekend as the champs.

Though Hopkins is known for more methodical offense, the Jays came out firing off the opening face. Peyser won cleanly, got the ball, swam through traffic, and initiated the fast break. Carrying into the box, Peyser whipped the ball to Jake Byrne at the point who ripped a shot between Duke goalie Dan Loftus’ legs. Peyser then won the next face and the trend at the X was set. Hopkins would dominate, winning 18 of 27 on the day, with Duke gaining most of their nine wins off of good groundball play or procedural penalties.

Schwartzman showed how he relishes the lime-light, making two good saves early on close range shots. He cleared the ball exceptionally well too, throwing some bombs 60+ yards down field to push transition.

“our goalie played like a senior that had no tomorrow,” Hopkins coach Dave Pietramala said after the game.

While Rabil faced aggressive checking and tough D all day, he used his impressive vision to get his team going, notching five assists and a goal. The first came as he tried to work a dodge, got beat up and doubled, and pulled the ball back out. As the Duke defense focused on him, Kevin Huntley cut underneath from the wing. Rabil slipped a great look to Huntley on the doorstep who finished for the 2-0 Hopkins lead.

With Hopkins packing it in preventing Greer and Danowski from operating as usual, Duke’s midfielders were left to get the offense going. Ned Crotty and Brad Ross rose to the challenge. Working the ball around, Crotty found Ross with time and room up top. Ross caught the feed, set his feed, and unleashed a laser to the far-side top corner, putting Duke on the board. Crotty then got one for himself during a 1:00 man-up. Working around the wheel, Greer hit Crotty with a feed from X. Crotty pump-faked the shot to get room, then used another defender as a screen, shooting the ball over Schwartzman’s shoulder, tying the game 2-2.

Hopkins began to blow the game open with less than a minute to go. Peyser drove from the top of the box, got a step coming down the wing, and ripped a lefty shot high and hard beating Loftus stick-side. Then, 14 seconds later, Huntley got the ball on the wing and beat Loftus with another high shot with 20 seconds left in the quarter, giving the Jays a 4-2 lead.

Hopkins took over in the second quarter. Peyser and Jamison Koesterer continued their domination at the faceoff X resulting in multiple possessions and dictating tempo for the Jays. The lead grew to three as Rabil again drove, drew defensive attention, and pulled out to hit an open teammate. This time it was Peyser who caught the ball and continued carrying to his left, against his defender’s momentum, ripping a running 15-yarder low for the goal.

The ball rarely seemed to leave the Hopkins offensive end as they won faceoffs and tenaciously rode the Devils on clears. The Jays scored again, this time a man-up goal for Byrne. He got the ball at the point and fired a 95 mph cannon right past Loftus.

Peter Lamade, sensing lethargy in his team, took it upon himself to get Duke going. Lamade tried to dodge, found no space, but when his defender slipped, he rushed back at the cage, finding the twine with a shot up high.

Hopkins got the goal right back though off another fast break. Rabil snagged a pass out of the air, then raced down field to push the numbers he had. As he stepped into the box, Rabil found Byrne again who skipped a low shot right under Loftus. Another goal off a nice inside roll from Tom Duerr grew the Jays’ lead.

Crotty tried to rally his team again with an impressive solo effort. Getting the ball at the top of the box, Crotty looked to dodge or pass, but his man seemed to just drift off him during a switch. With sudden time and room, Crotty bounced a right-handed shot in for the goal.

Hopkins would again seize the last minutes of the quarter. Byrne got the ball low on the wing. Having almost no angle, he dropped his stick and somehow stuck a nice low to high shot. Then Rabil found Steven Boyle sitting at goal line extended. Boyle snagged the pass, took a step up field to gain the inside edge, and stuffed the ball into the corner of the cage.

Huntley got a good look with :01 left but put the shot over the cross bar. The half ended with Hopkins holding a commanding lead, 10-4. Good thing six goals isn’t much in this sport, particularly when you don’t lack firepower.

“I give our guys credit,” Petro said after the game, “We knew the run was coming, we hoped it wouldn’t be that big.”

Duke opened the second half like a new team. They seemed fresher and hungrier. They played aggressive and with urgency. Perhaps because they were so drained after Cornell, perhaps because they didn’t practice on Sunday, perhaps because they knew they needed to come alive to have a shot in this came, but whatever the reason the fans saw a spectacular second half effort from what looked like a different Blue Devils squad.

Duke started the scoring off some opportunistic inside play, something the Devils have capitalized on all season. Danowski whipped the ball inside to Greer who fired the quick turn around that somehow Schwartzman stoned, but Max Quinzani quickly grabbed the rebound and fired it past the sprawling keeper.

On Duke’s next possession, working the ball around the outside, Danowski passed down to Crotty on the wing who dropped his stick and found the top of the net. Then Ross added another as he caught a pass while running into the box and just kept coming at the cage beating Schwartzman with a ripper on the run.

