Mid-Atlantic High School Preview

Mid-Atlantic High School Preview

Mid-Atlantic High School Preview

Mid-Atlantic High School Preview

For our second high school preview, we continue down the east coast to the Mid-Atlantic region, where the deepest pools of lacrosse talent are located. Featuring schools that are always in the mix for national recognition and some of the best high school players in the country, here are the teams and players expected to highlight the 2013 lacrosse season.

Garden City High SchoolNew Jersey:
Top School: Bridgewater-Raritan
Coach: Chuck Apel
Returning Players: Tyler Konen, A; Jared Kaden, D; Thomas Goodberlet, D

The 2012 New Jersey team of the year and two-time defending class C state champions, the Panthers will look to continue their recent string of New Jersey dominance in 2013. Coach Apel, who picked up his 400th career win last year, returns to lead a team that ranked as high as number eleven in national polls last season and will start the season with a 36-game win streak. With D-1 commit Konen as the main man on the attack, Kaden and Goodberlet on defense, and a stacked midfield, look for the Panthers to continue to lead the way in the New Jersey lacrosse scene.

Other Schools Vying for State/League Titles: St. Augustine Prep, Summit, Seton Hall Prep, Delbarton, Lawrenceville, Don Bosco Prep

Other video highlights: Summit vs. Glen Ridge NJSIAA Group 1 Championship

Other Players to Watch:
St. Augustine Prep: Chase Young, sophomore (M); Dean DiSimone, junior (A); Mike Sutton, senior(A)
Seton Hall Prep: Peter Marchetto, senior (M); Chester Toye, senior (M)
Don Bosco Prep: Will Collopy, senior (G); Jack Ray, senior (D)
Delbarton: Austin Williams, senior (M); Jamie White, senior (M); Will Reynolds, senior (D)

La Salle High SchoolPennsylvania
Top School: La Salle High School
Coach: Bill Leahy
Returning Players: Matt Rambo, (A); Stefan Bergman (D), Jeff Cimbalista, (M)

After losing out to Conestoga last year, La Salle and head coach Bill Leahy return this year with a heavy senior laden team that is likely to garner attention on the national level. For the Explorers, it all starts with superstar attack, Matt Rambo. Rambo, who will be attending Maryland next year, is considered by many to be the top senior in the country this season and turned even more heads this summer after hitting 102 mph with a shot at the Warrior 40 last summer. Fellow seniors Bergman and and Cimbalista will also head on to D1 schools after this season, and will be counted on to lead the team on the defensive side and midfield, respectively. An injury to Harvard bound senior Sean Coleman has him questionable for this spring, but if he plays expect him to be the final piece for the Explorers this season. A big test for La Salle this year will be when it plays New York powerhouse Garden City, in what is sure to be a marquee match up for high school lacrosse.

Other video highlights: Malvern Prep vs. Loyola Blakefield, Conestoga vs. Malvern

Other Schools Vying for State/League Titles: Conestoga, Malvern Prep, Radnor,Haverford School

Other Players to Watch:
Haverford School: Jake Landman, senior (G); Reilly Hupfeldt, senior (A)
Conestoga: Zack Schleicher, senior (M); Alex Mezey, senior (A); Robbie Zonino, senior (G)
Malvern Prep: Matt Barrett, senior (G); Chris Hilburn, senior (M)
Mount Lebanon: Doran Graham, senior (A)
Episcopal Academy: Kevin Gayhardt, senior (D)
Haverford High: Kevin Leyden, junior (M)

Calvert HallMaryland
Top School: Calvert Hall
Coach: Bryan Kelly
Returning Players: Stephen Kelly,(A); Tim Kelly, (A)

In a region filled with talent unlike any other, Calvert Hall has long been one considered one of the top schools in the country for high school lacrosse. Currently ranked as the number two high school in the country behind New York's Garden City, Coach Kelly and his squad are primed to repeat this season as MIAA-champions and retake the nations number one seed. As per the usual with Calvert Hall, this team revolves around the Kelly name as it has for generations. UNC bound cousins Stephen and Tim lead a Cardinal attack that averaged just under twelve goals a game in 2012. Also look for Loyola commit Jordan Germershausen to make an impact on the offensive side. Senior John Belz leads a stacked mid-field along with Jacksonville bound senior Brendon Ratigan and former JV captain Owen Dingman this season while junior D-pole and Ohio State commit Erik Evans will anchor the back line. Calvert Hall is sure to be a force in Maryland high school lacrosse this season.

