Loyola Drops Cuse 11-10

Loyola Drops Cuse 11-10

Loyola Drops Cuse 11-10

Loyola Drops Cuse 11-10

Baltimore, Md. - Sophomore goaltender Alex Peaty stopped a point-blank shot from Syracuse's Kenny Nims that would have sent the game to overtime as time expired as Loyola withstood a late Syracuse rally to post an 11-10 non-conference victory in men's lacrosse action Saturday afternoon at Diane Geppi-Aikens Field in Baltimore. The win was the fifth straight for the Greyhounds and improved their record to 5-2 while Syracuse lost for the fourth time in six outings and now stand at 3-4.

"This was a great win for our program, our administration and our alumni," Loyola second-year head coach Charley Toomey stated after the contest. "This should serve as a real confidence booster as we enter the next four weeks of ECAC play. We have to win in the ECAC and next week [at Rutgers] is the most important game on our schedule."

After the Orange scored the first goal of the second half to snap a 5-5 halftime tie, Loyola scored six of the next seven goals to build an 11-7 advantage with 1:13 remaining in the contest on a unassisted goal from junior Shane Coppens. Syracuse roared back with three goals in the final 73 seconds to pull within one and was up a man on the final possession before Peaty ended the threat with the ball in his stick as time expired.

"The first time we saw the ball after we scored that 11th goal was when it was in Peaty's stick. Alex just dug in there and made an incredible save," Toomey commented about the game's final minutes. "Our kids played extremely hard. When you play a team like Syracuse, you have to play all 60 minutes. Our kids are learning how to win and we are playing at an extremely high level."

"We go over that play in practice all the time," Peaty said of his game-deciding save. "I was prepared and when it came time to make the save, I was ready."

Protecting a one-goal lead entering the final quarter, Coppens scored sandwich goals around a pair from senior Dan Bauers during the key stretch when Loyola grabbed the lead. The goal completed a hat trick for Coppens and he added an assist for four points.

Bauers was the offensive leader with five points, finishing with four goals on the afternoon, each one better than the previous. The first gave Loyola a 2-1 lead with 7:40 left in the first quarter off a feed from Coppens and the second tied the game at 4-4 when Bauers dumped back an offensive rebound off a shot from sophomore Tyler Gale 19 seconds into the second period. The final two goals extended the Loyola lead with the first one coming unassisted with 7:21 remaining to make it 9-7 and the final one with 4:42 remaining from in front of the net off an assist from senior Greg Leonard to make the score 10-7.

Other point-producers for the Greyhounds were senior Andrew Spack who finished with a pair of goals and single-goal scorers Patrick Kennedy and Jake Willcox. Leonard finished with two assists.

For the Orange, Mike Leveille finished with four goals and an assist for five points. Dan Hardy added a pair of goals and Nims assisted on three goals and added one of his own for four points.

While none was more important than the last one, Peaty finished with 12 saves in collecting his fourth win of the season. Syracuse's Peter Coluccini equaled that with 12 saves of his own in falling to 3-4.

The win was just the fifth for the Greyhounds over Syracuse in the history of the series and the first since Loyola posted a 14-13 overtime home win on April 7, 2001. That 2001 season was also the last time the Greyhounds participated in the NCAA Tournament.

Loyola returns to ECAC action next Saturday with a 3:30 contest at Rutgers.

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i think its safe to say....
    by (#97931) on 3/31/07 @5:43PM
i dont think that cuse is gonna make the tourney this year. they have dropped almost every game theyve needed to win. there d is responsible for the lackluster play of this team and should bear a majority of the blame. tisk tisk
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cuse d...
    by (#16732) on 3/31/07 @6:28PM
is basically panarelli going for his all-or-nothing checks all game long and looks like a star the one time he lands one and like a chump the rest of the time. the guy needs to step up and play some fundamental d...
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Syracuse's remaining schedule is no cakewalk!
    by (#136419) on 3/31/07 @7:11PM
Syracuse is 3-4 right now. Here are the teams they have yet to play, in order:


All of these teams are very capable of beating the Orange-and yes, that includes Colgate!