While Danowski often looked like he was trying to do too much, sometimes forcing shots or drives, his teammates seemed more patient, still attacking, but letting good scoring chances happen instead of forcing them. Mike Catalino got on the board as he drove from behind, got the inside roll, and stuffed the ball past Schwartzman. Lamade added another as he fought through traffic, got a step of space, and released a ripper running across the face of the goal. Coming out guns blazing, Duke wracked up five goals in 5:29 to get the game to 10-9 at the end of the third quarter.

All Hopkins had to do in the fourth was keep pace to hold on. Rabil, sensing his team needed to reassert itself, did just that. Dodging, Rabil fired a shot on the run that beat Loftus to the stick side, showing that for a goalie, shot delivery can be just as hard to read as shot speed. But Duke got it right back off some tenacious riding. Quinzani forced a turnover and Lamade quickly scooped up the ball and hit Danowski standing alone in the box. Left one-on-one with Schwartzman, Danowski slipped the ball underneath the keep for the goal, his only tally of the day.

Schwartzman redeemed himself with two sharp saves, one on an inside roll from Crotty, and another on the quick stick from Greer. The teams exchanged penalties as some vicious stick checks were thrown. Duke was able to go two men up with less than five minutes to go, but the Devils couldn’t capitalize as Danowski’s ripper hit the post and bounced about 60 yards back up field.

Duke tied the game with some gutty play and a fortuitous tip. Longpole Nick O’Hara valiantly fought to gain possession of a loose ball. Pushing ahead in transition, O’Hara attempted to feed Quinzani cutting across the face of the goal. Qunizani’s stick got a piece of O’Hara’s pass, altering its course enough to deflect it past Schwartzman and knot the score at 11-11.

Hopkins kept the pace though, cashing in the go-ahead goal off of a loose ball melee in front of the Duke cage. Rabil fought his way to the loose ball, then looked up and saw Huntley alone on the crease. Huntley took the feed and stuffed the ball by Loftus giving the lead back to the Jays, 12-11.

Duke would come down and push two frantic possessions, one in which Ross took a great underhand shot that beat Schwartzman, but rattled off the pipe. Then off an errant pass, Hopkins got the ball back with 1:07 left. But an aggressive ride from Duke gave the ball back to the Devils who called a timeout with 40 ticks left on the clock.

On the ensuing possession, Duke worked the ball around looking for a good opening, but inexplicably never getting it to their big playmakers, Danowski and Greer. With time waning to about :17 left, Ross worked inside, tried to roll, but didn’t get a great shot. Regardless, Duke fired, and Schwartzman maked a great save off his foot that kicked the ball almost back to midfield. With about :05 left Duke quickly got the ball to Quinzani barely inside the box who jumped and fired, but his shot skipped wide as the clock ran out. The Jays survived an impressive second half comeback to take the game 12-11 in one of the most entertaining championships in recent memory.

Scoring only two goals in the second half, Hopkins got the job done the way they always do, with great defense. Petro’s defense held one of the most prolific scoring tandems in collegiate lacrosse history to just three points combined. At the other end of the field, the horses that usually pull Hopkins did just that, leading their team through the onslaught to protect the victory.

Schwartzman garnered the Most Outstanding Player Award with his 15 saves, his most important with 10 seconds left on the clock. The big man has savored the sports’ biggest stage, tying the Hopkins mark for career tournament victories. He was visibly elated at the end of the game, jumping about and howling, “This is awesome!”

For Hopkins, another championship bolsters the legendary reputation of the Baltimore area school. For Duke, consolation may come slowly with the many rough breaks they have been handed in the past 15 months, but the Devils fought gallantly and should return enough players to make a strong push next year.

After seeing two heart-pounding DI games eventually leading to an unexpected champion, fans in Baltimore can strongly make the claim that Memorial Day weekend is easily one of the most exciting and entertaining events in college sports.

