Hoyas sink Mids 9-7 in First Round Action

Hoyas sink Mids 9-7 in First Round Action

Hoyas sink Mids 9-7 in First Round Action

Hoyas sink Mids 9-7 in First Round Action

Navy came firing out of the gates, outscoring Georgetown 3-0 in the first quarter and getting the huge Navy fan section involved in the game. Jon Birsner, the quarterback of the Navy offense was hot early, having a hand in all three goals in the quarter. He scored an unassisted goal to get things started, made a great look to Ian Dingman on an extra man change, and then finished a fast break chance following the next faceoff when Steve Looney threaded a pass to him. Georgetown had some opportunities in the first quarter, but were kept blank courtesy of some poor shooting and nice goaltending by Matt Russell.

The Hoyas started to get things going in the second quarter when they began to have some success facing off. They scored on their first possession of the quarter when Brendan Cannon made a nice inside feed to Sean Denihan. Denihan made an equally pretty backside look minutes later to a cutting Jake Samperton to make the score 3-2. The rain was coming down in buckets at this point and there were sloppy turnovers being committed all over the field. With under five in the half, the game was delayed due to lightning.

Following an approximately 40 minute break, both teams came back and continued to look a little sloppy, but Navy was able to advance their lead to 4-2 before halftime when Steve Looney found Dingman for the finish.

Georgetown looked like a different team in the second half, and played at a much higher level. Unassisted goals by Trevor Casey and Brendan Cannon knotted the game at four midway through the 3rd quarter. Navy responded immediately, when William Wallace pushed the break on the next faceoff and dumped the ball to Dingman who finished to give the Mids a 5-4 advantage. The teams exchanged possession for the next several minutes with little success, before Brendan Cannon found Andrew Baird to tie the game at five. A minute later, Baird fed Dave Paolisso to give Georgetown their first lead of the game. Nick Mirabito answered for Navy, scoring on a nice move with only 0:24 left in the quarter.

With the game tied at 6-6 going into the final period, the Hoyas really elevated their play. Paolisso scored his second of the game on G’Town’s first possession of the quarter off a Samperton feed to give the Hoyas a 7-6 lead. The Mids scored 30 seconds later on a nice rip by Billy Looney on an extra-man opportunity to tie the game again. Andrew Baird scored his second goal of the game on an opportunistic finish with 6:25 remaining and Matt McBride gave G’Town a two goal cushion on an unassisted goal of his own with under five minutes to play. Georgetown’s defense played very well in the final minutes, pressuring the Mids enough to disrupt the flow of the offense, and hung on for the 9-7 victory.

This was a very hard fought game in terrible weather with everything a fan could ask for: great goals, big hits, multiple ties and lead changes, and a nail biting finish. The Hoyas had to really fight to outlast the Mids and Coach Urick has to get his team rested and focused A.S.A.P. as Georgetown will now face the #1 seeded Cavaliers next weekend in the quarterfinals.

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Bad call
    by (#3651) on 5/14/06 @8:01PM
Give G-town props but Navy had a goal taken away on a very, very bad crease violation call; then immediately thereafter the Hoyas score short handed, which completely changed the game's momentum.
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What about all the no-calls against Navy?
    by (#76350) on 5/14/06 @9:29PM
Seriously, Georgetown did not have a man-up opportunity and there were PLENTY of calls the refs COULD have made against the Mids. Georgetown just played better in the second half and frustrated the Navy offense.

And Dingman was in the crease on the second goal in the game and it wasn't called.
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(no subject)
    by (#127925) on 5/14/06 @11:39PM
i thought i was the only person who saw that...because that big fucker never moved off the crease and when he scored both feet where inside the crease...even though ian dingman has three goals i still think he sucks and he is a waste if space
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(no subject)
    by (#83092) on 5/15/06 @4:49PM
i agree with you about dingman...i never have seen him as anything special. Birsner on the other hand is spectacular, and i think they should have put the ball in his stick more often in such a tight game. Also, outstanding game by Russell, and although Georgetown played well over all, i see a weekness in their goalie. I'm not sure, maybe i just need to watch more Georgetwon games.
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    by (#135016) on 5/14/06 @11:09PM
If Georgetown plays against Virginia like they played the second half against Navy, they could cause an upset. No seriously, Virginia only beat ND by four, either ND stepped it up or Virginia got tripped up a little bit. i'm thinking both but Georgetown has the talent to go all the way.
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(no subject)
    by (#127925) on 5/14/06 @11:41PM
i like g'town but i dont think they'll go all the way...UVA normally always steps it up in the bigger games yea the only beat ND by 4 but i think UVA will treat g'town like they treated MD and spank em
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Check Me for Accuracy
    by (#96158) on 5/16/06 @3:58PM
UVA -9.5
Notre Dame
Over/Under 23
Score 14-10 (UVA)

Navy (Pick'em)
Over/Under 18.5
Score 9-7 (Gtown)

Syracuse -5.5
Over/Under 16
Score 11-4 (SU)

