Maryland's Hard-hitting Knocks Off Georgetown, 9-5

Maryland's Hard-hitting Knocks Off Georgetown, 9-5

Maryland's Hard-hitting Knocks Off Georgetown, 9-5

Maryland's Hard-hitting Knocks Off Georgetown, 9-5

Both Maryland and Georgetown, who were originally slated to play each other in late February, appeared to be playing as if it actually was late February, as a stream of turnovers and miscues cost both teams early goals and sent a wounded Georgetown team back to Washington with only their second loss of the season. The absence of injured All-American Kyle Sweeny and the seemingly constant presence of Hoyas in the penalty box enabled an equally physical Maryland team to maintain a lead that was not relinquished throughout the game.

The play in the first quarter was plagued by poor shooting (20 shots producing only 3 goals), and an excess of turnovers (21 between the two teams). Further contributing to the sloppy play was the unusually high number of penalties, as two of the first three goals came by means of extra man opportunities. The first of those man-up goals, the first of the game, came from Maryland's freshman standout Joe Walters. The score came off a broken clear only 1:10 into the game. The aggressive play continued along with the dropped passes and poor quality shots. Ironically, Georgetown?s lone goal of the game came on an intended pass that hit Maryland keeper Danny McCormick in the back and fell in behind him. Georgetown's Mike Hammer was credited with the score. The final score of the half came with only 0:30 to play and it belonged to the Terps. Brian Hunt, after receiving a feed from Dan LaMonica, stood on the crease and finished with a goal after a number of jukes caused Hoya goalie Rich D'Andrea to fall in an attept to make the save. At the end of the quarter, Georgetown had already served 3:00 in the box on 4 penalties and had been responsible for 11 turnovers.

Unfortunately for the Hoyas, similar play continued as the one goal deficit became two by the time the half ended. And even while Georgetown was having difficulty on its own, Maryland did little to exploit those problems. Nonetheless, Maryland's two goals in the second quarter were a bit more deserving than those of the first. Ryan Moran's score nearly 4:00 into the quarter came off of a hard move across the middle of the field and after fighting through checks, he was able to let off a hard bounce shot that found the back of the net. In what was one of the few bright spots for the Georgetown midfield, Trevor Walker responded less than a minute later when he unleashed a lefty rocket to the top right corner of the cage, to bring the score back to within one. But the well quickly dried up for both offenses as only one other goal would be scored in the remaining 10:32. It came from senior Terrapin captain Mike Mollot, who came off of a hat-trick in the UMBC game, to give a two goal (three point) performance tonight. As the half ended, there were 34 turnovers, 40 shots, 6 goals, 11 penalties, and Georgetown had won all eight of the face-offs. Hardly your typical half for two top-ten teams.

Georgetown came out in the second half with a bit more fire and a bit more control. They were again able to bring the game back to within one when Phil Vincenti scored off of a feed from Jordan Vettoretti, but as was the case throughout the night, Maryland was able to answer. When consecutive pushing penalties were called against the Hoyas, Moran was able to net his second on the extra-man opportunity. But soon after, for the final time of the night, Georgetown was able to cut the Terp lead to one. Again it came from Vincenti on a hard over the top shot that stuck on the top shelf. With the score standing at 5-4 and 8:30 left in the third quarter, the Hoyas seemed to be gaining some momentum, and while it was momentarily slowed by yet another penalty, a Maryland penalty followed as Georgetown's was released, and the anticipation of a high-quality finish was starting to be felt. But that hope soon faded as the Hoyas were unable to get off quality shots and Maryland was able to open the lead to two before the half ended on a Mollot inside spin that left him one-on-one with D'Andrea on the crease. That left 15:00 left to play and a two goal Maryland lead, 6-4.

If Georgetown had been able to come out and score early in the fourth, the game would have been drastically different, but fortunately for Maryland, they were able to put two goals together to double the lead to four. The first was LaMonica?s only score of the night, and it was followed by defenseman Lee Zink's score. Zink, known also as a tremendous hockey player, won player of the game honors for netting his first career goal. It all but sealed the victory for the Terps and while Georgetown's Walid Hajj was able to score an unassisted goal and Maryland's Brian Hunt was able to notch his second, no effort would have been able to bridge the four goal gap that the Hoyas found themselves with. Final score: Georgetown 5, Maryland 9.

Statistics of note:

Shots: Hoyas 43, Terps 31; Face-offs: Hoyas 16-18, Terps 2-18; Turnovers: Hoyas 33, Terps 33; Penalties: Georgetown 10/7:30, Terps 8/7:00; and Extra-man opportunities: Hoyas 1-7, Terps 2-10.

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Terps Take Georgetown
    by (#46862) on 4/29/03 @9:01AM
How real is this Maryland team?

Are they gonna make it the final tourney round?

