Lizards Comeback Kills Cannons' Fuse

Lizards Comeback Kills Cannons' Fuse

Lizards Comeback Kills Cannons' Fuse

Lizards Comeback Kills Cannons' Fuse

The controversy involved Casey Powell and Boston defender Dan Radebaugh. As reported by many sources, after a Powell goal in the third quarter came a late hit from Dan Radebaugh. With all the smack and trash talking that goes on in the game of lacrosse, Powell performed what looked like the cabbage patch in celebration of his goal. This dance resulted in an unnecessary poke check to Casey’s chest and the beginning of futile rivalry between the two. In the press conference after the game, coach DeTomasso of the Lizards commented on the situation, “That’s not what happened, it was a slash–poke-dance.” As for any situation there are two sides two every story, in this case only video can prove the what really happened since both the Cannons and Lizards had different press releases.

The Cannons were first to get on the scoreboard bringing 4,108 loyal fans to their feet on a Michael Watson goal assisted by Doug Knight. The goal came on a quick restart after a deadball penalty, Michael Watson made a fast cut towards Knight as the Long Island defense still repositioned themselves before the whistle. Watson was all alone on the crease and caught Carcaterra moving to his left. At 10:15, Scott Doyle scored one of three Boston 2-point goals giving the Cannons a quick three goal lead.

With an attack as deadly as Long Island’s, not even the toughest defense could prevent the Lizards from scoring longer than ten minutes. At 9:10, Stephen Sombrotto used his size to gain body position and work a post up that left his D-man topside. With a drop of his shoulder and the ever popular inside roll, Stephen was able to get a cross the crease and take Daye low.

Boston had the eye of the tiger and played with great intensity. With solid defense, unrelenting hustle for each groundball, early slides and clean hard cuts to the goal, you could tell that Boston really wanted the win. At 6:58, Boston defender Brian Kuczma put one past Carcaterra’s right shoulder as Brian went low early expecting a bouncer.

Casey Powell scored the first of his two goals shortly after the Cannons net. Off a Joe Ghedina face-off, Casey settled the ball up top for an ISO where he used his patented change of speed to beat his d-man toward the left pipe of the cage. With the power of his blade and “accelerator” mesh pocket, he was able to squeeze a shot in between Daye and the pipe.

The next goal came at 2:27 from David Evans, who was assisted by Tucker Radebaugh. With some amazing Gumby like saves from Daye, strong defense from both teams, and clean fast clears the four minutes between Evans and Powell’s goals distinguished the game of Lacrosse from other sports by combining contact, power, and finesse. The play was like an exhibition at summer camp highlighted by the outside shooting by Boston. Evans’ shot was pure power, taking Carcaterra upper left 90 cleanly. Terry Riordan of the Lizards, cutting the Cannon’s lead to two goals into the second quarter scored the last goal of the quarter.

At the start of the second quarter, Towers won the face off with a Z clamp. The clamp is set up when you start with the ball towards the top of the head. As you clamp the ball, the motion of the stick is up the line towards the other players gloves. The final tail of the Z is the rake and then run for the fast break. Eight seconds into the quarter Evans was found wide open for a two pointer which he shot in the same location as his last, giving the Cannons a 7-3 lead.

What stirred up conversation in the press box occurred at 14:16 between Radebaugh and Powell. “He was just waiting for his chance,” said Casey. After a slash and an illegal body check, Lacrosse’s Elvis Presley, found him wrestled to the ground and face palmed by Dan Radebaugh. Terry Riordan stormed off the bench to get Radebaugh off Powell, but the skirmish left Casey with two stitches and Riordan ejected from the game. The penalties that resulted were, a three minute slashing on Riordan on top of his ejection, and 3 penalties on Dan Radebaugh, leaving him in the box for 5 minutes unreleaseable. As everyone in the stadium cheered for Dan Radebaugh, it looked like that the violence was what the doctor ordered. What looked like a fired up Boston team, Tucker found the cage at 11:11 with a tight spin through a double team. Tucker was able to hit the lower left corner with a left-handed on the run.

This was the last goal for the Cannons until 9:48 of the third quarter. It seemed that the tides had turned and Long Island had absolute control tying the game at eight into halftime. Possessing the ball on offense the entire second quarter, Long Island got goals from four different players. Stephen Sombrotto sank a Maryland style shot, going low to high hitting the upper left corner. Tim Goettleman scored top shelf past Daye from a low pass by Sean Radebaugh. Gary Gait showed everyone why he still owns lacrosse. His ability to shoot out of rhythm with his stride on the run catches many keepers of guard. Here Gary was able to get one past Daye with a quick catch and shoot play from Ghedina. The last goal of the quarter came from ex Blue Jay phenom A.J. Haugen who took his D-man with an Iverson like roll-dodge and beat Daye with an underhand shot to the lower right corner.

The Lizards still in complete control of the game, scored the first three goals of the 3rd Quarter. At 13:37 Long Island took their first lead of the game on a nice grounder from Powell. The off speed shot was placed perfectly on the inside of the right pipe. Kevin Finneran scored the next goal off an assist from the game’s leading scorer Sean Radebaugh, who was the Bud Light MVP from last week’s contest. Radebaugh finished the game with 3 goals and 3 assists and the nicest goal of the contest a minute and eighteen seconds later. From X, Sean shaked and baked righty, with his D-man top side running around the right side pipe, Radebaugh went hard around the opposite pipe right handed and dove through the crease taking Daye high with a backhanded shot.

Doug Knight began a three-goal Boston spurt sinking two goals with in two minutes. Knight brought the Cannons back in to the game. The first score was unassisted through Brian’s five hole, the second was an underhand shot off Carcaterra’s left hip. The three-goal spurt ended with a straight overhand shot at the Keepers feet from Tucker Radebaugh, tying the game at eleven.

