Maryland-Delaware-OSU-Loyola Get The Spring Rolling

Maryland-Delaware-OSU-Loyola Get The Spring Rolling

Maryland-Delaware-OSU-Loyola Get The Spring Rolling

Maryland-Delaware-OSU-Loyola Get The Spring Rolling

College Park, MD - The Maryland Terps, Delaware Blue Hens, Ohio State Buckeyes and Loyola Greyhounds got the spring season off to a start on an unseasonably warm day in College Park, Maryland.

One of the first disclaimers has to be how hard it is to cover scrimmages and knowing who’s who. For instance, Loyola has a tradition of not wearing the correct numbered pinneys. However, you could at least figure out who was who by the number on their helmet. But what further confused it was that a lot of players had the jersey number of a player of the same position. For instance, facing off for Loyola was often either Tim McDermott (helmet #22, jersey #39) or John Schiavone (helmet #39, jersey #22). At attack you’d have Collin Finnerty (helmet #20, jersey #13) and Michael Crimmins (helmet #13, jersey #20). So rather than dealing with random numbers, it just got confusing trying to keep track of similar players. Anyway, maybe that was the point not to focus on individuals but rather the team.

Ohio State also had some mismatched numbers with players. Their defenseman #13 made some nice players with a wooden longpole and an old school Brine Edge, yet he’s listed as a midfielder on their roster. #6 had some nice plays at attack, but #6 is a freshman goalie on the roster. The numbers for Maryland Delaware were a bit truer, so you could get a better gauge on individual players.

Maryland vs. Loyola

Unofficially, Maryland took this one 4 to 3. Maryland controlled the pace of the game early. The offense was able to move the ball around and make things happen despite some newer faces. They generated quite a few opportunities early, but were unable to finish. Freshmen Travis Reed and Grant Catalino joined senior Max Ritz starting at attack. Juniors Jeremy Sieverts and Dan Groot were joined on the first midfield by freshman Tony Mendes. The highly touted Mendes showed his potential in the Loyola game. He dodged a little from X. Then later swept across the top to his right beating his man. He got off a nice jump shot but nailed the crossbar with the shot. Reed and Catalino showed some of their potential. Reed blended in nicely in helping Maryland work the ball and attack the perimeter. The 6’5”, 240-lb Catalino showed that he’s leaning to use his size as he attempted to back in his defender a couple of times. He was able to get his hands free at times, but seemed a little shaky in finishing the moves. Neither was hesitant in their spring debut. Catalino added a goal against Loyola off a rebound with a right-handed rocket.

The freshman Boy’s Latin connection was in effect in this game. While Reed started for the Terps, classmate Brett Weiss played a lot at attack and added two goals against the Greyhounds. For the Greyhounds, freshman Jake Hagelin, a classmate of both, started in goal. 2007’s starting goalie, Alex Peaty, didn’t play as he was rumored to be sick and/or undergoing ear infection. In any case, the freshman Hagelin played the majority of minutes for Loyola and looked impressive.

All told, it was a relatively even match-up. Maryland’s new defensive faces didn’t allow Loyola to get into a groove on offense. 6’4”, 270-lb senior middie Will Dalton had some nice runs for the Terps. At one point he swept to his right running over Loyola midfielder Mike Atkinson and got off a shot. Atkinson was injured on the play; it appeared to be a pretty serious knee injury as he needed a lot of support to get off the field and spent the day on crutches. Hopefully it turns out to be minor.

Atkinson’s injury opened the door for Loyola fourth year Tim McDermott, two-time All-American at DIII Geneseo who graduated in December and is now pursuing his MBA at Loyola to get his first action. McDermott took a few against Loyola and managed to have decent success. He was able to direct the ball where he wanted a few times, but Loyola didn’t always come up with it. He and John Schiavone split the face-off duties for the remainder of the day, as well as sharing numbers.

Delaware-Ohio State

The score wasn’t readily available for this one and having missed the first half for the Loyola-Maryland game, the best I could come up with was that Delaware won by a few. Ohio State added a few goals late to cut into the lead. Delaware managed to control the time of possession. They also generated some great looks off of cutters. Ohio State’s goalies stepped up and made some nice saves to keep the game tight. Delaware threw a couple of different guys out for face-offs throughout the day. The success was varied and definitely not the success they’re used to from graduated Alex Smith. Smith’s influence could still be seen, however, as all of Delaware’s face-off men used Smith’s “motorcycle” grip.

Loyola-Ohio State

Ohio State got on the board first in a transition situation. This seemed to be one of Ohio State’s strong points. They didn’t have too much success matching up offensively in settled situations. Their defense managed to put the ball on the ground a fair amount and did a decent job of getting it upfield. Again with the number confusion, it was difficult to know who was who.

Loyola answered with a few nice possessions and scored off generally longer offensive sets. They were also helped as one of the OSU face-off guys jumped 3 of his 4 first face-offs. This gave Loyola possession, but also gave them a slight advantage as with the new NCAA rule, the violator has to sprint straight off the field. Today’s games marked the first action former Duke player, Collin Finnerty, has seen in awhile. He sat out the fall at Loyola recovering from an injury. He started both games at attack. He notched a goal in the game against Ohio State. He caught a low pass and ripped a sidearm shot in for the Greyhounds. Otherwise he did a decent job of moving the ball quickly and working off ball. He doesn’t appear to be one of Loyola’s go-to dodgers, but will still likely be an important part of their offense.

This game was, I believe, a one-goal lead for Loyola heading into the half.


In what was one of the more enticing match-ups of the day, Maryland’s offense found its stride. In choosing to watch the Loyola-Ohio State game first, I missed the explosion. Maryland jumped out to a 7-2 lead with goals by Weiss, Catalino, Ritz and junior Danny Gallagher, who also saw a lot of time at attack for the Terps. It wasn’t long before both teams went deep into their bench. In goal for Maryland, Brian Phipps had a solid day, as did the backups which played later in both games.

All told it wasn’t a bad way for these teams to get their feet wet, as we creep towards the regular season. Delaware has the honor of opening the season next Saturday against Saint Joe’s. Ohio State and Loyola have two weeks to work the kinks out before opening on February 16th against Navy and Notre Dame respectively. Maryland, who seemed to be the furthest along today, kicks its season off on the 23rd against Georgetown.

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