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    by (#170141) on 5/28/07 @4:07PM
Great game. Hop came out on fire and Duke responded as expected. Hopkins may not have been the best team throughout the entire year but once May came around they proved that they were #1. Great season for both teams. Only problem with the game were the constant reminders that Duke must have been tired from Saturday. If I am not mistaken, both semi-final games were played on the same day, at the same stadium, in the same heat. The fatigue factor seems like a pretty shallow excuse for Duke's slow start. Any thoughts?
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   fatigue played in but not an excuse by 5/28/07 @4:12PM
      (no subject) by 5/28/07 @4:18PM
      EVEN IF DUKE WAS A BIT TIRED..... by 5/28/07 @4:38PM
         true by 5/28/07 @5:06PM
            WOW! DANOWSKI HELD NO PRACTICE ON SUNDAY! by 5/28/07 @5:12PM
               true by 5/28/07 @5:17PM
                  EVEN IF IT JUST MEANS GROUND BALL AND CATCHING. by 5/28/07 @5:19PM
                     (no subject) by 5/28/07 @5:23PM
   Fatique by 5/28/07 @6:14PM
         Little Luck? by 5/28/07 @7:25PM
            Blame the Cavs then... by 5/28/07 @7:49PM
      fatigue couldnt of been a factor by 5/28/07 @9:22PM
   Look out for... by 5/28/07 @10:33PM
      (no subject) by 5/28/07 @10:42PM
         2008 Final Four by 5/28/07 @11:53PM
      i agree by 5/29/07 @12:15PM
         another team to watch out for by 5/29/07 @11:08PM
            On the rise/ surprise team!/ decline by 5/29/07 @11:21PM
Congratulations Hopkins
    by (#106160) on 5/28/07 @4:09PM
Man! I thought I was going to be the first to respond to this post! Yessssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was getting so sick about hearing how Duke was going to dominate the Hop and how the "real" championship game was played on Saturday. I'm really proud of my Hop. They proved they deserved to not only be there but to win!
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   Johns Hopkins by 5/28/07 @4:23PM
      uh... by 5/28/07 @5:11PM
         "THE DUKE CORNELL GAME WAS FOR THE TITLE!" by 5/28/07 @5:15PM
            yeah by 5/28/07 @5:29PM
   same here by 5/28/07 @5:16PM
   Duke vs. Cornell by 5/28/07 @6:16PM
      Championship teams by 5/28/07 @6:45PM
   no way by 5/28/07 @9:02PM
      tough luck by 5/28/07 @9:59PM
    by (#136419) on 5/28/07 @4:37PM
Who gets hot at the right time! I think this was the case for Hopkins. They had some great players and depth, but I don't think they were as loaded as teams like Duke and Cornell. However, all that matters is who hoists the trophy, and Hopkins had the pleasure of doing so!
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   disagree by 5/28/07 @5:19PM
      YOU HAVE A POINT! by 5/28/07 @5:24PM
         of course by 5/28/07 @5:29PM
         !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by 5/28/07 @6:58PM
      Maybe maybe not by 5/28/07 @6:25PM
         of course by 5/28/07 @10:03PM
      Depth & other rants by 5/28/07 @6:33PM
    by (#138995) on 5/28/07 @4:38PM
danowski and greer are chumps. Danowski got shut down by a great team defense and greer as physically dominating as he was couldnt get the ball enough. Too many wasted possesions for duke as they took many stupid shots, but they did get unlucky with those long pipe shots. danowski looked lost, he dropped and threw the ball away a few times. Too bad duke still almost won their top dogs out to lunch. Bright spot is Crotty looked really good as did quinzani as did ross and some others...
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   (no subject) by 5/28/07 @4:43PM
   try again big guy by 5/28/07 @4:44PM
      today by 5/28/07 @5:09PM
         Chumps by 5/28/07 @5:21PM
         why? by 5/28/07 @5:22PM
   Chumps by 5/28/07 @5:16PM
      (no subject) by 5/28/07 @5:21PM
         ?? by 5/28/07 @5:22PM
            (no subject) by 5/28/07 @5:39PM
      ... by 5/30/07 @12:41PM
   not chumps by 5/28/07 @5:21PM
      LETS NOT FORGET... by 5/28/07 @6:18PM
         Jhu D didn't forget by 5/28/07 @10:06PM
   Danowski and Greer by 5/28/07 @6:30PM
   danowski and greer by 5/28/07 @7:51PM
      Lamade by 5/29/07 @7:04PM
   Dude, do you even play lacrosse? by 5/28/07 @9:00PM
      yes i do by 5/29/07 @10:54PM
   points by 5/28/07 @9:05PM
   WHAT!? by 5/30/07 @12:46AM
    by (#136419) on 5/28/07 @4:44PM
Yes, he only has 2 titles and Wooden won 10 as coach at UCLA. However, Petro is only 40 and will win several more. The main reason Petro is like Wooden is that both are Hall of Famer-caliber both as players and coaches. Dave Pietramala was the best defenseman ever and is well on his way to being considered an all-time great coach. John Wooden is in the Basketball Hall of Fame as a coach and as a player. For those who don't know, he was a super player for Purdue. The question is-Will Pietramala be the first person ever to be inducted into the Lacrosse Hall of Fame both as a player and a coach?
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   (no subject) by 5/28/07 @4:46PM
