Hornets are Buzzing in Lynchburg

Hornets are Buzzing in Lynchburg

Hornets are Buzzing in Lynchburg

Hornets are Buzzing in Lynchburg

After proving himself between the pipes at Gettysburg, Steve Koudelka is now showing the lacrosse world he can also get it done on the sidelines in Lynchburg. In just his third season as the head coach at, Steve Koudelka was able to lead the 1999 Lynchburg Mens Lacrosse team to its first D-III NCAA playoff appearance in school history. What are the ODAC teams and the rest of D-III lacrosse suppose to expect from the Hornets in 2000?


HEAD COACH - Steve Koudelka
ASSISTANTS - TW Johnson, Mark Petrone
CONFERENCE - Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC)

The Lynchburg Mens' Lacrosse team starts the year ranked #13 in the nation, however what counts is where you finish at the end of the season. The Lynchburg Mens Lacrosse team finished the 1999 season with an 11-5 record and its first NCAA D-III playoff appearance in school hisory. Which is a big improvement from their 6-9 record in 1998. Although Lynchburg's sensational season ended with a 17-9 loss to the #9 ranked Hampden-Sydney Tigers in the first round of playoffs, the 1999 season can be looked at as one of the major steps taken in the up-and-coming Lynchburg Lacrosse program.

Marty Jakovics - HM All-American Goalie in 1999 (231 svs - 125 ga - 64.94 save%)
Pat McAdams - Lynchburg's Leading Midfield Scorer in 1999(33-5-38)
Russ Sliger - Lynchburg's Leading Scorer in 1999(23-22-45)

DEFENSE: Looking to fill the big hole created by Jakovic's graduation, Mike Huck will start his senior year as the anchor in goal for the Hornets defense. A majority of the defensive assignments will be fulfilled by close defensemen Chris Davis(JR) and Brett Scarborough(JR). Both are returning starters and vocal leaders.

MIDFIELD: The Hornet midfielder duties will be shared by a core of three different juniors: Jason Jeffries(21-2-23), Brandon McDowell(2-0-2), and Nick Sfakianos(0-2-2). Also looking to pitch in with the midfield responsibilities will be face-off midfielder John Gilden(SO)(58.4%)

ATTACK: The Lynchburg attack will look to generate their offense with another contingency of returning juniors. Junior attackmen Josh Paris(15-7- 22), Steve Morris(10-3-13), and Travis Bradshaw(0-1-1) will occupy a majority of the attack time up for the Hornet offense.

Although Lynchburg lost their All-American goalie to graduation, they feel that their team is much more well-balanced for the spring 2000 season. Rather then sitting back and watching their star goalie keep them in the game, the Hornets can be more aggressive throughout the game, attacking on both the offensive and defensive sides of the field. The Hornets only have one senior on the squad and possess great depth and youth at each position.