All together, Syracuse has 13 games on their schedule this year. This means that, to make the tournament, they need to finish with a 7-6 record. If they do this, due to their name and schedule, I think they will make it. However, they have little margin for error.

To make the Big Dance(in lacrosse, that is), the will need to go 4-2 or better from here on.

Give me your predictions. Will they do it or not?
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    by (#16732) on 3/31/07 @8:06PM
'Cuse can probably take Rutgers, Umass, and Colgate. Cornell will manhandle them, and so will Princeton, most likely, unless 'Cuse's run n' gun offense can work some magic against Princeton's lockdown defense. As for Albany, they're undefeated so far, but I think out of Cornell, Princeton, and Albany, 'Cuse has the biggest chance of winning against Albany. I still don't think they'll finish above .500 though...
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i dont think so
    by (#97931) on 3/31/07 @8:39PM
they will lose to Princeton, Cornell and then beath Rutgers, lose to Albany, beat UMass and Colgate. But they wont make the tournament this year. its a shame to see that much offensive power and almost nothing on the defensive end.
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That means a 6-7 season for the Orange. (nt)
    by (#136419) on 3/31/07 @9:01PM
(no text)
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if youre refering to my comment
    by (#97931) on 3/31/07 @9:13PM
i was saying i dont think so to your question on if they can pull it off.
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I know you were. (nt)
    by (#136419) on 3/31/07 @9:14PM
(no text)
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Oops! I got cut off!
    by (#136419) on 3/31/07 @9:16PM
I know you were responding to my question about whether or not 'Cuse would be able to make the post season. Thanks for responding! I was just saying that, if your predictions end up being correct, they would end up with a 6-7 record.
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    by (#132126) on 3/31/07 @9:27PM
Syracuse will lose to Princeton, Cornell, Albany, and UMass. UMass lost to Albany and and Loyola by like one point each game. I see no reason that they can't beat the Orange. Their is not doubt in my mind that Princeton, Cornell and Albany will easily beat the Orange, but who knows. The Orange will probably beat Rutgers and Colgate.
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    by (#138995) on 3/31/07 @7:28PM
wow couldnt come through in the clutch time. I also saw him go for a number of 1 handed ground balls in the 4th quarter and miss, looked kinda lacksadasical. Point blanck for the slam dunk for the tie and fake high shoot high? what are u thinking? You dont even need to fake but if you do dont shoot it where u do, an average goalie can stop that. Dissappointing for the game to come down to a blown play like that. face it was more of a stupid play on Nims part that a nice save on peaty's...
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    by (#97931) on 3/31/07 @7:35PM
how can you possibly say that Nims cost them this game? how many shots were taken in the entire game by Syracuse? And because the guy got stuffed doesnt mean he blew them the game. And as for the fake, he was probaly trying to beat the clock. but Nims didnt cost them this game. Collucini(sp?) and the defense have been responsible for almost every loss including this one. Nims is a great player and this loss does not fall on his shoulders
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I hate pointing fingers.
    by (#136419) on 3/31/07 @8:31PM
I dislike it when people point fingers at one person and/or one play as the difference in a game. Sure, Nims play didn't help. However, it did not cost them the game. Blaming one person for a loss is making lame excuses, and in the long run, it lowers your standards for the whole team.
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    by (#138995) on 3/31/07 @10:02PM
Obviously,he didnt blow the entire game, much of that falls on the play of the D and the goalie. I am just saying I expected MUCH more from Nims, being such a high profile player. There are 5th graders who coulda stuck that goal. he didnt blow the game but you expect a big player to step up when it counts, big players make big plays in big games. I guess hes not there yet, the d sure isnt. Hopefully cuse can get their shit together and make a run at the tourny.
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Albany has not played anyone!!!
    by (#162856) on 3/31/07 @10:10PM
Albany is overrated they have not played any good teams. How can anyone rank albany over Uva
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    by (#97931) on 3/31/07 @10:15PM
they beat Johns Hopkins buddy. who has Syracuse beat? at least Albany is beating the teams they should be beating
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    by (#162856) on 3/31/07 @10:25PM
Hopkins is mediocre at best this year
Albany has had close calls with bad teams
If Albany played Uva's schedule they would be 5-3
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(no subject)
    by (#121868) on 3/31/07 @11:06PM
Alex Peaty Is and Awesome Goalie i dont care what u guys say