Hopkins -3.5
Over/Under 14
Score 13-3 (JHU)

Hofstra -11.5
Over/Under 23.5
Score 14-8 (Hofstra)

Cornell -5.5
Over/Under 16
Score 10-9 (UMass)

Princton -3
Over/Under 12.5
Score 11-8 (Princeton)

Maryland -6
Over Under 23
Score 16-8 (UM)
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D1 Lines this week
    by (#96158) on 5/16/06 @4:02PM
Virginia (-6)
Over/Under (20)

Syracuse (Pick Em)
Johns Hopkins
Over/Under (19.5)

Hofstra (-3)
Over/Under (18.5)

Princeton (Pick Em)
Over/Under (16)
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    by (#109750) on 5/16/06 @8:21PM
First of all no one cares so stop telling us. Second of all stop telling us who to pick, because no one thinks that you're like a master picker. So just stop with this $h!t because NO ONE CARES.
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    by (#96158) on 5/16/06 @11:59PM
Seems like you care enough to get aggravated...
So I will keep on posting my lines.
I am not making picks you idiot!
I am putting out point spreads and Over/Under numbers for other people to pick against if they want to. IF YOU THINK I AM SO HORRIBLE--see how well you can do picking against my numbers (If you think you can go 8 for 8)
BUT if you simply don't understand what you are looking at--- just shut up.
FYI last week my Over/Under numbers were within 2.31 points of the actual game score on average
AND half of my point spreads were within 1.37 points of the actual scores
BUT I guess because you say so --I don't know what I am doing.
Go ahead try and pick, I am sure you'll do fine...
Go ahead post your picks...
Why Not???
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Deli you think you are hot shit?
    by (#122410) on 5/17/06 @11:28AM
Oh wow great you made good picks going 8 for 8.... congrads its gona get you really far in life. Do you honestly think you are the only one who went 8 for 8. a ton of people did, it was the first round, it was easy. i went 8 for 8 and guessed all the right scores exactly except for the Umass cornell game i had cornell 10-9 insted of Umass. and u have down that cuse will beat JHU.... they are on a seven game winning streak but JHU wont lose to them. Hop will beat cuse 12-10
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your gay
    by (#79336) on 5/17/06 @12:09PM
ya just shut up your a fag
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    by (#79336) on 5/17/06 @12:10PM
by that i mean avon not deli
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ch lax and deli do eachother
    by (#109750) on 5/17/06 @6:04PM
Shut up deli is the biggest fag in the world with his little (pick em). Im sure the whole country guessed who was gonna win last week. Its not that hard. So just go lick delis balls unless you already did today.
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thata boy usalax
    by (#122410) on 5/17/06 @6:29PM
deli is probly the catcher also
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(no subject)
    by (#96158) on 5/18/06 @1:36PM
Lots of intelligent post....Good stuff!
It is really too bad That website don't have Filters to keep out the morons
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fuck you
    by (#79336) on 5/19/06 @12:17PM
hey shut the fuck up asshole cause you are some little 8 year old that sucks other 8 year olds tiny little balls
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    by (#135619) on 5/25/06 @10:59PM
what kind of response is that. not cool jerk-face. there are 8 year olds reading this stuff. some rep for the game u r.
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Post your Picks (AVON)
    by (#96158) on 5/18/06 @1:42PM
Post Your Picks against my point spreads and pick your Over/Under Picks against my #'s.
Post All 8 picks AND if you do better Than 50%
I wont post on this site ever again..
ps Post before Sat!
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deli's dildo
    by (#109750) on 5/18/06 @9:52PM
ok deli you need to shut the f.uck up. You think you are the greatest picker of all time, you Oh I'll show him when I make better pick than him. No YOU ARE A LOSER!
ps lax.com doesnt care if you dont post on the site again, the only one who will is your butt buddy
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What don't you understand??? USAhole222??
    by (#96158) on 5/19/06 @11:27AM
I am not making pick's you moron! I have set lines and you make the picks. If you pick Virginia they need to win by 7 goals(or more) for you to be correct. If you pick the Under then both teams scores need to total less than 20 total goals in the game for you to be correct.
If you have no concept of what you are looking at and you are confused, simply stay out of the conversation and that will keep you from looking like a moron in the future.
I do realize that Lax.com does not care who posts on the site (They let morons like you post all the time)
I was putting out a challenge that If you OR AVONhole16 Wanted to make picks vs. my numbers you could stop me from posting forever if you do better than 50% on your picks.
Your lack of ability to grasp this concept leads me to believe that I have challenged individuals of less than full mental capacity.
So, if you are mentally challenged just keep posting swear words and keep avoiding making the picks that will prove you know nothing about Lacrosse, OR stop being an idiot and make your picks and we will ALL see how you do.
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(no subject)
    by (#135016) on 5/19/06 @6:31PM
I agree with you completely man, some people should think before they decide they know whats going on. and to prove their stupidity even more, almost everyone I know picked Navy over G-town, and Cornell over U-mass. Those two games really could have gone either way. Keep up with the spreads.
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