   And your point is? (nt) by 5/28/07 @6:31PM
   And your point is? (nt) by 5/28/07 @6:31PM
      (no subject) by 5/28/07 @6:48PM
         He aint retiring by 5/28/07 @10:57PM
   reach by 5/28/07 @7:01PM
      (no subject) by 5/28/07 @7:09PM
         long time hop fan? by 5/28/07 @9:08PM
            (no subject) by 5/28/07 @9:24PM
            maybe by 5/28/07 @10:08PM
               (no subject) by 5/28/07 @10:29PM
               DITTO by 5/28/07 @11:29PM
      (no subject) by 5/28/07 @7:18PM
   a little premature by 5/30/07 @7:10PM
    by (#136419) on 5/28/07 @4:46PM
I think it is the best ever and they showed today how awesome they are. Dave Pietramala is an awesome defensive coordinator and motivator and Dave Allan has been said to know more about the defensive end of the field than anyone else ever.
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    by (#136419) on 5/28/07 @4:48PM
At least in the 1st Half and at the end, that is.
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   coaches by 5/28/07 @5:24PM
      I AGREE! by 5/28/07 @5:27PM
         Agree as well by 5/28/07 @6:54PM
         Faceoffs by 5/28/07 @7:30PM
   Nope by 5/28/07 @6:32PM
         Lax 0505 It's hard when you're humbled by 5/28/07 @9:38PM
    by (#136419) on 5/28/07 @4:50PM
Since his 1st season at Hopkins in 2001, that is his record in such games. Talk about awesome coaching!
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   Preparation by 5/28/07 @5:28PM
    by (#136419) on 5/28/07 @4:51PM
When they scored right off the faceoff, I think that was their announcement that they were going to have a good game!
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   Agree by 5/30/07 @6:08PM
    by (#136419) on 5/28/07 @4:57PM
That is, that players coming from public schools in the Baltimore area can do great things at the highest level of the sport. In this day and age, the private schools dominate in the Baltimore area and the public school players don't get great competition. Jesse, who went to Pikesville High School, showed that, if you believe in kids from public schools and give them a chance, they can do great things and surprise people. Kudos to Petro for seeing potential in Schwartzman! I wouldn't be surprised if many of the other coaches of big-time programs didn't even consider recruiting him!
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   Michael Gvozden, too by 5/29/07 @1:23PM
      Whoa whoa whoa... by 5/29/07 @5:48PM
         There's a helluva lot more, too... by 5/29/07 @5:54PM
            The bottom line is... by 5/29/07 @5:58PM
               Exactly my point by 5/29/07 @8:53PM
   public-private by 5/30/07 @12:43PM
    by (#136419) on 5/28/07 @5:21PM
And put 3 digit electronic boards in the end zone. That way, when a shot is taken, it will flash up how fast the shot was. I think fans would love that! Anyone agree?
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   They do by 5/28/07 @6:15PM
      TOO BAD THEY DON'T DO IT AT THE STADIUM, TOO! by 5/28/07 @6:21PM
9th Title
    by (#103345) on 5/28/07 @5:26PM
did anyone notice that when the announcer was announcing jhu's victory at the end, he said 8th title?
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   most titles by 5/28/07 @6:21PM
      HOPKINS HAS 9, SYRACUSE HAS 8 by 5/28/07 @6:30PM
         (no subject) by 5/28/07 @6:49PM
            Syracuse really has 9 though by 5/28/07 @8:02PM
          Really we're tied by 5/28/07 @11:34PM
   As your nickname goes, it is 44 by 5/29/07 @8:06AM
      whoa didn't notice that! by 5/29/07 @12:19PM
Delay of Game
    by (#103345) on 5/28/07 @5:27PM
What was with that?
Duke was still in their practice jerseys during the anthem, THEN went off the field and changed.
5 minutes later, they make a dramatic entrance, while hop has been waiting the whole time. It looked like one official was calling them, but maybe petro didn't want it, or else the official got over-ruled.
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   Delay by 5/28/07 @5:53PM
Final 40 seconds
    by (#170357) on 5/28/07 @5:33PM
I was shocked that Danowski pere lacked the faith in his son to give him the ball when it counted. Aside from being poor coaching they have to live with that for a lifetime. 40 seconds left to cap a great career and Pop has you back up the goal. Ouch!
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   (no subject) by 5/28/07 @7:56PM
   he'd been shut down by 5/28/07 @10:14PM
      #10 by 5/29/07 @5:16PM
         thanks by 5/29/07 @8:49PM
   dano and greer by 5/30/07 @10:06PM
      i agree by 5/31/07 @12:16PM
    by (#136419) on 5/28/07 @5:42PM
Hopkins, of course, had 4 losses this season. I think that the last time a team won a title with that many losses was in 1986, when Carolina won it all. They ended the regular season with 3 straight losses-to Maryland, Hopkins(17-4-ouch!!), and UVA. Ironically, when the tournament started, they beat the same 3 teams in the exact order! They beat both Hopkins and UVA in overtime.

