Maverik Showcase All-Star Highlights

Maverik Showcase All-Star Highlights

Maverik Showcase All-Star Highlights

LAX.COM checked out the Maverik Showtime Lacrosse-"National RecruitingShowcase," at Wester Connecticut State University in Danbury, CT. Of the160 rising-sophomores and rising-juniors who were invited, 40 stood outenough to play in the showcase's All-Star game.

The two squads played an entertaining and uptempo full-length game, but theboys in white took bragging rights with a 13-7 decision.

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what is rising?
    by (#3709) on 7/18/09 @6:54PM
Sorry for the stupid question

but when they saying "rising sophomore"

are they talking about kids who are going into the sophomore year (class of 2012) or kids who just finished there sophomore year (class of 2011)
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   Rising by 7/18/09 @8:45PM
   rising by 12/12/09 @1:56PM
(no subject)
    by (#208939) on 7/18/09 @7:50PM
IL was right when it said Case Matheis and Jimmy Bitter shouldn't be allowed on the same team.
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   So you need to start as a freshman by 7/19/09 @1:37AM
   just frustrating by 7/19/09 @11:31AM
      no by 7/19/09 @12:45PM
         Glad to hear but I am confused by 7/19/09 @2:09PM
            (no subject) by 7/19/09 @5:19PM
               not impressed (nt) by 7/19/09 @7:58PM
                  (no subject) by 7/19/09 @8:01PM
                     (no subject) by 7/20/09 @4:20PM
         htownlax24 by 7/20/09 @10:15PM
            what? by 7/21/09 @1:45PM
               (no subject) by 7/21/09 @1:48PM
                  my bad. by 7/21/09 @5:58PM
Jimmy Bitter
    by (#225463) on 7/20/09 @5:25AM
What number is he?
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   (no subject) by 7/20/09 @12:06PM
   (no subject) by 7/20/09 @3:54PM
    by (#202777) on 7/20/09 @8:33PM
he had some dirty moves in this, that behind the swim move to behind the back was so smooth
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   Jimmy Bitter by 7/21/09 @1:41PM
   (no subject) by 7/21/09 @4:35PM
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         (no subject) by 7/23/09 @11:51PM
   86 by 12/08/09 @8:59PM
sickest move ever
    by (#221898) on 7/24/09 @2:22AM
look at 3:58 that is some serious skill dam haha
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more denfense
    by (#215736) on 7/24/09 @8:15AM
we want to see more defensive highlights not just offense
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   agreed by 1/08/10 @2:39PM
    by (#206541) on 7/26/09 @6:32PM
the word "talk" doesnt mean send brochure. if you walk up to a coach at a camp and start shooting they breeze it will be like talking to a wall. they will not say anything back . you can get sports brochures and such but thats not talking to the coach.they send those out cas they want money. for the record... if anyone gets an invitation to a camp at a college... that does not mean your getting recruited. the coach is simply inviting people to come to their camp to make a profit. in junior year they can contact you about interest and you can verbally commit. in senior year you can actually sign a letter of intent. however, you can talk to a division 3 coach at any time because they dont actually hand out scholar ships at the division 3 level
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   (no subject) by 7/26/09 @6:34PM
      (no subject) by 7/28/09 @10:31PM
    by (#227710) on 10/18/09 @2:33PM
what cleats is that goalie wearing at 1:13, ive seen people wearing them, but idk what they're called, can somebody help me out here
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i agree
    by (#245310) on 5/11/10 @9:16PM
im always watching lax vids but all they ever show is offense.iknow its great to watch people score in all but sometimes they need to show more d wouldnt you rather watch people get knocked on to their butts then watch someone score thats just my opinion
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(no subject)
    by (#227710) on 6/28/10 @11:00PM
86 and 94 on white are definetly the most impressive players in this vid
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