Maverik U: Lindsay Shooting on the Run

Maverik U: Lindsay Shooting on the Run

Maverik U: Lindsay Shooting on the Run

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    by (#165206) on 2/03/09 @3:24PM
this is a good video!
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    by (#206721) on 2/03/09 @8:19PM
this was filmed at the superdome in waldwick.
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    by (#118585) on 2/05/09 @7:02AM

Is Lindsay wearing the new Brown gloves? They look sick!
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    by (#121258) on 2/06/09 @1:44PM
any video coming upf or goalies???
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Pretty good video
    by (#206139) on 2/06/09 @4:38PM
This is probably one of the better and more useful videos that I've seen on here. Compared to the 20 second STX ones. The stringing videos were really helpful too. Nice job.
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what head does he hav (nt)
    by (#212236) on 2/12/09 @4:01PM
(no text)
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he's got a juice
    by (#189335) on 2/12/09 @10:53PM
its a juice
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Good Video
    by (#174296) on 2/13/09 @11:48AM
this video is definantly one of the better ones. It actually teaches you something that you can use on a regular basis instead of those rare one time moves they teach you
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    by (#217880) on 4/30/09 @12:34AM
does it look like he is cradling with his bottom hand?

Arent you only supposed to cradle with your top hand?
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His Cradling
    by (#220528) on 5/24/09 @10:58AM
He is definately cradeling with his top hand. Watch the video again.
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(no subject)
    by (#227321) on 9/29/09 @10:49PM
hes only doing that when hes doing like the slow mo thing when he teaches u at the end of the video when hes shooting hes using the top hand
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good vid
    by (#227321) on 9/29/09 @10:43PM
this is a good vid but the maverick music in all the videos is sorta wierd it freaks me out
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