Hopkins was in a somewhat similar situation this season. Not only did they have 4 losses, but a lot of people did not respect them, and, when they won the title game, not only were they the champs, but they also avenged a loss to the same team earlier in the season.

Both the job Willie Scroggs did that tournament and the job Dave Pietramala did this tournament were 2 of the best coaching jobs ever, IMHO.
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    by (#94442) on 5/28/07 @6:45PM
This game must have been such a heartbreaking loss for all of the seniors on the Duke squad as well as the rest of the team. They were too tired from their game with Cornell and didnt come out fast enough. Hopkins had some lucky breaks as well, Loftus was stone cold in the first half and if those shots that hit the pipe hadnt bounced back so far, and the one off of Schwartzman's foot, Duke would have been in alot better shape. There were too many emontions running through the Duke team inorder for them to concentrate. They have gone through so much crap in the last year and that they even made it too the finals is amazing. Duke's season was cancelled last year meaning they lost about eight months of practice time where all of the teams in Division I were practicing. It unfortunate that Duke wasnt able to pull off the win but somewhat understandable. And for Matt Danowski probably the most upsetting loss of his career.
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   Wow! by 5/28/07 @6:58PM
   (no subject) by 5/28/07 @7:24PM
   Cry me a river by 5/28/07 @7:26PM
   grow up by 5/28/07 @8:34PM
   get over it by 5/28/07 @10:20PM
      quote by 6/20/07 @12:00PM
   Bride's maids again by 5/28/07 @10:37PM
    by (#134493) on 5/28/07 @7:24PM
this is th last thing i wanted t happen i love duke and im pissed they lost they played terrible the goalie and defense plus hopkins won pretty much every faceoff its rediculous duke is a better team and the nation know that but hopkins somehow came out with the win and for that i say conratulations hopkins
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   Why play the game by 5/28/07 @7:29PM
      Arrogant?? by 5/28/07 @8:37PM
         Arrogant!! by 5/28/07 @9:08PM
            shut up by 5/29/07 @1:25PM
      They are by 5/30/07 @5:58PM
         thank you by 5/30/07 @9:17PM
         humph by 5/31/07 @12:19PM
   agree by 5/28/07 @7:59PM
   duke didnt play well by 5/30/07 @10:13PM
Goalie Play
    by (#170153) on 5/28/07 @8:03PM
Loftus played the worst 1st half of lacrosse I have ever seen from a goalie...he looked like he wasnt seeing the ball very well, as he got beat short-side alot. Schwartzman on the other hand played out of his shoes in this tournament. what suffocating d on Hop's part...you could hear petro screaming for them to find Greer when the slide came. they did a great job blanketing him as well as playing physical with Danowski. Congrats Hop...in Baltimore, defense wins championships!
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   yea by 5/28/07 @8:14PM
   All-Americans by 5/28/07 @10:23PM
    by (#168201) on 5/28/07 @8:05PM
im upset duke lost..iv been a die hard duke fan all my life..and it was heartbreaking to see the come up 1 goal short AGIAN. but they proved to me its guna take more than a lieing whore to shake them off. but hats off to hopkins..they played a great game! i was very impressed to see that they beat a great duke team on a big stage. and maybe next year duke will pull threw...
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   i bet they will by 5/28/07 @10:24PM
dissapointed but not surprised
    by (#165421) on 5/28/07 @8:13PM
Although I am dissapointed Duke didnt win the championship, not everyone should be surprised that Hopkins came out with it this year. Quint Kesshnick picked Hopkins to win the title this year. THe team was loaded with talent, but during the season each player wasnt playing ther best. Give credit to the Hopkins team for pulling themselves together in the playoffs and stepping up. Peyser and Shawrzmen both had a great tournament and stepped up wen ther team absolutely needed them. Paul Rabil was, is, and always will be a sick nasty laxer.
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Best coach???????
    by (#165421) on 5/28/07 @8:18PM
Petromalo the best Coach in NCAA. I think he may be. He has used his defencive coaching and is sorta like Tierany. I personnaly like him better because he has the ability to have a highly effective offence. But anyway this certainly wont be Hopkins last champoinship. One next year maby? They have young talent!!!!!
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   STICK SIDE HIGH SHOTS? by 5/28/07 @8:33PM
      Stadium? by 5/30/07 @6:02PM
    by (#136419) on 5/28/07 @8:35PM
Think how many similarities there are. Petro is 30-6 in 1-goal games since 2001 and won his 2 titles by 1-goal. Between 1992-2001, Bill Tierney won 4 of his 6 titles in overtime and had a great record in 1-goal games. Also, think about how the similarities in their teams' style of play-great goalie play, smothering defense, and methodical offense. And, of course we can't forget that both coaches are "wild boys" on the sidelines. I wouldn't be surprised if Tierney was Petro's coaching idol. Don't forget that Tierney was Petro's defensive coach when he played at Hopkins.

What Petro is doing right now is incredible considering that Hopkins is not the easiest sell in the world for talent. Yes, it is a great school, and yes, there is a lot of tradition, but remember this:

1. Hopkins is very close to home for a lot of great players. So many players want to get away from home.

2. Most of the fun stuff is far away from campus.

3. At Hopkins, the jocks and the nerds are very seperate.

What Petro is doing is much more impressive than what Dom at Virginia is doing or what Pressler and Danowski have done at Duke.
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   disagree by 5/28/07 @9:44PM
      BUT STILL...... by 5/28/07 @10:05PM
      I may have said my point incorrectly! by 5/28/07 @10:07PM
         (no subject) by 5/28/07 @10:10PM
   Hopkins is an easy sell by 5/28/07 @10:10PM
      you're right by 5/28/07 @10:28PM
      I graduated from the Hop by 5/29/07 @12:38AM
   Hopkins by 5/29/07 @10:05AM
   and look at duke now? by 6/20/07 @12:05PM
The value 1-goal margins
    by (#142666) on 5/28/07 @8:37PM
JHU's 6 one-goal wins this year are remarkably Tierney-esque. And peaking with nine consecutive victories, Petro's Jays are very deserving 2007 champions.
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   Song by 5/28/07 @8:40PM
    by (#136419) on 5/28/07 @8:46PM
Sorry! I just felt I had to make a post on this. I hate people who cry like babies, sourgrape, and make excuses when their team loses. People who do so have such bad attitudes and are no fun to be around. I am not saying all Duke fans on this board are like that, and there are fans of every sports team in the world who do this. However, in the long run, making excuses lowers your standards and keeps you from doing better in the future.

