Men: Brown Slips By Penn, 9-7

Men: Brown Slips By Penn, 9-7

Men:  Brown Slips By Penn, 9-7

Men: Brown Slips By Penn, 9-7

The game started out slow for for both squads, but even slower for the visiting Brown Bears. There seemed to be a learning curve throughout the game on just how much footwork the players could do on the slippery turf. In the beginning of the game everyone was taking three or four steps to slow down and nobody was trying to change directions. This led to a slow start, but as the players pushed it further and further it began to look like a Division I battle.

UPenn started the game with a quite lengthy possesion, but they couldn't get near the goal as they worked the ball on the outside and tested their footing. Eventually they did work the ball inside and Brown goalie, Beret Dickson made a solid save as he went to the ground. The rebound popped up into a Quaker's stick who took a shot into the empty net with Dickson on the ground. But wait, Dickson was down, but not out. While sitting down he managed to get his stick up and stuff what looked like a definite goal. UPenn continued to work the ball on offense and finally broke the seal at 7:30 when Todd Minerly drove from behind. He tried to muscle around the corner and lost the ball on a stick check, but the ball followed with him on the ground and he slapped it in hockey style, 1-0. It was rather appropriate since the players were all skating around on the slippery turf. Brown defender, Jamaine Aggrey, drew a penalty when he threw an elbow to stop a driving Alex Kopicki. It was a weak call, but for some reason, after that play Aggrey was given a short stick for the rest of the game. On the man-up Dickson snatched up a Peter Janney blast and looked to move the ball up field. He found Todd McNamara at the midfield line with a buddy pass. Quacker defender, Reid Mortimer, came up and decked McNamara, but it was slightly from behind. This would be the first of many penalties for Mortimer. On the Brown man-up Michael Monfett converted when his team inbounded the ball from behind. He seemed to catch the defense off guard as he stepped up and launched one with a defender right on him that hit inside the far pipe about waist high, 1-1. With 25 secs. to go Brown called timeout with possession in the offensive zone. Coach Lasagna set up a tasty play that wound up with Jonathon Thompson on the doorstep, but he missed the net and so the quarter ended up tied.

Thompson didn't waist any time making up for his miss as he scored at the 12:19 mark of the second quarter. He worked his midfield defender, Billy Reidy, back and forth from the top left side until Reidy slipped a little and then took it to the goal and bounced it in the upper right corner. Two minutes later the Bears middie, Ches Gessner, worked from the same spot, but this time when he beat his man the slide came. No problem, he dumped to Thompson for the 3-1 lead. Later, Brown defender Zachar McDonald made a brilliant scoop and rushed down the field to crank a shot that Ryan Kelly turned asside. Next, Mortimer got his second of the day for an illegal check. The man-up unit worked it around and got one weak shot that Kelly saved, but they got it back on the ride to set up a beautiful play by Monfett. Monfett worked his defender to his left from behind. As he came to goal line extended he whirled around towards the goal and fed the cutting Gessner all in one motion to make it 4-1. It looked like the Bears might start chomping down, but the Quackers reloaded their guns and got two quick ones to close in, 4-3. First Jake Martin pulled a little stutter step, then he just ran to his right from up top and bounced one by Dickson. Then UPenn worked a sweet weave play from the top that consisted of two lightning zig-zag passes which got the ball to Peter Janney. He cranked the lefty shot in to come within one. With time running out McDonald came up high with his stick on Kevin Cadin. That drew a penalty and UPenn ended the half with possession which meant they would start the second that way.

Brown killed the penalty and Jimmy Mormile started the scoring again for the Bears, 5-3. Shortly after that Dickson stoned Jake Martin on a glorious opportunity. He was only seven yards out with room to wind up, but once again, Dickson came up big. At the 5:23 mark Bear defender Christopher O'Brien got a slashing penalty. After a shot by UPenn the Bears got the ball and cleared it as McDonald came over the line. He moved it down his left sideline to Thompson and continued towards the net. The Quakers did not respect his cut so Thompson gave it back to the defender and after a myriad of fakes and shoulder dips he beat Kelly to go up 6-3. Later, Mormile gets his second when he received a pass from behind and his defenseman lunged at him. He face-dodged him and the Bears were up 7-3. Now it was Kelly's turn to throw a buddy pass. He hit Kevin Cadin near the box and Michael Sheriden really hit him and then Cadin hit the ground. Remember, always turn to the outside. It was a perfect hit, but in today's game they call that crap. It occurred with less than a minute to go and then McDonald got a penalty as time ran out in the third so UPenn went into the fourth with two men up.

Billy Reidy converted the man-up and made it 7-4 when he ripped one fron dead center. However, off the ensuing face-off longpole Chris Sullivan scooped up the ball and brought it down by the goal. Much to his defenders surprise, and everyone elses, he made a move to the goal and scored, 8-4. The Bears took control after that with an eternal possession. It was actually only three minutes, but that's a long time to play defense. What's worse, is at the end of it they scored when Michael Hughes found Thompson on the back door, 9-4. The Quakers fought back again with goals by Kopicki and Peter Scott, 9-6. With time running out UPenn was forced to take some aggressive penalties and although Brown did not score, they ticked of prescious seconds with possession. Adam Solow put in another for UPenn at 1:02, but it was too late.

Beret Dickson was the key for Brown as he not only made many quality saves; he also made saves when his team needed them the most. Zachar McDonald was also very impressive on defense, actually he wasn't too shabby on offense either.

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brown lacrosse
    by (#833) on 4/15/00 @5:51PM
i would just like to say that brown lacrosse is awesome and always will be! womens lacrosse there is even better and set lax rules!
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Brown lax
    by (#2294) on 4/16/00 @3:06PM
Hey, I just wanted to say that Jon Thompson is nasty. He is by far one of the best attackmen in the country, even if you have yet to hear of him. Pay attention, becasue you certainly will. Coming out of Maine, he has changed the sport there. He is the reason for the rise of lacrosse in Maine. You should have seen him in the North/South game last year, but he got screwed. (Politics, something that does not belong in the game) Him and Hughs make up a great attack unit for the future, so watch out. At least until they play Hobart, who I play for. Hopefully we will meet up. Thompson is for real and he deserves repect. Keep it real Thompson.
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thompson domination
    by (#2300) on 4/16/00 @5:52PM
don't take john thompson as just another name in the game summary, the kid is for real. as another maine lacrosse player and a good friend of johns i'll warn everyone, more to come. as a kid playing for a small maine prep school he scored 98 goals his junior year. that isn't easy with 2 or 3 defenders on you the entire game. the tide is changing with players outside the normal hotbeds coming into the spotlight, watch for John, he's raising the bar for maine kids. and he's coming for more.
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    by (#1621) on 4/17/00 @3:30AM
what number was this thompson kid? the only good attackmen brown had were moffett and hughes.
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    by (#2294) on 4/17/00 @2:29PM
Thompson is an attackmen, at least that is what he played all through high school and was the posiion he was recurited for. He has been actually been playing middle alot. Sorry for the error in my previous reply. I just always think of him as an attackmen. But to answer your question, Thompson is number 4.
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(no subject) (nt)
    by (#2207) on 4/17/00 @8:29PM
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Defense was the key
    by (#2563) on 4/26/00 @11:47AM
Fellow Pomfret Lax teammate Jermaine Aggrey set the tone of the game for Brown by elbowing the Penn attackmen. This kid is for real. He is a monster and they should let him keep that D- stick.
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