Lizards Smoke the Cannons

Lizards Smoke the Cannons

Lizards Smoke the Cannons

Lizards Smoke the Cannons

The Long Island Lizards were on fire this afternoon at Hofstra Stadium shooting past the Cannons 23 – 14 in front of 3,417 fans. Bud Light MVP Sean Radebaugh put on quite an offensive performance with 5, 1 against relatives Tucker and Dan of Boston. This game was marked by the absence of one lacrosse legend and the return of another. Sal LoCasio did not play because of a bad back but his capable replacement Brian Carcaterra had a solid game. Paul Gait played his first career MLL game and looked like he hadn’t missed a beat with 3, 2. Gary Gait commented on his brother coming back, “He was a big part of the difference today.”

Boston opened up a 3-1 lead with two of the goals coming from Dave Evans. That lead didn’t last long as Long Island came back with a vengeance. They reeled off the next seven goals. That run culminated in the beginning of the second quarter with Paul Gait making a nice feed to Gary who drilled it. Boston called a time-out after that goal and Head Coach Mitch Whiteley was visibly angry. Evans apparently got the message because he immediately backed his defender in, spun and shot with seemingly no angle. Miraculously the shot went in and even Evans himself didn’t seem sure. LI kept up the pressure though opening a 10-4 lead with two more goals. Casey Powell had #10 when he ran about 45 yards up the field, dodged 4 defenders and threw it in. It was an impressive solo performance. Boston answered with two of their own. Scott Doyle, who had a breakout game, took Lizard middie Tim Byrnes and stuck it high. Long Island closed out the quarter with three goals, the second of which provided some fireworks. Casey Powell ripped a shot and Dan Radebaugh threw a late check, which was called a slash. Powell apparently didn’t like being hit and excessively gloated in Dan Radebaugh’s face. Dan Radebaugh then put a poke check in Powell’s chest that further infuriated Powell who continued to run his mouth as his teammates escorted him away from the scene. The 6’3” 210 lbs. Dan Radebaugh showed tremendous restraint not dropping Powell right on the turf for his arrogant behavior.

Doyle continued to try and spark the Cannons. There was a flag down and Doyle had Powell one-on-one. Powell tried to throw a two-handed over the head check but Doyle was able to duck under and score. Sean Radebaugh answered for the Lizards with a cool diving shot. Doyle, came right back and put up another one for a 14 – 8 tally. Sean Radebaugh answered again off a sweet behind the back feed from Powell. The Radebaugh/Doyle show was broken by UMASS grad Bill Edell who knocked in a Michael Watson feed. The Virginia connection that Boston has tried to cultivate with over ΒΌ of the team being former ‘Hoos, paid off as Greg Traynor and Doug Knight combining for the next goal. Boston won the face and Doyle scored again with a sweet shot that tinged the pipe and dropped in to bring the Cannons within 4. LI turned back on the heat with three in a row to close the quarter. The fourth quarter was quiet with the two exceptions. Timmy Goettelman completed a feed from Sean Radebaugh that broke the record for most goals in a game. Nineteen had been the record and it was shared by Boston, Rochester, and New Jersey. The second highlight came from Paul Gait who had a sweet move when he took two defenders, faked the shot then put it past Boston goalie Michael Abeles. This game moved Long Island to 6 – 3 while Boston dropped to 2 – 6. It looks like Long Island will have a lock on 1st place in the American division. The interesting part will be which team (Bridgeport or Boston) will finish in second and qualify for the play-offs. Those two teams will have a home and home August 19th and 25th to help decide that spot.

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Soccer sucks, Lacrosse rules
    by (#5543) on 7/23/01 @2:40AM
Yeah, I hate soccer. It's taking up all the fields around my area so we can't play lacrosse. If your reading this, I'm guessing you'll agree that lacrosse is a fun game to play, a lot more fun than soccer, but why is America's youth being swept off their feet by soccer instead of lacrosse. Comments?

p.s. Lacrosse rocks, baseball, soccer, sucks!! Football and basketball rock too.
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   parents by 7/23/01 @9:07AM
   why don't you just find a wall by 7/23/01 @1:31PM
The Glastonbury Lacrosse Tournament
    by (#7593) on 7/23/01 @10:39AM
Lets get something on the Glastonbury Lacrosse Tourney in here. Its the second biggest tourney there is, besides you guys had a team there. Nice uniforms by the way. Wanna hook my team up next year?
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   (no subject) by 7/23/01 @1:41PM
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mll photos
    by (#5100) on 7/23/01 @1:31PM
who takes the mll photos for your college photos are always impressive, but it seems like your mll photos have been dark, blurry, or just uninteresting for pretty much all season. are these lacrosse photographers or rookies?
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    by (#6705) on 7/23/01 @3:40PM
AST won Glastonbury. Here is a url..
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    by (#12539) on 7/24/01 @5:24PM
Yes, Casey Powell has skills, and is a great player, the best in the world?? I don't know. His egotistical, showboat, loudmouth, crybaby antics on the field make me and a lot of other guys want to take him out back and teach him a thing or two about changing that. The reason I bring this up now is that I was at the LI/Boston game over the weekend, and Dan Radebaugh was about to knock his block off, and I so wish he did, but respect his discipline. For someone with 15 years involved in the game, I can't believe the fact that he gets all this hype, and the Gait brothers get second billing. I believe the Gait's had the biggest impact on the sport of lacrosse ever, and now this young punk gets all the hype and the number 22?!?!?! The only reason to justify this is the fact that he's fresh out of college and has gotten so much exposure. If it weren't for the Gait's, I don't know if I ever would have picked up that Brine Superlight and spent so many hours diving over the shrubbery in my backyard. I'm basically just so sick of hearing Powell this, Powell that. He's not even the most dominant player in the MLL, so why doesn't everyone get off his rod.
Just needed to vent. Thanks!
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Casey Powell and the Gaits
    by (#5589) on 7/25/01 @3:39PM
I haven't spoken to Casey since he became an "MLL superstar", but I did have the chance to work a camp with him and Ryan 4 years ago. Casey was more outgoing and slightly more cheesy than Ryan, but both guys were courteous and polite. At the bar Casey bought us drinks and spent most of the time asking me and my friend about our little insignificant D-III careers and post college plans. Ryan definitely seemed more real and down to earth than his brother. Casey may have a superstar-primadonna attitude now, but he cetainly wasn't that way when I had the chance to meet him several years ago.

The Gaits have always been a class act and the ideal ambassadors for the game. I had the privilege of attending a camp taught by the Gaits as well as meeting them at the Vail tournament several years back. Both Gary and Paul were extremely gracious and polite in my requests for a picture with them. They are definitely not getting the credit they deserve. The conspiracy theorist in me wonders how the publicity would be if Casey worked for STX or DeBeers and the Gaits worked for Warrior.

I would also add Tom Maracheck to the list of classy guys with wicked skills.
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