And, like I said before-CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMS FIND A WAY TO GET IT DONE! And this includes when they are tired, are emotionally drained, or have some bad breaks during the game.

For people who make excuses non-stop:


Hopkins won this game fair and square. Their defense was awesome and they just wouldn't let Duke get a lot of inside shots.
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   somebody had to say it (nt) by 5/28/07 @8:56PM
   you're my hero (nt) by 5/28/07 @10:28PM
   absolutly right (from a duke fan) (nt) by 5/30/07 @10:17PM
Duke vs JHU
    by (#166405) on 5/28/07 @9:03PM
All i have to say is....
DUKE GOT JIZZED ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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   jk by 5/28/07 @9:07PM
    by (#136419) on 5/28/07 @9:04PM
will be really rude, obnoxious, and rub it in if their team wins. They will taunt the losing team and the fans and give them no credit for playing hard. Once again, I am not saying that all "excuse-makers" are like this, but a lot of them seem to be.

That is why, had Hopkins lost, I don't think the Hopkins' fans on this board would have acted like babies. They would have given Duke credit where it was deserved and say they got beat, fair and square. They are clearly proud of their team, but they are showing it in such a calm and humble way.

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   (no subject) by 5/28/07 @9:06PM
   jkkkkk by 5/28/07 @9:07PM
   YEA by 5/29/07 @7:13PM
      jhu won by 5/29/07 @8:58PM
         Thank you jhulaxfan44! by 5/29/07 @11:36PM
            i love that article by 5/30/07 @7:08AM
         actually by 5/31/07 @6:01PM
            not really by 5/31/07 @9:12PM
    by (#165421) on 5/28/07 @9:18PM
I bet Cornell fans wanted Duke to win. I wonder if Hopkins would have beaten Cornell if they had beaten Duke. Who knows!?!?!?!?
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   Cornell by 5/28/07 @9:21PM
      true by 5/28/07 @10:30PM
tewaarton award
    by (#166405) on 5/28/07 @9:19PM
What do you think about Danowski for the tewaarton award????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Do you think he was good enough under pressure?
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      (no subject) by 5/28/07 @9:26PM
   Rabil by 5/28/07 @10:05PM
      Rabil by 5/28/07 @10:09PM
         Rabil by 5/28/07 @10:13PM
   another jhu nomination by 5/28/07 @10:32PM
      Post season MVP maybe? by 5/28/07 @10:37PM
   Danowski vs Rabil by 5/29/07 @10:36AM
   Danowski vs. Rabil pt. 2 by 5/30/07 @12:12AM
   the final five...and the WINNER! by 5/30/07 @10:23PM
you would think
    by (#65589) on 5/28/07 @9:20PM
In the National Championship game with 40 seconds left you think John Danowski would give it to his son, a tewaaraton finalist, but no he doesn't even give it to greer. Instead i don't even know what happened and Duke lost. I think if theres a time to be selfish and give the ball to your kid that would have been a pretty good time.
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   In case you weren't aware by 5/28/07 @10:34PM
    by (#166405) on 5/28/07 @9:22PM
Do you want to know who hurt alot......
He for sure did not have one of his best games... especially in the 1st half.
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   yea by 5/28/07 @9:27PM
Thanks. . .
    by (#170348) on 5/28/07 @10:30PM
for the game photos. Best part of this site!
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I love lax.com but...
    by (#106160) on 5/28/07 @10:33PM
OK...so I love the fact that lax.com takes such great pictures at the game an all...but I can't help but notice the dook bias in the pics for the championship game. There are countless pics of the dook fans and band but not of the the hop fans/band (and I know that there were PLENTY of Hop fans at the game). Also no pics of Hop celebrating??? Don't mean to sound like such a whiner (esp. since my team won) but I'm pretty sure that had dook won, we would have seen plenty of pics of them celebrating given the dook bias shown by many of the media outlets this season...just saying

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   i didn't notice that by 5/28/07 @10:35PM
   My 10 cents. . . by 5/28/07 @10:40PM
   Duke Fans by 5/30/07 @1:18PM
   53???!?! by 6/20/07 @11:52AM
Next year?
    by (#153088) on 5/28/07 @10:42PM
Any thoughts on next year pre-season Championship winners?

Im think UNC Tarheels with there nice sophomore class they had this year and the first half they played vs. Duke in the quarterfinals

Let me know what you guys think also
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   SYRACUSE WILL BE BACK! by 5/29/07 @12:06AM
   2008 F4 by 5/29/07 @4:50PM
      08 F4 by 5/29/07 @4:56PM
   (no subject) by 5/30/07 @4:37AM
   08 final four by 5/30/07 @12:31PM
   Final Four '08 by 5/30/07 @6:16PM
   Final 4 08 by 6/01/07 @1:35AM
What about a new host site
    by (#153088) on 5/28/07 @10:50PM
Not an excuse of how the game turned out but i did hear that the commentators were saying that JHU was like 5 miles away..wouldnt you guys take that has basically a home game in the Final 4? but then again you can dont that with just about anywhere you put it but just saying...maybe try it out west but then again well never see it on the east coast again so i guess im fighting a losing battle with this?