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wow. coool. FIRST POST! (nt)
    by (#20) on 2/02/00 @6:33PM
(no text)
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    by (#22) on 2/02/00 @10:56PM
I'm glad to see that someone has noticed LC and my ex teamates Jason Jeffries and Steve Morris.
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    by (#24) on 2/03/00 @8:57AM
I think lynchburg's success last year was a fluke, and they have no shot of getting back to the playoffs again this year. Anyone who thinks they are going to the post-season again needs to have their head checked.
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going no where
    by (#25) on 2/03/00 @10:36AM
There is no way that Lychburg will make it into the playoffs this year. In order for them to make it they are going to have to win the ODAC, and that is just not going to happen. Last year should just be considered a fluke. Lets face it, the dream ended when Hampden Sydney crushed them in the '99 playoffs!
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Don't be Surprised With ...
    by (#5) on 2/04/00 @10:31AM
how far great coaching and hard work can get a team. Two attributes Lynchburg no doubt has going for them down at L-burg.
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Lynchburg Lax
    by (#42) on 2/04/00 @10:42AM
Great to see Lynchburg getting the attention it surely deserves. Some of the comments made by posters have no clue! Within the past 9 years LC has gone from being a struggling program to an NCAA D3 competitor. Considering also these strides were made without expansive budgets and recruiting efforts found at some ODAC schools.
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    by (#45) on 2/04/00 @11:18AM
Obviously the people who put down LC have connections to other ODAC schools and are jealous of the attention that the Hornets are getting. As an alumni of LC I can say first hand that the attention is well deserved, my teammates and I spent 4 years on the brink of making the playoffs and Coach Koudelka has finally put LC on the map. With his work ethic and the teams' dedication don't be surprised to see this team get past the 1st round this year. The alumni can't wait to see LC dominate the ODAC, I knew that one day I'd be able to back up all my smack-talking.
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Couldn't agree more
    by (#1248) on 3/15/00 @5:00PM
I played at LC prior to Coach Koudelka for a sorry excuse of a coach. If we had even a half decent coach back then, we could have competeted at a much higher level. Anyway some of these people must have a serious inferiority complex or just nothing better to do but whine about the Burg. By the way has anyone seen the teams Salisbury and Roanoke play. Why shouldn't Lynchburg play some cream puffs, everyone else does.
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Edison Boyz
    by (#46) on 2/04/00 @11:42AM
Who's says we can't play lax. I think we've set an example across the region as well as the college ranks. Don't sleep on our skill. Keep it up Chump and Squeeze.
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    by (#47) on 2/04/00 @12:11PM
Lynchburg has no chance this year the best these rich boys could hope for is a top 20 finish please.
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    by (#25) on 2/04/00 @1:58PM
How can you even take this team seriously when they schedule teams like Western New England College? The best they can hope for is third place in the ODAC and come Memorial Day weekend these southern boys will be sitting right next to me in Byrd Stadium. Bring some sun block, you will need it.
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Lynchburg Lax
    by (#51) on 2/04/00 @5:04PM
Last year was a big step for the Lynchburg Lacrosse program. Steve Koudelka has done wonders in turning around a program which was considered to be a laughingstock program. Up and coming programs like Lynchburg and Oneonta have done strides to bring in quality players to their programs and nothing should be criticized for their efforts at trying to establish teams which can compete at the top. Teams in the ODAC and in the Empire and Super 6 should be wary of these programs and look out for them in the future. Let Lynchburg do the talking on the field when they play their opponents.
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I agree
    by (#53) on 2/04/00 @7:23PM
After watching a lot of ODAC games for the last two seasons, I think LC is a top notch team. I agree with one commenter that stated that Coach Koudelka brings ethics and pride to the men of LC LAX. Anyway you cut it - the men of LC LAX are winners. Obviously, some of the nah sayers that responded to this article have are frustrated with LCs success.
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    by (#55) on 2/04/00 @8:49PM
We'll see. As a player of the hornets, all I have to say is, we do our talking by playing. We don't talk smack about other teams, we just beat them, nuff said. So....We'll see.
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    by (#10) on 2/06/00 @12:14AM
You just did talk smack about other teams.
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    by (#71) on 2/09/00 @6:37PM
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50 guys
    by (#56) on 2/06/00 @2:46AM
I've watched lynchburg over the years, and I've seen them develope into another moron program. Simular to another meat market program that recruits 500 people a year 1/2 of which have no brain only to cut 70%. Didn't Lynchburg almost close a couple of years ago because they could not fill their dorms? If this is true? I would like to congradulate coach koudelka for providing the school with even more northern idiots who think they will find a good piece of tail in the south. The bottom line is lynchburg is the worst academic school in the odac. Even if they continue to win I would rather kill myself than admit to graduating from that institution.
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    by (#45) on 2/07/00 @3:41PM
idiot- where did you graduate from to learn such impressive grammar skills? christ, if LC is the worst academic schol in the ODAC they must be bumbling primates b/c you sound like a jackass. next time, prepare yourself a little better, might i suggest beginning in kindergarten and working your way up. also, if LC is such an awful school, why are all of the alumni already more successful than you'll ever be? think about it, where does the money come from to keep that school looking so nice? as for the lax program, you obviously were embarrassed by them at some point and can no longer take it. next time you need to play sour grapes pick something else you've been humiliated at, i think the sexual disfunction chat-room is open...
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    by (#58) on 2/07/00 @1:35AM
I saw Lynchburg play at western maryland last season and i was very impressed w/ the team. I was also extremely impressed with the faceoff skills of a freshman midfielder that I believed they called "Vermin". I was not surprised when I read that he won 58% of his faceoffs. Jon Gilden was the greatest faceoff man I have seen since that kid from hopkins in the 80's and people need to recognize this. Good to that young man in the future.
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Just wait and see
    by (#64) on 2/08/00 @12:19PM
To all of the other ODAC idiots that have replied ...

Just wait and see...
Just wait.........

Lynchburg will be number one in the ODAC very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You suck Anyway
    by (#66) on 2/08/00 @2:18PM
I have zero ties to any ODAC team, I just know a crappy team when I see one. How does anyone graduate from your school anyway? I thought that it was full of retards, synchburg? Your girls are nasty too!! And to the fool who made the comment about the way you campus looks, who cares? Oh yeah, after you beat Western New England this year, maybe you could schedule Roger Williams in '01. I heard that they are trying to beef up there schedule. To bad Are Lady of the Blind does not have a team.
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Get a life
    by (#1248) on 3/15/00 @5:06PM
Where did you go to school anyway? Jackass!!
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    by (#2319) on 4/17/00 @3:15PM
Steve Koudelka, TW Johnson, Mark Petrone, and the players of Lynchburg have done great things at Lynchburg. It has only taken 4 years for Lynchburg to become a team to be feared in the ODAC. They are capable of beating anyone in that league and anyone on their schedule. Coach K is a classy, hard working individual who knows how to coach and lead.
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Super Coach & Staff
    by (#2655) on 4/29/00 @7:41PM
Under the leadership of head coach Steve Kouldeka
and his assistants,TW Johnson, Mark Petrone, and Marty Jakovics,the Lynchburg Hornets have become a team with great capabilities.Through their few short years at Lynchburg, these excellent coaches
have completely turned the Lynchburg lax program
around and into a much respected opponent in both
their own ODAC conference and Div.III.
Watch out for us next year, we only have one graduating senior, goalie Mike Huck.
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Super Year
    by (#2588) on 5/03/00 @8:49AM

Record against CAC teams....0-2

Way to go Whorenets
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What's Your IQ?
    by (#2655) on 5/09/00 @8:38PM
What's your IQ, DUFUSS? You apparently haven't learned to spell HORNETS. Get real and acquire some style.
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