Hoyas Overwhelm Army With a Broad Team Effort

Hoyas Overwhelm Army With a Broad Team Effort

Hoyas Overwhelm Army With a Broad Team Effort

Hoyas Overwhelm Army With a Broad Team Effort

In a convincing win in our nation’s capitol, the Hoyas took their first step in what they hope will be a march to the National Championship game Memorial Day weekend. All across the board the Hoyas dominated Army, outshooting the Cadets 58 to 22, picking up nearly three times as many ground balls, and winning 20 of the 26 face-offs. The efforts of 12 different scorers for Georgetown led to the 16-6 final score. Brendan Cannon led all scorers with a hat-trick while fellow Hoya Trevor Casey added four points. Noticeably absent from the box score was Army’s John Walker who was closely watched all day by All-American Brodie Merrill.

Following the game, Georgetown Head Coach Dave Urick spoke of the need to “win the first 15 minutes” of the game and that’s exactly what his team was able to do. The first quarter ended with Georgetown up 4-0 and Army seemingly deflated. Trevor Casey started the scoring when he made a hard move to the 5 X 5 and took a well placed shot that eluded keeper Adam Fullerton. Brendan Cannon then wowed the crowd of 1328 by incredibly managing to hold on to the ball while being knocked down and proceeding to get back up and score, all while being stormed by Army defensemen. During the last five minutes of play junior Keith Schroeder and senior Nick Miaritis each put up a tally for the Hoyas, the first coming off a hard outside shot and the second being a slam dunk on the crease. Although Army only had nine shots in the first quarter, Georgetown’s Rich D’Andrea only needed one save to shut them out.

Georgetown came out and won another face-off allowing Cannon to get his second goal less than 20 seconds into the second quarter on a slow bouncer that leaked past the goal line. Erik Nerdalen finally got the Cadets on the board when he caught a pass from his classmate Mike Obringer, and painted the back-side pipe with a hard shot that narrowly found the net. Brendan Cannon quickly responded, but it didn’t derail a mini comeback by Army. They continued to reduce their deficit by scoring twice more before the end of the half. The first goal came again from Nerdalen with a flag down. Unfortunately for Army, Georgetown’s FOGO, Andy Corno, won a big face-off and were able to kill the penalty with possession of the ball. The final score of the half came from Army’s Jim Wagner on a hard underhand rip that he stuck between the top pipe and D’Andrea’s helmet. The half ended with Georgetown controlling a 6-3 lead and momentum stuck somewhere between both benches.

The third quarter was much like the first – it was completely owned by Georgetown. Miaritis started by taking advantage of having a short stick covering him and ripping a shot top-shelf from point blank range. Exactly three minutes later, the older Cannon brother, Pete, netted his first of the day to bring the Cannon family to four goals on the day. At this point the momentum of the game was clearly moving in Georgetown’s favor and when Mike Boyton netted his first goal of the day less than a minute later, Army needed a timeout to try and hold on to a game that was quickly slipping out of their grip. It didn’t help. Only :55 seconds after the break freshman Scott Kahoe brought the Hoya’s lead to 7, 10-3. After Army’s Walker found himself standing offside, the Hoyas took the 30-second penalty awarded to them to continue to extend their lead. Andrew Baird was credited with the goal and Sean Denihan with the assist. During the final six minutes Georgetown’s freshman standout Mathew McBride put one shot off the pipe and failed to convert a minute EMO that was the result of a slashing penalty on Army’s Matt Luyster.

Army was struggling to get shots off all day, but even when they did, they were well off the mark, failing to test Rick D’Andrea who can be a very streaky goalie. The Georgetown Defense was always fresh because unlike the Army offense, they maintained long possessions, all while continuing to win faceoffs. Further, Army was sloppy with the ball in transition successfully completing only 15 of their 25 clears. They were also guilty of committing 22 turnovers versus Georgetown’s 14.

