MCLA Championship- BYU vs. ASU

MCLA Championship- BYU vs. ASU

MCLA Championship- BYU vs. ASU

Watch BYU and ASU battle in the MCLA Championship. It comes down to the very end !!!

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Good lacrosse...
    by (#233102) on 5/24/11 @12:47PM
but bad goalies
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    by (#245628) on 5/24/11 @5:26PM
hahahhahahahah the music
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    by (#243142) on 5/24/11 @7:51PM
I've never seen a bigger group of c*ckbags assembled on one team
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    by (#196296) on 5/24/11 @9:56PM
I could give 2 flying f*cks about the MCLA. Hey how about showing some highlights from real programs in the d3 playoffs? The tufts vs RIT was a real nail biter but we don't get one damn highlight from that? I could care less about these ASU frat boys and a bunch of mormons that are on wannabee d1 varsity teams
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difference between MCLA players and NCAA players
    by (#172350) on 5/28/11 @8:09PM
MCLA players are the ones who want to play lacrosse and have fun as well. they just dont want to put in the work that playing for a D1 lacrosse school entails, cause who wants to work till they puke at 6am? the guys at tier 1 NCAA schools do. similar talent levels (obvi ncaa talent is a bit better) but i would bet any player who played in the MCLA tournament (d1 or even d2) also got recruited to, at the very least, NCAA d3. also, MCLA doesnt drug test ;). bottom line is the difference is the level of commitment required at the NCAA level
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Nuts and Bolts of the MCLA
    by (#295526) on 9/22/11 @2:58PM
Alright Gents,

Let's get one thing straight, the MCLA is by no means within any sort of Caliber of any D1 program, and to say otherwise is foolish. To plead your case with wins over Wagner, Marist, Bellermine, and Binghamton is bogus as well, because those are obviously lower tier teams at the Division 1 level and fairly young/new programs.

The thing with the MCLA is it's a Collegiate lacrosse association built and geared for athletes that want to pursue a future in academics, a social life, and playing some lax while their at it. Plain and simple, (with the exception of some elite MCLA programs) the MCLA does not ask as much of you as an athelte than other NCAA schools. I played DIII at Bowdoin college in my freshman year, ended up transferring due to financial reasons and Now I'm playing MCLA DII Lax at the University of Maine. I can confidently say I can play at any DIII level, but I am by no means a NCAA D1 athlete, did not grow up in the right area and was not exposed to the same level of lax as many teams on the East coast, (MD, NY, CT, PA, VA, NJ). The point being made here is that the MCLA brings atheltes from all sorts of levels. On our team we have 6 atheltes that came from collegiate programs. (Hofstra, Lasell, Umass, Yale, Providence, Utica, MMA) They all have the exact same thing to say, "Lacrosse consumed my life". With playing in the MCLA, many programs are treated like collegiate programs. Our team practices 3 times a week and has 3 games during the fall, but come spring we're practicing 5-6 times a week with a 12 game schedule. The competitiveness is there and so is the team commaraderie, and honestly, that's all our team is looking for. We go out on the weekends, weekdays, and have a good time. The commitment is there, but we are not bound by chains and under watch by the NCAA. We're playing great lacrosse, but at the same time enjoying a social life and being able to indepently balance our academic pursuits. There is a handful of kids on our team that could play at the collegiate level for sure, they all got looks but made the move to go to a University where they can enjoy the college life and play some lax while there at it.

Plain and simple bros, the MCLA is a geared for a different type of athlete than in the NCAA, yeah it's dope to play D1 or DIII lax, you bust your ass all day everyday to better your game and lax IQ, K cool, then what? You bust a nut everyday for 4 years, then you move into a future without lax. Maybe coaching and playing in Mens league. and Let's get real guys, the MLL isn't going anywhere fast with Salaries capped at an avg. 13,000 per player. All I'm saying is all the blood sweat and tears is only worth it to a certain extent. Playing DIII lax was sick, don't get me wrong, I totally would have stayed there all four years if I wasn't broke, but now that I've been exposed to the MCLA lifestyle, it's the chillest, best lax I've ever played. So all you bros shitting on MCLA lax, we don't a give a fuck, we're playing great lacrosse and having fun while we're at it, and all you kids saying that ASU and BYU could take on elite DI programs, get real, watch this whole highlight film and try and tell me these guys can play elite DI teams.

JHU for the Nat. Championship
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Butt Soakers (nt)
    by (#232277) on 10/06/11 @2:17PM
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