U have to give him props for making that save
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Albany's success is more impressive than UVA's
    by (#136419) on 3/31/07 @11:27PM
I am not saying they are as good as UVA, but UVA is the easiest sell in the world for talent and Albany is far from it. I know I said the same think about Cornell. However, unlike Cornell, Albany has very little tradition and UVA is loaded with it. Also, Cornell is a nationally recognized school and Albany is not. Dom Starsia is the best recruiter ever, but at an easy sell like UVA, it would be a harder chore not to win than to win.
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Best recruiter?
    by (#142666) on 4/02/07 @4:39PM
Give me Wild Bill any day of the week. Let's look at the record:

In a 10-year stint at Brown Dom Starsia won a breath-taking 2 Ivy titles, and 0 NCAA titles.

Bill Tierney took the reins of an Ivy doormat and has now amassed 11 Ivy titles and 6 NCAA titles at Princeton.
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You are absolutely right!!
    by (#136419) on 4/03/07 @2:20AM
Come to think of it, Tierney is the best lacrosse coach ever in every aspect-in recruiting, with Xs and Os, getting the most out of his talent, as a motivator, and in game preparation. The job he has done at Princeton will never be duplicated anywhere. The reason he has not done as well lately is because the admissions has cracked down.

Did you all know that, when Jim "Ace" Adams retired from Virginia in 1992, Tierney was their #1 choice to replace him. However, Tierney had a great young team at Princeton and had just won his first national title, so there was no way he was going to leave Princeton. So they went with Dom. Dom has done a fine job at UVA, but if Tierney had gone there, with his abilities and with UVA being the easiest sell in the world for top talent, he would be in double digits in national titles won, easily.

I don't know this for a fact, but I have an idea that Tierney was also Hopkins' first choice to replace Don Zimmerman in 1990. Don't forget that Tierney had recently been the defensive coach there. However, since Princeton had a breakout year that year, and since Bill had one of the top recruiting classes ever coming in, he said no. So, Hopkins went with Tony Seaman.

One must remember that, in sports, there are a lot of very good coaches out there, but there are very, very few great ones. Tierney is one of the latter.

P.S.-That recruiting class for Princeton who entered in the Fall of 1990 featured goalie Scott Bacigalupo, attackman Kevin Lowe, and midfielder Scott Reinhardt.
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    by (#75455) on 4/01/07 @11:04PM
why is Perrit playing? wasnt he suspended indefinetely? (#1 in a photo above...)
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    by (#143077) on 4/04/07 @6:46PM
suspended doesn't mean he's gone for good. He missed a game or two i think.
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    by (#16732) on 4/02/07 @12:15AM
this is like the 20th time that cuse has gotten new CPX's...
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    by (#151020) on 4/03/07 @8:27AM
'cuse have a young team, i'd give them a year or two before they r a dominant team again

dan hardy, soph
mike leveille, junior
kenny nims, soph
steve brooks, junior
peter coluccini, soph...these players will carry syracuse to a championship, however this year the team is just to young
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    by (#143077) on 4/04/07 @12:53PM
age hadn't stopped mike leveille before, but something got to him this year. Look at his numbers, wayyyyyy down from last year or the year before, they've still got some games left, but maybe its the age of the other attackmen and offensive midfielders that are keeping him down. Bucktooth and Leveille were the one-two punch last year and the year before, so maybe your'e right, they just need some experience.
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Syracuse also had Joe Yevoli. (nt)
    by (#136419) on 4/04/07 @1:52PM
(no text)
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