Maryland bests UMBC, 11-7

Maryland bests UMBC, 11-7

Maryland bests UMBC, 11-7

Maryland bests UMBC, 11-7

College Park, MD - The Maryland Terps used dominating 2nd and 3rd quarters to take care of intra-state rival UMBC Retrievers, 11-7. Sophomore Butler Transfer Jeremy Sieverts had a breakout day with three goals for the Terps. Maryland had a balanced scoring effort with 9 different players registering points, while UMBC was led by junior Terry Kimener's three goals and one assist. Freshman Brian Phipps made some exceptional saves in net while the overall defense was able to ultimately stifle a late UMBC comeback attempt.

Maryland jumped out to a 2-0 lead on the shooting of sophomore midfielder Jeremy Sieverts. Sieverts is a player that had you asked him two months ago what he was doing on St. Paddy’s Day would have said him and his Butler teammates were scheduled to play Delaware. How quickly things have changed. The decision for Butler to drop their program came unexpectedly and so far Sieverts is the best success story, both personally and for the University of Maryland.

“Well you know Jeremy has kind of been at a disadvantage. He didn’t have fall, he didn’t have January term to work out. He came back in, all we did was try to plug him into different spots in the offense and we didn’t really have time to work with him. So as we now settle down into a week-to-week thing, he’s starting to get more work and I think he’s starting to feel more comfortable,” said Maryland head coach Dave Cottle.

“Jeremy really stepped up and played well today. He shot the ball very smartly and he shot it well. He gave us a big boost to start the game off. We’re a team that’s struggled scoring a little bit, and for him to do what he did really gave our kids a lot of confidence.

How does someone transfer that quickly? “Stan Ross [Butler head coach] called me. Stan played for me at Loyola and said ‘we have not only a very good player, but a good person.’ He’s from Maryland so he would have in-state tuition. We’re very lucky to have him,” said Cottle.

As for his other teammates, Jeremy hasn’t lost touch with them and is confident they’ll be okay. When asked if he felt like Coach Cottle was a savior, he said, “kind of. A lot of people like my Dad, my high school coach - Jake Reed [former McDonogh head coach], really helped me out, Coach Ross. They all kind of know each other. So within a day of hearing about that, I was talking to Coach Cottle.”

He added, “It’s been easy for me. They’re [Butler teammates] still trying to figure some things out. But it’s been working out for a lot of guys, I’ve been talking to them a lot. It will all work out.”

Fans in College Park have to be happy at how things have worked out so far. As for this game, Sieverts got the ball going from the 2nd midfield for the Terps. UMBC would respond with two goals that junior Terry Kimener and Alex Hopmann teamed up for – the first was Kimener assisting Hopmann to end the first quarter, and then Hopmann assisted Kimener to start the second quarter.

Following that the Maryland offense, as Cottle pointed out has had a bit of trouble scoring this year, took over the game. They would go on a 9-1 run that would ultimately put the once close game out of reach. Danny Gallagher and Sieverts would get the run going for the 3rd and 4th Terp tallies. For their 5th goal, the Maryland defense had a shortstick covering UMBC freshman attackman Cayle Ratcliffe. The Canadian Ratcliffe tried to bull-dodge through Zach Hinton, who was sporting a shortstick despite traditionally being a longpole. Hinton didn’t budge and senior Ray Megill went for the double team. They were able to get the ball on the ground and Phipps gathered the loose-ball and pulled it into his crease. He hit Megill on the clear. The third-team All American took it the length of the field and beat UMBC’s sophomore goalie Jeremy Blevins low for his first career goal.

Their 6th goal came shortly into a man-up. They started out in a 3-3 with junior Max Ritz starting up-top in the center spot with the ball. He passed it and cut down. As he cut UMBC allowed him to have a step. Dan Groot fed it to him and he stretched the lead to 6-2.

UMBC would stop the bleeding, albeit briefly, on Alex Hopmann’s 2nd goal of the game, a sidearm low-to-high rip.

Maryland’s 8th goal came off of a picture perfect offensive possession. They worked the ball around and attacked the defense from nearly every angle. UMBC did a good job sliding, recovering, and sliding again. The Terps were persistent and eventually Dan Groot threaded the needle across the UMBC defense to Chris Feifs who ripped it high past Blevins.

UMBC had a chance to take back some momentum, but Brian Phipps would have none of it. With about 7:30 to go in the third quarter, trailing 8-3, there was a loose ball around the restraining line. UMBC grabbed it while senior attackman Drew Westervelt found some open space on the crease. A nice feed found Westervelt one-on-one with Phipps. Westervelt dipped a little to bait Phipps and went high off-stick, while Phipps exploded and made the point-blank save, securing the momentum in the Terps favor.