Other video highlights: Gilman vs. Boys' Latin Maryland High School

Other Schools Vying for State/League Titles: Boys Latin, Gilman, Gonzaga, Loyola Blakefield, South River High

Other Players to Watch:
Boys Latin-Gregg Sheetz, senior (M), David Pisanic, junior (G); Devin Shewell, sophomore (A)
Gilman-Andy Matthews, sophomore (A); William McBride, junior (M)
Loyola-Blakefield: Kevin O'Toole, senior (M); Jake Clise, senior (A);Devin McNamara,senior(A);
Bennett Bradley, senior (F/O)
South River High School: Ben Chisolm, senior (A)

Top School: Langley
Coach: Earl Brewer
Retuning Players: Luke Salzer, (M); Brad Dotson, (D)

In a state that is overshadowed by Maryland and its depths of talent, Langley High School has help its own in as one of the top schools for lacrosse in Virginia. Led by coach Earl Brewer, the Saxons have one several VHSL state titles over the years and have sent many a player on to big name college lacrosse programs. This year, Brewer will be led by his seniors Salzer and Dotson. Dotson, who will be headed for Bucknell, has been a varsity player since his freshman year while Delaware commit Salzer will look to improve on a 2012 season that saw him tally 26 goals and 47 assists. A fifth straight state title is quite possible for Langley in 2013.

Other schools vying for state/league titles: Georgetown Prep, St. Stephens & St. Agnes, Hampton Roads Academy

Other Players to Watch:
St. Stephens & St. Agnes: Joe King, senior (M); Jimmy Wyrick, senior (D); Seth Miller, senior (A); Isaiah Davis Allen, senior (M)
Paul VI: Ethan Powley, senior (D)
Stone Bridge: Dylan Maltz, senior (A)

A special thanks goes out to Chris Goldberg of phillylacrosse.com and Mike Kinney of MSG Varsity for their help in writing this article.

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    by (#231534) on 1/15/13 @5:56PM
This is an absolute outrage. The fact that Langely has sent two players D1 in the last four years shows that you do not have your facts straght. In addition to the fact that georgetown prep is not located in Virginia. Paul VI has 14 players committed to play at the next level and Hampton Roads Academy, a mediocore d2 team, is listed above them? Think about that
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Prove it on the field
    by (#256529) on 1/15/13 @6:24PM
These assumptions they make are not very accurate. They just list all the teams that are consistently top teams in each area. Shock everyone on the field, then it will feel even more rewarding when you do win state.
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(no subject)
    by (#356671) on 1/15/13 @7:47PM
Langley sucks, they won the VA public school championship? What does that even mean, they beat a bunch of mediocre VA public schools. 12-3 loss to Prep and they are the best team in Virginia? I call BS for three reasons, 1. SSSA 2. Blue Ridge 3. STAB
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    by (#242307) on 1/15/13 @9:33PM
to say that schools like lawrenceville and don bosco vie for state titles is stupid, there are schools like glen rock, rumson, maybe ramapo or shawnee, lax.com really needs to delve into nj lax. there is alot more talent here then just BR and summit
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    by (#228272) on 1/16/13 @10:43AM
Agreed and mountain lakes. glen ridge beat summit in the state final last year. Mka is another good team. Don't forget about Bergen catholic they have a ridiculous freshman class. And in 2 years ramapo will be the best team in the mid Atlantic with the sophomore class they have this year
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(no subject)
    by (#228272) on 1/16/13 @10:45AM
And ridgewood is great too. And another thing jack ray at don bosco plays attack not defense
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    by (#204675) on 1/16/13 @8:04PM
CHATHAM... enough said
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(no subject)
    by (#228272) on 1/17/13 @10:14AM
Yeah Chattham is up there too, really just because of little Guida though. And for anybody who didnt notice, you are from Chattham going off of your screen name.
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(no subject)
    by (#357329) on 1/23/13 @8:27AM
that was completely wrong. glen rock and rumson both played a joke of a schedule and then summit easily beat rumson in the semis. ramapo went 7-10 and shawnee got embarassed by ridgewood in the states 10-1.

there are good teams other than BR and summit, you just didnt name any of them
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(no subject)
    by (#357329) on 1/23/13 @8:30AM
so bridgewater graduates their entire starting lineup and is still number one? they currently have one player going to the next level, and who exactly is on their "stacked" midfield?

they had the best senior class, and now its gone. time for another team to step up
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(no subject)
    by (#357618) on 1/27/13 @1:57AM
Just like to add, the Jacksonville bound senior Brendon Ratigan does not play for Calvert Hall, he plays for calverton in huntingtown md
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