Anyone else feel the same?
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   (no subject) by 5/28/07 @11:01PM
   not until the west gets better by 5/29/07 @2:06AM
      Pie in the sky by 5/29/07 @11:52AM
         LIKE I SAID, NOT ANYTIME SOON, BUT SOMEDAY by 5/29/07 @12:22PM
   true, but by 5/29/07 @12:13PM
      ? by 5/29/07 @10:05PM
         basically (nt) by 5/31/07 @12:21PM
   west coast by 5/29/07 @4:38PM
   East Coast by 5/29/07 @8:43PM
      FINALLY AGREE, LAX0505! by 5/29/07 @9:28PM
    by (#92890) on 5/29/07 @8:07AM
Is it just me or is Paul Rabil a gladiator with large forearms?!
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East Coast
    by (#94442) on 5/29/07 @8:44PM
The finals need to stay on the east coast for a while. lacrosse just isnt popular enough yet. im actuaally suprised that there moving it up to boston next year and i dont think the turnout will be as good because its a long drive from pennsylavania, maryland, virginia so i think alot of fans are going to blow it off and watch the game on TV instead of driving six to eight hours to get there. Philly and Baltimore were both good places and i think moving it to Boston will hurt the attendance. Also Philly might hav been the best location yet because the parking lots were easier to get to and the whole set up was better. Either way the finals should stay on the central east coast.
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   What about the venue itself by 5/29/07 @8:54PM
   agree by 5/29/07 @9:04PM
   I LOVE LACROSSE by 5/29/07 @9:17PM
      yeah by 5/29/07 @10:21PM
   (no subject) by 5/30/07 @10:47AM
      That's good stuff by 5/30/07 @5:40PM
    by (#79336) on 5/29/07 @9:59PM
You can't blame Duke's loss on them being tired. Sure they played a tough game, but they had a whole day and a half to rest and recover. As long as they got energy back in their bodies they should have been fine, they just didn't come out playing as hard as hopkins, it happens to teams all the time. Hopkins D did do a good job of shutting down greer and danowski, but they still got 11 goals scored on them. So if you only focus on those 2 then other people are going to score... it's D1 lacrosse and everyone is good. Say Greer and Danowski scored more, the rest of the team would have scored less. But Hopkins' offense won the game for them.
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   ON THE RISE/ SURPRISE TEAM/DECLINE+full breakdown by 5/29/07 @11:36PM
    by (#136419) on 5/29/07 @11:30PM
Those teams are Hopkins, Syracuse, North Carolina, Virginia, and Princeton. It is true that there is more parity in the game than ever and almost anything can happen on any day. Having Cinderella teams like UMASS and Delaware join the Final Four party the last couple of years has been awesome! I'm sure there will be other teams in future years, too.

However, I think that it would be great for lacrosse if a team that is not among those 5 WINS it someday soon. Even if the title game is decided by 1 goal, there is a big difference between 1st and 2nd place. Don't get me wrong! All the power to the team that wins it every year. I think that the 2 teams most likely to do so are Duke and Georgetown. They both have very good coaches and are easy sells for talent. Anyone else you all think could do so? Navy maybe? Albany? Who do you all think?
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   hey nap town by 5/29/07 @11:38PM
      WHERE DO YOU THINK NAVY STANDS? by 5/29/07 @11:46PM
         navy is prob even by 5/29/07 @11:50PM
         On the rise/ surprise team/ Decline+ breakdown by 5/29/07 @11:51PM
   and by 5/31/07 @12:24PM
    by (#136419) on 5/30/07 @12:22AM
To start this off, I want to say that BLAX did a super job with the breakdowns on next year. I agree with almost everything. Actually, the only thing I don't agree with are the Final Four predictions. I think that UVA will be in it. Yes, they lost Goalie Kip Turner, Midfielder Drew Thompson, and Defender Ricky Smith. However, here is what they have coming back:


Ben Rubeor-1st Team All American
Danny Glading-3rd Team All American
Garrett Billings
Gavin Gill-He could actually be starting some next season.

Jack Riley
Steve Giannone
Brian Carroll
Ryan Kelly
Will Barrow

Ken Clausen-Honorable Mention All-American
Mike Timms-Honorable Mention All-American
Matt Kelly
Tim Shaw
Pike Howard

That is a heck of a lot of talent, no doubt!

And, in addition, the class UVA has coming in may be the best ever. 8 of the 10 players are ranked among Inside Lacrosse's Top 50 High School Seniors. 4 of those players are in the Top 5 of that group. This group features 2 twin brothers who are scoring machines and maybe some of the best athletes the game has ever seen. There is also a great defender from Georgetown Prep and a goalie considered one of the best out of Long Island in years. He very well could be starting next season. Hey! Quint Kessenich won a title as a freshman starting keeper in 1987, so who knows?