The fourth quarter was host to eight scores, five by the Hoyas and three by the Cadets. Army got the scoring started when Wagner fed Justin Bokmeyer for the goal, after more than seven minutes of scoreless play in the quarter and fourteen scoreless minutes in the game. After that score Georgetown pounded out five goals by a host of Hoyas. One of the most impressive in this series was the unassisted score McBride had. After beating his defender from “X” with blazing foot speed, he got a side arm crank off before the slide was able to get there, sticking the ball in the top right corner of the goal. The crowd was quite impressed. Army notched one more tally with only :15 seconds left, but it was clearly to no avail as the lead was insurmountable throughout all of the final quarter. Georgetown moves on to play Maryland in a rematch of their season opener.

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Enjoy It for Now.
    by (#96158) on 5/15/05 @5:40PM
Great to see the ECAC roll in the playoffs (2 out of 3 ain't bad.)
However Maryland will handle the Hoya's like a litter of newborn puppies.
The G-town vs. Army Game is just another glaring example of the lack of power out of the Patriot league.
p.s. My new favorite team for the rest of the season CORNELL!!
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   (no subject) by 5/15/05 @7:41PM
      I agree..... by 5/15/05 @8:07PM
         G-town now vs. Princton Last year. by 5/16/05 @11:03AM
            Yeah...it does make sense by 5/16/05 @4:41PM
               Nope--No Chance-Maryland by 8+ goals (nt) by 5/17/05 @10:01PM
         Not the Coach's Fault... by 5/16/05 @1:22PM
            hang on there... by 5/16/05 @4:00PM
            Uh yeah it was Cottle's fault..... by 5/16/05 @4:32PM
               Well... by 5/16/05 @7:34PM
                  Either way..... by 5/17/05 @11:12AM
   Georgetown will beat Maryland. (nt) by 5/16/05 @6:58AM
      I don't know...... by 5/16/05 @8:33AM
         Crease Boy by 5/16/05 @3:10PM
            Not with Georgetown's defense by 5/16/05 @4:05PM
               ROLL!! UMASS!! ROLL!!!!!! by 5/17/05 @1:18PM
                  YES!... by 5/18/05 @11:50AM
            Ill take Cornell and Duke by 5/16/05 @8:00PM
               What's the Bet? Crease Boy by 5/17/05 @1:16PM
Thats funny..
    by (#93389) on 5/15/05 @5:47PM
You said that about the patriot league but then again the Ivy league is not exactly THAT competitive.. so what make Cornell that much different? I've been fond of the Ivy league for years but I don't think it have been competitive considered Princeton always monopolized the AQ for a decade. most people would perdicted this result anyway.. Cornell on the other hand suppose to beat Towson comfortably but they barely pulled through.. don't count on them getting by Duke next weekend. GO DEVILS..
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   I just like Underdogs by 5/16/05 @10:59AM
      Love the thought but..... by 5/16/05 @11:15AM
      cornell v duke by 5/16/05 @2:45PM
   Cornell-Towson by 5/16/05 @2:32PM
Oh by the way..
    by (#93389) on 5/15/05 @5:51PM
Great Win Hoyas, way to established your self as main threat in the tournament.. so far the Hoyas are the only one that blow out a legit team (Sorry, Merist and Fairfield doesnt count there Hops and Duke) in this tourney.
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   Syracuse by 5/16/05 @6:58AM
      Note the key words: BLOW OUT a legit team (nt) by 5/16/05 @9:30AM
         yes, thank you.. by 5/16/05 @11:21AM
         yes, thank you.. by 5/16/05 @11:22AM
         yes, thank you.. by 5/16/05 @11:22AM
         yes, thank you.. by 5/16/05 @11:23AM
         yes, thank you.. by 5/16/05 @11:25AM
         yes, thank you.. by 5/16/05 @11:27AM
            (no subject) by 5/16/05 @6:22PM
               ya right (nt) by 5/16/05 @9:17PM
      opps.. by 5/16/05 @1:11PM