Terp defenseman Megill hasn’t been known for his scoring touch for the Terps, but he again factored into the scoring line. Maryland found themselves man-down, but Phipps made a save on a high-to-high shot right into his stick. He fed Megill who carried it up-field. Megill performed a nearly textbook face-dodge to cross midfield. As he was continued, he saw Max Ritz had some separation at the top of the crease. A quick pass later and Ritz put it past Blevins for the rare man-down goal and Megill’s 1st career assist and 2nd point of the day.

Maryland’s third quarter wasn’t quite finished…

Mike Phipps drove from X and with a little stutter step towards his left side, he froze his defenseman and went top-side putting in the Terps’ 10th of the day. Phipps would come into play again on the 11th goal. Attackman Jon Beard would hold the ball for the last shot. They waited until 15 seconds remained in the third before Beard started to dodge from behind the GLE. As he started his dodge, he wasn’t able to generate much so he moved it on to Ritz. The ball banged around until Casey Creaney found Phipps who snuck the 11th goal in with just :02 left.

Things had gone about as well as could be expected offensively for the Terps. That theme didn’t continue into the fourth, however, as it seemed like they were content with their 11-3 lead. UMBC showed some life and would bring it back to 11-6 in the first 4:09 into the quarter. Their 6th goal started with a nice defensive play all the way on the other side at X. The forced turnover was pushed into a clear as a longpole took it most of the length of the field. In good slow-break form, they worked it back to their own X, where Drew Westervelt forced a pass into the middle to Terry Kimener. Kimener who was closely guarded managed to sneak/slap the ball just inside the far pipe while being checked.

Despite the numerous chances, that was about all their offense could generate. UMBC had many opportunities late in the game, but it seemed like no one wanted to go to the goal. The offense ran nice offensive possessions, unfortunately, when you’re down 5 in the fourth quarter, you have to be looking to go to the goal. No one, except for Westervelt, had any success generating their own shots late in the game, but he couldn’t find the back of the net more than once with 2:02 to play. Credit also must go to the Maryland defense as UMBC kept trying to find the match-up they wanted to attack. Unfortunately for them, every match-up they tried, proved to be in Maryland’s favor.

“I think we’re a little further along than we were two weeks ago. I still think we have a long way to go. We gotta find a way to play smart and not take bad shots. They started getting hooting and hollering a little bit at 11-3. I thought we played very well to get to 11-3. Then I thought it kind of unraveled. I told the kids sometimes even when we win it feels like we lose. Those last 8 minutes we didn’t play exceptionally smart. But if you look at it from the grand scheme of things, I thought we played a pretty good lacrosse game today,” said Cottle.

“When you win a game, you’ve got to enjoy it, because wins are hard to come by. This was a win that we needed. It helps us get to where we want to be.”

As for the shut-down play of the defense late in the game, most of the press goes to the highly touted Maryland longpoles, but their shortstick defenders weren’t bending either.

“ [Bryn Holmes] He has really solidified a toughness. Jimmy Borell brings a lot of toughness to the table. I think Bryn is physical and tough, he makes plays. You’re not wow’ed by his size, speed or anything like that, but you are wow’ed by his heart. And he has tremendous heart,” said Cottle.

As for how a guy that size can hit like he does? Cottle laughs and says, “I have no idea. Ya know, someone asked me the difference between Travis and Bryn [Holmes]. I said Travis is tough, Bryn is mean. He has a mean streak to him. He made some good plays, I think those two guys really helped us, him and Paul Andrews. That second short-stick is improving in Paul Andrews.”

The Terps return to action on Tuesday afternoon in College Park against a Mount St. Mary’s team that has struggled so far. While most games were canceled, postponed or changed this weekend, Maryland did a nice job of covering Chevy Chase Bank Field at Byrd Stadium with a tarp and then removing the snow from the tarp. That enabled today’s match-up to go on as scheduled.

UMBC now has a full week off until Ohio State travels to take on the Retrievers. They’re looking to get back on track as they’re season has been up-and-down so far, with wins over Brown, Air Force and UPenn, while getting handled by Hopkins, Denver and Maryland. The consistency will have to improve as they get set to start the American East Schedule in two weeks against Albany.

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Severn School produces the goalies.
    by (#136419) on 3/18/07 @12:50PM
Both Maryland's Phipps and Virginia's Kip Turner went there. I think what has hurt Severn Lacrosse is Route 97. So many kids from Anne Arundel Country are now going up to the Baltimore schools like St. Paul's, Gilman, Loyola, Calvert Hall, Boys Latin, and McDonogh.
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(no subject)
    by (#136520) on 3/19/07 @12:24PM
Looks like UMBC did quite a number on Phipps in the first photo! Hopefully with this win Maryland gets rolling again...
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marylands d
    by (#140423) on 3/19/07 @6:32PM
marylands d is absolutly nuts
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