As most people know, I am not a UVA fan at all. But, with the returning talent and the awesome recruiting class coming in, I say that they will be very dangerous next year and in the next several seasons as well. Don't forget that UVA will go into next season furious about what happened against Delaware and will want to more than make up for it.

Does UVA work harder and proove more than the other schools? Is Dom Starsia the best coach in the country? The answer to the questions is no. Take nothing away from Dom and UVA. They are doing great. However, in this day and age, UVA is hands-down the easiest sell for talent. In fact, even if UVA had a lousy coach, they would still get great talent. In fact, UVA gets so much talent that their biggest chore is not to win.

P.S.-I like Colgate as a sleeper team, too! Hey, there are sure some other good Upstate New York programs besides Syracuse in this day and age!
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   UVA by 5/30/07 @8:54AM
   (no subject) by 5/30/07 @11:44AM
      2007 All-Americans by 5/30/07 @3:35PM
   (no subject) by 5/30/07 @2:16PM
   Bratton Twins by 5/30/07 @6:26PM
   ??? by 5/30/07 @9:25PM
   Next year for the Hoos by 5/30/07 @10:31PM
   agree by 5/31/07 @12:27PM
      yeah by 5/31/07 @4:17PM
   that's crap by 5/30/07 @3:40PM
Hopkins class
    by (#125300) on 5/30/07 @1:40AM
I was rooting for Duke, and thought they deserve to win, but Hopkins got it done. what really made me respect hopkins was the way that some other their players, right after winning a national championship, talked to the duke players. you could tell they were offering words of encouragment and compassion, and it just really amazed me how they could be running around the field screaming but instead wanted to support their fellow lax players who had just given their all and come up short. respect to the hopkins kids. that shows the world that lax players are not snobby rich kids, but kids who care and are compassionate and kind.
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   AWESOME POST, HOODLEBOY80! by 5/30/07 @1:56AM
      (no subject) by 5/30/07 @4:41AM
    by (#136419) on 5/30/07 @12:07PM
That is, of the schools that are not in the Top 25 or 30. I have said this before, and I will say it again-VILLANOVA! If you look at what they have to offer, there is no reason, IMHO, that they can't be a Top 10-15 program. Villanova is, or has:

1. great school
2. beautiful campus
3. yuppy environment
4. nice town
5. close to Philly, with a lot of stuff to do
6. good athletic facilities

In fact, before Dave Urick took over Georgetown's program, people were saying that Georgetown had the potential to be a great lacrosse school because they had the same things Villanova had. Boy, they were right!

Why hasn't Villanova become a good lacrosse school? Is it coaching? Is it time and money put into the program? Does anyone agree with me that 'Nova could be a good lacrosse school?

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   Why hasn't Villanova become a good lacrosse school by 5/30/07 @1:42PM
      One more thing. . . by 5/31/07 @7:57AM
         OF COURSE! I FORGOT TO MENTION CUTE GIRLS! by 5/31/07 @10:06AM
Extra year
    by (#153088) on 5/30/07 @4:23PM
What does everyone think of Duke getting an extra year of playing from the "lost" season even though they played 8 games?
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   What if by 5/30/07 @5:35PM
      if they had been champs by 5/31/07 @12:30PM
   Wow by 5/30/07 @6:31PM
   sick by 5/30/07 @9:32PM
   another asterisk by 5/31/07 @6:20PM
Matt Danowski
    by (#153088) on 5/30/07 @9:46PM
Matt Danowski was named Tewaaraton winner tonight...congrats to all finalist and Matt...I am only hoping he goes to play in the MLL instead of staying another year becuase the Duke team will be tough to beat with him and others coming back for another year and possibly finally winning that 1st National Championship and definity the preseason #1 and favorite to win it all if they come back
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   i want a championship by 5/30/07 @10:32PM
      someone said by 5/31/07 @12:33PM
   good by 5/31/07 @12:32PM
Great Job for Duke Seniors
    by (#103345) on 5/31/07 @12:37PM
Even if they don't come back next year, or don't win the title, danoski and the other seniors have done an incredible job.
What was once a mediocre .500 team who fought just to make the playoffs, was turned into a champion who in two years were a few secs away from OT, and possibly the gold. They may not have gone all the way, but they set the stage for it. They went to two National Title games, would have been 3 if not for last year.
They put duke on the map of the lax world, their recruiting should jump up, and if they don't win a couple of titles over the next few years i'll be surprised.
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    by (#166405) on 5/31/07 @7:37PM
Matt Danowski wins the 2007 tewaaraton award!!!.....

What do you all have to say about that?/?/?/?/?
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   (no subject) by 6/01/07 @12:17PM
   Danowski's extra year by 6/02/07 @1:58AM
      maybe, not likely by 6/02/07 @3:57PM
    by (#109750) on 6/02/07 @10:13PM
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Called It
    by (#167110) on 6/08/07 @5:13PM
Right after Cornell tied it up with :17 left, I said, "Now Duke's gonna go down and score."

What do you know, I guess I'm God's other son.
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   nice sinful attempt by 6/20/07 @12:11PM