Men: Gettysburg Out Defends Washington & Lee, 6-4

Men: Gettysburg Out Defends Washington & Lee, 6-4

Men:  Gettysburg Out Defends Washington & Lee, 6-4

Men: Gettysburg Out Defends Washington & Lee, 6-4

Andrew Barnett started the scoring for the Generals with a quik stick on a crosse-crease feed from Colin Dougherty, but it wasn't until the 8:50 mark of the first quarter. The scoring would never pick up though, because defense is the name of the game for both of these perenial powerhouses in division III. The Bullets tied the score when Mark Pollak drove to the net twice before letting one go for a goal. Pollak drove in and didn't like what he saw so he pulled it back out to the top and went in for the score. The next goal didn't come until the end of the first quarter when Gettysburg went up with a goal by Wes Cadman off a nice feed from behind by Pete Milliman.

Gettysburg found itself in the penalty box for much of the second quarter, but the Generals didn't take advantage as they possessed the ball for the majority of the time and were only able to tie the game going into the half at 3-3. One time on the man-up goalie Andrew Barter made the save of the game. The shot was taken from about 5 yards out and it was placed on the left handers right hip. Miraculously Barter got his stick there and made the save. I wouldn't of believed it if I didn't witness it myself.

The third quarter was Wes Hays turn to shine in net for the Generals. Washington & Lee took several penalties in the third, but Hays turned away shot after shot keeping his team in it. Gettysburg did manage to sneak one by him, but his play was nothing short of spectacular. It came on an unsettled situation off a broken down clear which ended up with Ross Garretson one on one with Hays. Garretson faked high and shot low to go up 4-3. It appeared the quarter would end that way, but with less than a second to go Chris Brown tied it up on an unsettled situation firing a bounce shot on the run that found the net.

Just over a minute into the second half Gettysburg went up again on another unsettled situation. This time Ric Bremer put it home and the Bullets were in the drivers seat. The Generals moved the ball all day around the perimeter, but they got absolutely no penetration. The Gettysburg defense was disciplined with every step they took and the Generals could not make the quick passes required to find the open backside man. With time running out Hays left his net and Tommy Pearce split the defense to walk out in front and put in an empty netter' that sealed it 6-4. It marked the first time in 54 games that the Generals have lost when allowing eight goals or less.

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    by (#512) on 3/12/00 @5:00PM
was g burg in a zone the whole time? what happened to dugan, how did he not find any rope?
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Bullets on the move
    by (#1146) on 3/12/00 @7:57PM
Way to go Burg... This is the year
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E-Z Killer
    by (#734) on 3/12/00 @11:09PM
This is the year for what? Did something terible happen to Salisbury that no one told me about?
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they lost
    by (#1017) on 3/13/00 @11:52AM
salisbury lost...hell eventhey can't win all the time.
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my bad
    by (#1017) on 3/13/00 @11:58AM
misread the score.. i guess they can win all the time
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Nice try
    by (#734) on 3/13/00 @11:33PM
Remember, the person with the most points at the end of a lax game is the winner.
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    by (#464) on 3/13/00 @12:41PM
Wes Hays keep up the good work.
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Salisbury ?I thought this was about W&L and G-burg
    by (#303) on 3/16/00 @1:47AM
You people love to think about the Sea Gulls. So do I. I think about the post game celebration, the rings they wear, their domination in the 90's. We are in your head already! They are rolling through the regular season, I can't wait until the Gettysburg game I'll be there you will hear me!
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watch that play
    by (#1337) on 3/18/00 @11:44AM
Go number 14 your amazing at watching the play.
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