Ivy League Showdown

Ivy League Showdown

Ivy League Showdown

Ivy League Showdown

After 3 minutes of alternating possesions, Princeton's Rob Torri struck on a feed to the crease by B.J Prager. Shortly after, a questionable call gave the Tigers a man advantage. After causing a turnover, Cornell goalie Justin Cynar scampered out of the crease near the sideline. With no daylight he forced a pass to his defensemen near the crease. The pass was deflected and Sean Hartofolis scooped it up and dumped it in the empty net for his 1st goal of the day. Cornell responded on a goal by J.P. Schalk off a feed from Andrew Schardt at 9:56 to go in the 1st. Tierney looked shaky on the shot. However, that would be the only shot. Princeton responded by beginning a defensive masterpiece that would continue until deep into the fourth quarter. Cornell showed Damien Davis a lot of respect by basically banning any passes thrown to their stud attackman Sean Steinwald. With Steinwald in check, the Tiger D was able to double when Cornell players went in to their roll dodges. Ryan Mollett was everywhere, and cleared the ball a number of times for Princeton.

After Cornell's lone goal, Princeton settled into their patented offense of ball control and crisp ball movement. The first quarter scoring continued as Matt Striebel connected with B.J Prager on an unbelievable goofy footed feed. That would be it for Prager, however, as he severely injured his right knee chasing Big Red goalie Justin Cynar at 4:42. Princeton was unfazed and ended the quarter with a goal as Matt Striebel connected with Brendan Tierney for a diving quick stick.

In the second quarter, Princeton continued its defensive dominance while Cornell played sloppily, turning the ball over on 3 consecutive faceoffs. Princeton took advantage of the careless plays in typical fashion. At 13:58, Brad Dumont scored off a feed by a double-teamed Josh Sims. Minutes later, after patient ball movement, Josh Sims was found with a shorstick matchup by Brad Dumont. Sims took advantage and finished with a blistering overhand shot at 8:27. The remainder of the second quarter played itself out with Princeton putting the defensive clamps on Big Red. Princeton cleared the ball effectively and Trevor Tierney was beginning to show All-American form.

The second half started with Cornell facing a 6-1 deficit and virtually no offensive daylight. Three minutes in to the 3rd quarter, middie Owen Daly ran through multiple checks and found Matt Striebel for the Tigers 7th tally. At 10:16, Matt Bailer connected with Josh White to stretch the lead to 8-1. Up to that point, no player had more than one goal. It was offense by committee. On one Cornell possession, the TIger defense forced a poor shot, that was legged out for possession. The crowd responded with a standing ovation for the defense.

The fourth quarter began with a last ditch attempt by Coach Pietramala to gain an advantage. He called a stick check on Tiger attackman Matt Striebel. No dice. Princeton's defense continued to dominate and Sean Steinwald was nowhere to be found. It looked like Damien Davis was going to continue his streak by holding his fourth opponent scoreless. At 11:20, Cornell middie Chris Packard scored on a sweep to cut the lead to 6. Princeton responded on an extra man situation with Sean Hartofolis collecting his second goal. The defensive masterpiece was almost complete until Cornell decided to go for broke. Craig Kaufman scored at 2:55. Ten seconds later, Addison Solog raked the face off out, and was found on the crease for Cornell's fourth tally. The crowd and sideline looked restless, and Cornell's Michael Egan connected off a feed from Sean Steinwald. That was the end of Davis's streak, but it didn't matter. Princeton won the next faceoff, ran the clock out, and chalked up the victory.

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i knew it
    by (#2361) on 4/22/00 @9:16PM
i knew cornell was a fluke all along, go princeton!, the big red is a joke!
Syracuse #1
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princeton lacrosse
    by (#2336) on 4/22/00 @9:42PM
i agree that cornell sucks but we have yet to see whether Syracuse is realllly #1. after all they only beat UPenn 9-4. it was tied at three at the half, and PEnn hels them scorless in the last quarter. makes me wonder.... but we shall see who wins tomorrow. i got my money on Princeton
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nice coverage
    by (#114) on 4/22/00 @9:37PM
nice coverage of this game...quick work on getting it online...i'm impressed..man, that has to suck for princeton..no prager for tomorrow's game with SU...not like he would have made a big difference...Cuse Rocks!!!
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Damien Davis streak
    by (#2492) on 4/22/00 @10:15PM
If you are saying that the Davis streak was over because his man got an assist, then it was over early last week against Harvard when Matt Primm got three assists against him. Yep, Matt is my son so I don't take these things lightly.
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(no subject)
    by (#789) on 4/22/00 @10:19PM
Those were all extra man assists. You're pathetic
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i am in one of these pictures
    by (#2393) on 4/22/00 @10:22PM
yes i am im in two of the pictures above.. sportin my peddie lax jacket.. its blue and yellow.. im goin to tomorrows game.. go tigers!!!!
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    by (#85) on 4/23/00 @7:04AM
I don't like the way you been treatin me!
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Damien Davis Streak
    by (#2492) on 4/22/00 @10:32PM
I feel that I should do more than I did earlier. Damien is a super defender, no question. In fact, he's a super athlete...period. But the Princeton defensive SYSTEM is their strength, not any individual. But tis true..Damien is a force!

I also congratulate Brad Dumont and Owen Daly for their stellar play as freshmen. Go McDonogh.

Finally, Princeton has recruited so very very well, that they are the future of NCAA power for the next six years, minimum. You watch as you age.
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princeton, the future?
    by (#581) on 4/23/00 @4:18AM
i don't think so. G'town is the team of the future. just watch. for the next 6 years, minimum.
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Gtown the future
    by (#1635) on 4/23/00 @10:15AM
G'town is the future team. Look at the classes they have piled up starting with Henehan's class. Then Dusseau's class and then Sweeney's. And now my class follows. G'town's is going to be wearing the rings in the next six years
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    by (#764) on 4/24/00 @9:34AM
Georgetown's playoff runs and their great recruiting is all thanks to Dave Urick. Remember, G'Town never had a winning season before Urick took the helm, and now, they reached the Final Four and are pulling in great recruits. Same thing with Princeton. Before Tierney, they never got any recruits and they, well, sucked.
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    by (#1635) on 4/24/00 @3:55PM
You're right...Urick is a great coach. It has taken him time, but just like Princeton did in the 90's his team is getting into a wave of talent year after year. Not any coach can win all those national championships in division three. gtown is the place to be. Goin to byrd
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    by (#2513) on 4/25/00 @10:54AM
Since we're on the subject of Syracuse, I'd like to know how many people like Syracuse because of Ryan and Casey Powell. They are some of the best players in the world, if not the best. Virginia is more of a every person plays team. If you look at the stats, most everyone on Virginia has had an assist or goal, while Syracuse has some top players who just keep on scoring. There goals allowed and scored per game are very simalar. Over all, I don't know what the fight is about. I'd like to see what happens in the tourneys.
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the tourney
    by (#2124) on 4/25/00 @11:58AM
i can tell you whats gonna happen in the tourney, widener is going all the way! woo-hoo baby!

(disclaimer: they might get ousted by new england college, but that will definitely be the game to watch)
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Re:the tourney
    by (#2513) on 4/25/00 @6:20PM
New England College will definetly be a team to watch. I have gone to their home games and they have played very well. I have to agree that that game is a game to watch!
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