Just as Boston began to get more offense possession, D-man John Gagliardi picked up a loose ball and ran it down the field taking Bill Daye from beyond the arch, giving the Lizards back the lead. Long Island closed off the 3rd quarter by scoring two more goals, one with four seconds remaining from Sean Radebaugh.

Down 15-11 in the fourth quarter, Boston came right at the Lizards from behind the arch. With an EMO, the Cannons set David Evans up top and tried to get him the ball. What makes Dave one of the deadliest out side shooters, is his ability to take one step and still shoot the ball over a hundred miles an hour. His shot tagged the upper left apex of the goal and sent Cawley Stadium into a wild frenzy as Guns and Roses blared over the loud speakers.

At the 11:15 mark Long Island got and EMO off a slash from Kenny Crowley. Sean Radebaugh stuck one almost immediately in the power play on an assist from Paul Gait. Sean’s brother Tucker who was the games leading scorer for the Cannons answered back with an nice inside role on Spallina, diving across the goal mouth and taking Carcaterra high.

Long Island stuck a dagger in the hearts of everyone in Lowell as Goettelman scored two goals in a four goal burst for the Lizards. Tim’s first goal came on a streaking right handed sweep, as he came to the center of the cage, Tim took a jump pivot shot which he stuck in the upper right corner. His next goal came from Sean who assisted him from X. Gary Gait drained a nasty outside shot from Stephen Sombrotto. The release point of the shot looked like the ball would have gone straight up in the air, but he still managed to grab some pipe. The last Lizard goal came with 50 seconds remaining in the contest from Kevin Finneran who roasted a sidearm shot right by Daye’s left hip. The shot brought him to his knees in severe pain.After the gain coach Whiteley said he aggravated a reoccurring thumb problem he has had. With 43 seconds left, the Cannons down by six, David Jenkins was able to squeeze one by the Long Island keeper bringing the score to 20-15 before the final horn.

As predicted the controversy from last game played a major role in the game. Even with the ejection of attackman Terry Riordan, the Lizards were able to kick it up a notch after the altercation. Outscoring the Cannons 12-6 in the second half was the deciding factor in the game. Boston’s downfall came in the penalties once again. Boston had six penalties to the Lizards four and was only able to connect on one of those EMO’s. As this weekend proves to be another one of those tough ones for the Cannons. This was the first of two games scheduled for the Cannons this weekend. Tomorrow they travel to New Jersey to take on the Pride at Yogi Berra Stadium with a 4pm start.

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G Gait is still the man
    by (#5479) on 7/29/01 @11:02AM
Gary Gait is still the man in my eyes. Watching him play is a pleasure. He combines all the skilled aspects of the game with pure athleticism and vision. Plus, he's a middie, not a pretty boy attackman. Rik, nice explanation of Gait's ability to surprise people with his shooting on the run.
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All Moose Knuckle Team
    by (#15965) on 7/29/01 @12:57PM
Tom Marachek
Jesse Hubbard
Mark Millon

Gary Gait
Roy Colsey
Greg Traynor
Jay Jalbert

Rick Beardsley
Dan Radebaugh
Reid Jackson

Steve Koudelka

Face Off
Mel Blankley
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Game Coverage
    by (#15974) on 7/30/01 @7:21AM
I am one of the loyal fans, and was not able to go to the game. After reading your article it was almost as if I was there, nice action shots. Boston Globe and The Herald concentrated their article on "the fight", poor coverage!. Gary Gait The real "22" in a class by himself on the field and off.
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   cannons vs rattlers by 8/03/01 @9:26AM
      Cannons by 8/03/01 @12:08PM
"Kobe" Powell
    by (#14983) on 7/30/01 @8:52AM
1. "nasty cut" = 2 stitches? (grow balls)
2. did michael jordan ever moonwalk on the parquet? (cmon casey, the cabbage patch?)
3. definitely a talented athlete, but if cp didn't act like a .... rhymes with "pretty boy 't-r-i-ck..'"
4. definitely got a nasty gun and some skills, but no class (pete sampras, woods, powell - which of these don't belong) - the denominator isn't the letter 'p' or ethnicity.

as for another thing, the kid has no respect. give up the digits. great to see paul and gary out there (albeit gary's supersized body armor).
Long live 19 & "22" .

oh, and another thing about game coverage. papers should know that lax is such a niche sport to begin with. the average joe is not going to skim the sports pages for a lax article on a sunday morning. i know the exposure is good for the sport, but at least get someone who knows something about the game instead of the scrubs. props to this little site.
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   that si sssssooooooo true ewok_lump_nut (nt) by 8/01/01 @10:42AM
    by (#15975) on 7/30/01 @9:25AM
Hope this doesn't turn into the indoor league that uses fighting as a way to sell tickets.
(Rik-thanks for the UMASS shorts-Michael)
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Fighting is inevitable
    by (#5479) on 7/30/01 @11:52AM
If attendance increases, fighting will evolve in the MLL.
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new pocket????????
    by (#5588) on 7/30/01 @12:51PM
whats the "accelerator" pocket is it powell 6 or something
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   accelerator pocket by 7/30/01 @6:13PM
      I think... by 7/31/01 @11:32AM
         naw by 8/03/01 @3:18PM
Breaking News
    by (#764) on 7/31/01 @10:00PM
Dan Radebaugh was giving a 2-game suspension for unnecessary roughness and Terry Riordan was also given a 2-game suspension for leaving the bench. Seems as if the MLL was to scared to punish it's golden cow, the pretty-boy whiner Casey Powell.
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            powell has got to grow up by 8/01/01 @11:43AM