Irish Impressive in Victory at UVA

Irish Impressive in Victory at UVA

Irish Impressive in Victory at UVA

Irish Impressive in Victory at UVA

Notre Dame got the scoring started when shooter Steve Bishko finished a feed from John Harvey top left. Middie John Flandina went by former goalie Derek Kenney who wiffed on an overhead check to score with 1:26 left in the first quarter. Virginia scored six seconds later when David Jenkins won the face, (he dominated all day) fed Gill who moved it to freshman Justin Mullen who finished.

The Cavaliers evened it up a minute and 30 seconds into the second quarter with an extra-man score as a result of Notre Dame being hit with a phantom slash call. Gill skipped it across to A.J. Shannon who found the back of the net. Notre Dame reclaimed the lead when Flandina burned past his defender on the left side and got a shot off before the slide could get there. Virginia took the lead into halftime by scoring the next two goals. Chris Rotelli ripped one from 18 yards out after catching a feed from Ian Shure. Corrigan had decided to put the long stick on Rotelli instead of returning honorable-mention All-American Hanley Holcomb. It looked like the right decision because frequently UVA would leave Rotelli on attack. Corrigan said, "He [Rotelli] is a north/south dodger and they are the hardest guys to defend." UVA's next goal came from Ian Shure as he rolled the crease and finished.

Notre Dame reclaimed the lead with the next two goals to start the second half. Flandina once again drove lefty and stuck it top right. Chris Young rolled the next one in and despit Tillman Johnson arguing the call the goal stood. Virginia scored on another extra-man goal with 10:22 left in the third quarter. Once again it was Gill with the feed and Rotelli who finished to make the score 5-5. Notre Dame scored the next three goals and never looked back. Flandina raked a shot with his back to the goal in an unsetteled situation for the first one. Boys Latin product David Ulrich stuck a sweet behind-the-back shot fifteen seconds later. Then Bishko ripped another shot high and hard to put the Irish up 8-5. UVA answered with an EMO goal by Shannon. UVA clearly figured out how to play ND's man-down defense. ND would continually press the two attackmen behind the goal while shutting-off the crease attacker. This left three middies on two up top and they just let it rip. UVA was 4 for 7 in man-up situations. Sophomore Travis Wells bounced an overhand shot to close out the scoring for the quarter. In the last minute of the third quarter UVA did try to get Gill going. They gave him the ball above the box and cleared it out but it was to no avail.

Glatzel picked up the loose ball in front to put the Irish up 10-6. Shannon answered for the Cavaliers by letting one go high and hard. Notre Dame scored their only extra-man goal when Glatzel found himself open in front and converted. The last goal of the game came with 19 seconds to play when Rotelli let another one fly.

One reason for Notre Dame success is the senior leadership and experience. Ten of eleven Irish goals came from upper-classmen versus UVA who only had one goal from an upper-classman. The lack of experienced goal scorers at places like Duke, Princeton, Georgetown, UVA, and Hopkins could help explain the low scores so far this season. Corrigan used an interesting strategy in this game, "We felt the key was how we played off the ball, we knew we may not win one-on-one but if we outplay them off the ball, it is to our advantage." Corrigan also called it the program's first win over, "an established super-power." Starsia said he felt that despite having three losses this early in the season he is "not the slightest bit concerned," about the NCAAs. Starsia felt that Johnson "didn't get into a flow today but he did give us a chance to win."

UVA's next game is home against Denver on Sunday. The Irish continue their east coast swing at #5 Loyola on Sunday at 1pm.

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    by (#764) on 3/14/01 @9:21PM
The Irish this year are definitely getting a real bid, and not the one of the automatics from the GWLL. They are a great team this year. Kirk Howell is a tremendous goalie, and all those BL kids are really doing a great job. I say a definite quaterfinal team (if they don't get a bye there already), and a possible Final Four team.
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ND - the sleeper for the big dance
    by (#3319) on 3/15/01 @12:30AM
Many Eastern teams discounted the Irish heavily last year. Look at how Loyola's Cottle and his middies were shocked. ND played well against the Hop in the quarter match but a 3rd quarter explosion and Testa's glue on Glatzel left it up to Ulrich to carry the team. he could not. This year the 3 BL boys are spreading it around more than ever. they also have a good supporting staff of middies and attackmen who are all underclassmen.
Kevin Corrigan is on the verge of greatnesss this year. I say the Irish make it to the semis and then their luck runs out on national TV, but it becomes a building block in the future as Athletic Director Kevin White has promised the laxers the full 12.6 scholarships for the team. I cant wait. watch out Cottle, Horsey, Goettleman and the gang!
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What is up with the Cavs?
    by (#1681) on 3/15/01 @12:43AM
Three straight losses, that's gotta hurt! Syracuse I can see, Princeton, ok, but are the Irish really that good? I think with games like the ones Viginia have been having, it will be tuff to get any farther in the season. Opinions?

