's Biggest Hits of 2013's Biggest Hits of 2013's Biggest Hits of 2013 has compiled the biggest and best hits from the 2013 lacrosse season, featuring teams and players from the high school, college, masters and pro level! Check out these sick highlights, only with

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    by (#15361) on 10/04/13 @2:57PM
That's the best you could find? Probably half of the ones that weren't just guys falling down or tripping were obvious high crosschecks.
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2014 Points of Emphasis...
    by (#280006) on 10/08/13 @1:12PM
2014 Points of Emphasis US Lacrosse endorses the points of emphasis in the 2014 NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rules, and adds the following points of emphasis for youth play: Violent Collisions Some body contact is permitted at all levels of boys youth lacrosse, with progressively more age-appropriate contact permitted as players become more physically mature and learn proper checking techniques. However, sports medicine research indicates that the severity of certain injuries may be reduced if a player can anticipate and prepare himself for an oncoming hit, and other sports medicine research indicates that peripheral vision may not be fully developed in many boys before approximately age fifteen. Therefore, there is no justification for deliberate and excessively violent collision by any player at any youth level, especially intentional player-to-player collisions with defenseless players (so-called blind side and buddy-pass checks), checks involving the head and/or neck, and excessive body-checks (take-out checks). The 2014 NFHS Rules and US Lacrosse Boys Youth Rules more clearly define such violent collisions and in many cases increase the severity of the penalties that prohibit them. US Lacrosse urges officials to apply these rules and utilize the more severe penalty options, and reminds them that body-checks that might be acceptable in high school play may be excessive in youth lacrosse, and should be penalized accordingly. Coaches are encouraged to coach players to avoid delivering such checks, and to support the officials when they call such penalties. All participants must work together to reduce or eliminate such violent collision from the game.
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Why would you highlight this??
    by (#280006) on 10/08/13 @1:13PM
Normally these are very good, disappointing would choose to highlight this type of play, particularly in light of changes in 2014 rules...
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That was awful
    by (#367652) on 10/08/13 @2:29PM
probably 2/3 of those were penalties and most of them were just bad hits. Some of them were even just trips. that was really lame.
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    by (#298737) on 12/10/13 @4:29PM
Ok question good hit? or penalty? Freshman High School game?
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mostly penalties
    by (#393976) on 12/10/13 @4:38PM
many cheap and illegal checks. not ideal to be highlighting, especially given the seriousness of concussions in lacrosse
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