John Haus Is Out As Carolina Coach

John Haus Is Out As Carolina Coach

John Haus Is Out As Carolina Coach

John Haus Is Out As Carolina Coach

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - John Haus will not return for his ninth season as head coach of the University of North Carolina men's lacrosse team.

"John and I have had several discussions in the days since the season ended and the result of those talks is that we agree a change is in the best interest of reaching the goals we all have for Carolina Lacrosse," says Director of Athletics Dick Baddour. "John has spent the past eight years giving everything he had to our program. I have a great deal of respect for him as we arrive at this decision. John and his family love Chapel Hill and the University and it is regrettable a change had to happen. We are thankful to him for all he has given to his alma mater."

"I am disappointed to no longer be coaching at Carolina," says Haus. "We have built a solid foundation for future success, but this is the best way for the program to take that next step and I wish my successor the best in doing that. My family and I have really enjoyed the eight years we have spent in Chapel Hill. It was a great honor to coach here. I wish the young men who played for me nothing but the best."

Haus competes his tenure as Carolina's head coach with an overall record of 58-52. The Tar Heels went 8-6 and reached the first round of the 2008 NCAA Tournament.

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re: Haus out
    by (#199698) on 5/27/08 @5:06PM
Well it's about time. Haus never made it passed the first round of the Tourney in 8 or 9 seasons, pathetic. He routinely went 0-3 in ACC play and got bounced out of the conference tourney every year. The Tarheels have underachieved under Haus, and he has been outclassed in both coaching and recruiting.

In fact, Haus has never been a successful coach. At Washington and Hopkins, Haus inherited rosters with 9+ collegiate all-americans. All the success he had there is just a product of his predecessors' work.

The man could not recruit outside of Baltimore, and his own bias for his hometown players prevented him from being able to effectively utilize the talent he had. I played for the man I know.
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Haus Has Lousy People Skills
    by (#136419) on 5/28/08 @12:54AM
I was just out at a bar, and the bartender, who used to play lacrosse, told me that Haus had been canned. I came home and found out that it was true.

As a lot of you know, I have been a Haus-basher in past years. But, IMHO, the main reason he wasn't able to get it done at Carolina is because of his people skills. Yes, the man does know lacrosse, and a big reason the Tar Heels had losing seasons in 2005 and 2006 were because he didn't have all great assistants. And he inherited a Carolina program not in great shape.

But, going back to Haus' people skills. He didn't have much, if any. As a result, he couldn't relate well to his players, which resulted in them not always being prepared and in their best shape. He couldn't get it done with recruiting, either. And, as I have said before, Carolina should be recruiting almost as well as UVA for what they have to offer:

1. great school
2. beautiful campus
3. best college town in America
4. nice stadium and great facilities
5. beautiful girls
6. away from home for most of the lacrosse studs

But yet, Haus wasn't able to recruit loads of blue-chippers. Even if your school is an easy sell for talent, you still have to have the people skills as a coach and be a good salesman in order to get the talent.

Haus was a great defensive coach at Hopkins, so I think any school would be lucky to get him as a defensive coach. Or, I think he could do well at the DIII level, where recruiting isn't quite as big of a deal.
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Next coach ???
    by (#3651) on 5/28/08 @9:15AM
UNC is historically incestuous. They will first look for an alum. Don't be surprised if they try to lure Breschi away from OSU. Lax will always be a zit on the buckeyes' ass. Factor that in with quality of life, weather, ease of selling the school to recruits (UNC coeds vs. OSU coeds isn't a contest) and with the right amount of coin, Breschi is back in Chapel Hill. Although Zim was an ass't at UNC he still doesn't have the t-heel pedigree and is a life-long resident of Baltimore. Bates and S. Tierney will likely be an after thought, as they have no ties to the school at all.
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Just Talked To A Guy On The Rivals Board
    by (#136419) on 5/28/08 @12:19PM
And, this gentleman is both a Carolina fan and a lacrosse coach. He wants to see Carolina get back to where they once were in lacrosse. And, although he thinks that Joe Breschi would be a fine hire, Seth Tierney would be the best hire. The man knows the game and he has a great personality.
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Joe Breschi
    by (#196296) on 5/28/08 @6:19PM
one candidate you might consider is Joe Breshci from osu sorry if I butchered the name but he is also a UNC alum and one nast d guy during his day
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   Absolutely, Joe Breschi! by 5/28/08 @10:13PM
why breshi will STAY at OSU
    by (#196296) on 5/28/08 @11:15PM
1. he with incentives is I believe the third highest paid coach in the country, he could also use this to levy OSU into a better contract

2. he is just starting to get the talent in to start contending for a national tittle

3. he gets all the same access to the facilities that the football team gets which I think are quite some of the best in the country and I don't think correct me if I am wrong no other teams in NCAA d-1 has the same access as the football team or the same facilities
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   That Is Great To Hear About Breschi At Ohio State! by 5/29/08 @12:35AM
Count Out Zimmerman
    by (#136419) on 6/11/08 @4:06PM
Zimmerman just signed a six-year contract extension at UMBC!
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