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not this time
    by (#3027) on 3/15/01 @3:33PM
Loyola's gonna win a close battle because they have to many weapons. Adams is gonna shut down Prout, so it is up to Gunnar Geottelmann to score. Horsey and Sullivan have already proven themselves in the midfield and can be relied on to score. Gunnar will be the key to this game. If he doesn't score, I see ND winning a close one. If he can get on the board, ND is gonna have a tough time, especially with loyola's defense of Metz, Brasko, and Armstrong, plus Stromberg at LSM.
My prediction: Loyola, 13-11
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I wonder...
    by (#764) on 3/15/01 @6:30PM
I wonder how good ND would be if they actually had scholarships.... They're getting one next year, and aren't they getting the full 12.6 by 2005?
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    by (#3974) on 3/15/01 @9:44PM
It seems Rotelli is doing just fine for UVA.
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    by (#2443) on 3/16/01 @6:39AM
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    by (#27) on 3/17/01 @11:49AM
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I think i'm going to be sick
    by (#5470) on 3/16/01 @1:11PM
I can't believe that the Hoos can't pull it together. In recent years they've had a good record against top ranked teams at the beginning of the year. Few years back when they ended Princeton's 27 game winning streak in the second game, etc. but this year they can't get their $#!t together. gill hasn't done jack either, gets shut down like it's his job and doesn't seem too concerned with getting it done. i see clouds over the heads of UVA all season.
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I concur
    by (#2752) on 3/16/01 @6:36PM
It seems that Gill can't tough it out against the good defensemen. I thought the attack would be fine this year, but they obviously aren't doing jack without Drew McKnight. Hanley Holcomb was suppose to a lead the midfield this year. But the only guys who are really getting it done on offense are the two sophomores Rotelli and Shannon. Maybe the upperclassmen should take a cue from them.
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what r u talking about
    by (#3027) on 3/16/01 @8:45PM
This is the only big game Shannon has had. Considering that Gill always gets the best defender and the slide when going to the goal, while Holcomb has the LSM harrassing him the entire game, the underclassmen should step out. You have to realize that the Hoos graduated a lot of offense last year, and other teams are beggining to play confidently against them. Rotelli has stepped up, while Shannon needs to keep playing like this. I agree with you a little though, because Gill and Holcomb are experienced and should get it done.
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Conor Gill is on his own
    by (#764) on 3/16/01 @9:52PM
The reason Gill isn't producing as much as last year is because, for the first time, he's drawing the #1 defender. As a frosh, Tucker drew the top pole. Then, as a soph, McKnight got the top d-man. This is the first time Gill is the #1 threat. Of course, Gill still is a tremendous player. Still being able to score a couple of points a game isn't that bad considering he gets the #1 pole and the slides keyed on him. Also, having such an inexperienced team around him doesn't help either. UVa was hurt the most by graduation, in my opinion. Jalbert was and incredible playmaker. His presence opened up the field for the attakmen like McKnight and Gill to shine. A loss like that is devastating. Granted, Gill still should step up and try and be a leader on this team. The Hoos can't rely on these underclassmen to get them out of a jam. They haven't had much experience and need to become consistent.
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Check your heads
    by (#1384) on 3/17/01 @12:18AM
Have you actually seen these games. Gill is the best feeder in lacrosse. If any of these kids could score he would be having a dream season in regard to assists. He's nasty. You can't expect him to score, he's a feeder.

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Have you been watching?
    by (#764) on 3/17/01 @11:55AM
Gill has gotten bigger, as has his game. Freshman year he was a feeder. And, remember that Final Four game? Yea, that one against Hopkins.... Five goals in nine minutes against the Goalie of the Year. I'd say he was more than just a feeder. And soph year, he had 26 goals! Considering McKnight, who was the big gun, had 33 goals, that pretty impressive for an attackman whose just a feeder. This year, Gill has to step up and fill the void due to Y2K graduation. Of course, not having all those great players around him will hurt his numbers, but he should be doing much more....
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roles change
    by (#834) on 3/17/01 @1:02PM
Gill was a feeder last year 2k1 is a new season and players are asked to do new things. Gill has to adjust and be a dodger and finisher when asked. That's what upperclassmen have to do.
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irish are for real
    by (#3319) on 3/18/01 @8:15PM
Guys: What gives with all the hammering on the 'Hoos? They have played some top teams lately who have got the edge on UVA. Whats with the dissing of my Irish? They just knocked off the 'Hounds for the second straight time, scoring 25 goals combined, after losing for 10 straight times.
For football it was the four horseman, for the Irish laxers, its the three horsemen: Glatzel, Ulrich (take your pick) and Flandina. Notre Dame led from the get-go and never, never looked back. They have knocked down the 5th and 7th ranked teams in the last week and have won 4 of their 5 wins against ranked teams.
Just think what happens next year when Kevin Corrigan gets to spread apround some scholarship money. Maybe now the GWLL will get some respect. In the past ND, Butler and denver all had good teams, but come tourney time, the horses werent there. Maybe this year it will be time for the nation to sit up and take notice of the western whirlwind that blows into Rutgers at the end of May!
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