Hoyas Hang on for First Ever Win Over Terps, 8-6

Hoyas Hang on for First Ever Win Over Terps, 8-6

Hoyas Hang on for First Ever Win Over Terps, 8-6

Hoyas Hang on for First Ever Win Over Terps, 8-6

Andrew Baird opened up the scoring off a nice inside feed from Cullen Molinari to give GTown an early lead. The Hoyas then got their first of three from freshman midi Andrew Brancaccio before the Terps answered on a scrappy goal from Max Ritz. Georgetown finished the first quarter scoring on Brancaccio’s second goal, a howitzer from just inside the restraining line.

Georgetown dominated play in the second quarter, frustrating a young Maryland offense with defensive pressure and never allowing the Terps to find an offensive rhythm. Dan D’Agnes finished a Brendan Cannon feed early in the period. The Hoyas followed quickly when Molinari found a cutting Jake Samperton.

Maryland closed the gap with 6 minutes remaining in the half when longstick midi Ryan Clark fed Danny Gallagher on a fast break, but when the officials examined Gallagher’s stick it was determined to be illegal. The goal was wiped off the board and the Terps were saddled with a 3-minute non-releasable penalty. Georgetown capitalized on the long penalty when Brancaccio finished his first half hat trick on an EMO chance late in the quarter, giving GTown a 6-1 halftime lead.

Maryland looked like a different team when they came out in the third quarter. The highly touted defense applied pressure all over the field and the offense came to life on the shoulder of Max Ritz. Ritz scored early in the quarter on a nice solo effort driving from X. Two minutes later Ritz finished a feed from Nick Ward when Ritz cut behind a sleeping defenseman. Midway through the quarter, Mike Phipps finished an EMO opportunity of a Ritz feed. Longpole Brian Farrell finished the third quarter scoring on his third goal of the year, showing again he is a tremendous weapon in transition when he went coast to coast.

Chris Feifs scored on a nice pump and go early in the 4th quarter, tying the game at 6-6 and momentum was strongly in the Terps favor. The teams exchanged chances throughout the quarter, with both goalies making some tremendous saves. D’Agnes recorded the game winner on his second of the game when Baird found him open on the backside of the crease. Cannon sealed the game with 25 seconds remaining when he split a Terp double-team off a dead ball.

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    by (#112089) on 2/24/07 @8:31PM
Georgetown is #1? Only until they play Delaware.
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Georgetown Has Only Been To 1 Final Four!
    by (#136419) on 2/24/07 @9:56PM
They have been to several Quarterfinals, but they only have been to 1 Final Four. That was in 1999. However, there is no doubt that Dave Urick has done an awesome job! He built that program from scratch and has made them one of the top programs in the country. Now, they are recruiting better than ever! The last couple classes that have come in have been awesome. I am confident that we will see Georgetown in Final Fours, Title Games, and perhaps even winning it all in years to come!


P.S.-Don't forget that they lost some of those Quarterfinals by a goal and in overtime!
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   Georgetown Prep by 2/26/07 @4:45PM
People Rag On Dave Cottle A Lot!
    by (#136419) on 2/24/07 @9:58PM
He has had a good career, but people sure rag on him at times! Do you think this is fair or not?
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Andrew Brancaccio!!
    by (#136419) on 2/24/07 @10:10PM
Wow! He is going to be special!! If he keeps playing this way, he is going to be a leading candidate for top freshman in the country. He went to Georgetown Prep, I believe. Landon-Georgetown Prep is the hottest high school lacrosse rivalry right now.

P.S.-Landon's Rob Bordley is the best high school lacrosse coach ever!!
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   WTF!! by 2/26/07 @4:49PM
      Landon-Georgetown Prep Is The Hottest Rivalry! by 2/26/07 @11:40PM
woo no more gait helmets
    by (#154289) on 2/24/07 @10:40PM
woo cpx tis swweeeet
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   (no subject) by 2/25/07 @2:38AM
You Can Talk The Game, But Can You Play The Game?
    by (#136419) on 2/25/07 @3:28PM
Georgetown should have made tee-shirts saying this, worn them under their jerseys, and taken off their jerseys to show these shirts to Maryland! Who agrees?
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    by (#103947) on 2/25/07 @6:45PM
Thank god GU shut the terps up. next time they talk smack they have to back it up
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well i saw it coming
    by (#135422) on 2/25/07 @6:50PM
i am a HUGE terps fan but they came out there way to cocky and thought they were gonna walk all over the hoyas just cause it was done before

i also think this was very humbling for maryland and they now relize there not the team they once were and will have to step up now
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    by (#66220) on 2/26/07 @12:25PM
you tools are dreaming....gtowns gonna be a force to be reconed with this year
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                  Georgetown Is Recruiting Better Than Ever by 2/28/07 @11:50AM
Dude, what happened?
    by (#142666) on 3/01/07 @5:41PM
"It's going to feel good to knock [Georgetown] off," Megill said. "They say they've got a lot of big-name recruits, and that's why they're up there, but I don't think come Saturday they'll be on top of us anymore."

Here's a thought: shut up and play.
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   exactally by 3/02/07 @6:14AM
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    by (#138386) on 3/03/07 @11:30PM
kass is overrated...in inside lacross' top 10 recruits back in 04, he was #2...hewit should have been there in place...kass has yet to prove anything, and on the flip side, hewit is A-A
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