Lax For Leukemia 2007

Lax For Leukemia 2007

Lax For Leukemia 2007

Lax For Leukemia 2007

Air Force, Quinnipiac, BYU, St John's, Delaware, Towson, Mt St Mary's, UMBC, UNC, Villanova, PSU, and Washington College descended upon the St Paul's School in Maryland for round robins from 8am to about 4pm. The event raised $75K on the day, to bring the 10-year total of the Fall tourney to just under $1M.

A couple of observations, with the usual Leukemia Tourney disclaimers: I didn't track how far down the depth charts teams went, I didn't see more than one half of any one game, didn't see all the games, and most importantly, its freakin' Fallball.

Delaware looked really good, and could be called the best team there. They made a healthy amount of mental errors on clears and transition, but were very solid with their 6-on-6 sets. They took the type of shots (and sunk them) that you don't attempt unless you're either terrible or have a lot of confidence. And Delaware's not terrible. They also look pretty impressive in the physical stature department, a department that PSU, Delaware, and Towson seemed to dominate.

Towson was a close second-best. Their backline was aggresssive and worked well together, and the offense peppered their opponents with solid dodging. But they didn't show too much in the way of intricate teamwork and/or feeding.

BYU is legit. I had never before seen a club team against a D1 opponent. While I couldn't say whether BYU is better than Villanova based on one half, its pretty clear that if BYU played any D1 team beyond maybe the top 20 that it would be a toss-up. They could use some refinement to their finishing skills, but they had athletes just as good as everyone else there. They executed their clears and rides well, their close defense threw good checks, slid well, and played good position. Their offense moved the ball with purpose (there was no circular stall-ball passing), displayed sharp dodging, and everyone had their heads up for quick releases when the slides came.

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great pics of UDEL #18 stick check heli v UNC
    by (#177274) on 10/22/07 @8:27AM
Kudos to photos of stick check by #18 of UDEL against UNC #3. I was there, and that stick twirled 15 feet before landed, as you can tell in photos--the stick does not come back into view for three frames. UD's defense was very strong. Deserves more ink for keeping UNC scoring to about half of UDEL's goals. I'd say UD picked up right where they left off at the Final Four, but I'm biased. Sent your shots to fans around the country. Great job.
Mike D, parent of #18 UD
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    by (#136419) on 10/23/07 @3:49PM
The game is on Saturday, 10/23/07. It is in Annapolis. Are any of you folks going? Even if the game is sold out, it is still fun to go and tailgate. IMHO, besides Navy's games versus Army and Air Force, the Delaware game in Annpolis is the most fun game. Since Delware is so close and since they have such a diehard following in that state(don't forget that, since Delaware has no pro teams, that IS their team), and since there are so many Delaware grads and current students who are from Annapolis, Delaware brings a huge following.

And, more importantly, the games between Navy and Delaware are often very close. It seems like, the closest and best games in which Navy is involved are those games against mediocre Division I teams and top I-AA teams, of which Delaware is one.

I will be there. For those of you who are going, have an awesome time!
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I love this sport and the tourney
    by (#3709) on 10/23/07 @2:20PM
I can not express enough how proud I am of the people who put this tourney together and raised the amount of money they did.

It is fantastic!

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On another note
    by (#3709) on 10/23/07 @2:29PM
I very happy to see how well BYU is doing.

It seems like every time a club team does well, the question arises of when they will go Varsity?

I think at some point we have to stop asking that question and be happy that the club teams are doing so well.

There will never be a time where there will be enough varsity teams satisfy all the kids who want to play quality lacrosse, even with all the d-1,d-2,d-3 teams and all the jucos (at least not in my lifetime)

So it is great that there are other ways to compete besides relying on the school.

Besides, I am so disgusted with big time college athletics, like d-1 football and Basketball. That watching teams like BYU, Michigan, Colorado, Santa Barbra is very refreshing, they are competing for the love of the team and the game, no other incentives.

isn't that what sports is supposed to be?
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    by (#136419) on 10/23/07 @4:55PM
I predict them to get at least that far in 2008! After a couple of subpar seasons, UNC surprised a lot of people by making the Quarterfinals last season. And, this coming season, they will have almost the whole team back, plus some talented newcomers. They will be very hungry to go further.

And, by the way, I know that I have bashed John Haus in the past, but I take that all back. He is a fine coach. The problem with UNC in 2005 and 2006 was that the assistants weren't very good. With different assistants, UNC should be fine!!
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what is
    by (#158917) on 12/05/07 @9:24PM
what is on the unc's goalies gloves. i know its used for a thumb guard but what is it
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