A subway series-like championship game, Maryland/JHU?
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Serious D for the Terps
    by (#29222) on 4/29/03 @9:32AM
The Terps close D was tenacious and unforgiving. They picked the Hoyas clean on attack and nearly totally shut them down. When GU tried to create offense against the shorties, the double was so fast that players like Hajj (who was clearly the marked man in their gameplan) had little opportunity to get shots off. UMD middie Def. was also stellar.

GU needs to find some offense if they are to go anywhere in the tourney. The fact that they clearly outshoot their opponents in their two losses (Umass and UMD) is really disappointing.

If the Terps get their offense clicking and stop throwing the ball away, they should go very far. The defense completely disrupts the offensive flow of teams.
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Good Comments
    by (#46862) on 4/29/03 @10:25AM
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Maryland Lax
    by (#43541) on 4/29/03 @12:34PM
I agree with the comments on Maryland. If you take a look at their strength of schedule, they play 11 of 13 regular season games against currently ranked opponents and still stay in Top 5 in Def GAA. Really I think they are 2nd only to GTOWN right now, who they beat yesterday convincingly. Also they are Top 10 in Total Off.

But the GTOWN win pretty much gives them a Top 4 seed in the tourney, which based on the new bracket doesnt give them a 1st round bye. So they will probably have to get through an AQ team and then will definitely get a Princeton/Cuse/GTOWN team to make the Final 4 since those 3 have dropped into the 5-8 spots. I dont think Maryland has even made the final 4 since 98 so no one on their team has any real tourney experience. Cuse and Princeton have kids on the field that have played and won Natnl Championships each year they were on the team. Thats tough to beat come tourney time with both playing and coaching experience! I know we are all looking for some variation this year, but I forsee maybe 2 of the Top 4 seeded teams (Hop, UVA, UMASS, MD) sitting home on Memorial Day weekend.
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(no subject)
    by (#37331) on 4/29/03 @2:03PM
I heard somewhere that instead of having 1 play 16, 2 play 15 and so forth that the ncaa is going to have reginal matchups the first round. Is this true, or am i misinformed?
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I haven't heard
    by (#41662) on 4/30/03 @3:15AM
I haven't heard details yet, but that would seem to be a good bet. Like 8 seeded teams and 8 unseeded teams, keeping the seeded teams as close to home as possible. I think the logistics of a pure 1-16 tourney might be tough.
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(no subject)
    by (#31907) on 4/30/03 @12:00PM
You just have to wonder if Maryland can score enough goals to win a quarterfinal game. Obviously their D is good enough to get them all the way to the final. But are you going to beat a team like Princeton or Syracuse if you can only score 7 goals? I would think Syracuse is the team they really do not want to see because 'Cuse has the talent on attack to match-up with the Maryland long sticks. They are not going to hold the Orangemen to 5 goals. If they play Princeton it may be a 5-4 game. ZZZZZZZZZZ. So I think Maryland is going to have a tough time making it to the Final 4, and you all know where I think UMASS is going to end up. Don't underestimate the experience factor.....there is a reason Syracuse has made it to 20 straight Final 4's.
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    by (#41662) on 4/30/03 @10:17PM
CAA Final set- Hofstra @ Towson on saturday. I know Drexel and Nova suck the big one, but Towson held the Dragons to 2 goals tonight, Hofstra held the cats to 6. Anyone think the loser of saturdays game can get in the NCAA's?
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Gait Helmets
    by (#32972) on 4/30/03 @4:17PM
Maybe this has already been said elsewhere but doesn anyone else think that the Gait Helmets look really dumb? Maybe they proove there point in protect the ole melon but they are just really ugly....Granted if my school got them for free I wouldn't mind but still....UGLY
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Their obivously
    by (#41662) on 4/30/03 @10:19PM
The Gait Helmets are obviously inspired by box helmets, aka hockey helmets. They may look different, but I've put one on, and man, these things are light. Peripheral visioon is amazing. So I really don't care how they look, they are good helmets for what matters.
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(no subject)
    by (#13195) on 5/01/03 @8:22AM
My club team wears the Gait helmets and I agree with regassert. They are really light, comfortable, and you can see everything. I could give a sh*t what the look like....especially when I got it for free.
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Still Ugly
    by (#32972) on 5/08/03 @1:23PM
Yea before I wrote that previous comment I had only seen pictures. I have since gone to my local Lax store and actually put one on my head, and sad to say I know someone who bought one. They are uncomfortable and heavy the sight lines are no better then a Cascade, and oh did i mention still butt ugly. Who cares if its a box helmet or a friggin hockey helmet the thing blows and unless it is given to me its not gonna be on my head.
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Did you have a head cold that day
    by (#41662) on 5/09/03 @4:03PM
Because I don't see how anyone could think these helmets are heavy. They're lighter than a c-pro, I've worn both. The c-pro titanium is the only helmet lighter. You can still think its ugly. No complaints there, it's your opinion. But I think you're letting you disdain for the looks cloud your assessment of the helmet.
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