Munro Resigns from Denver

Munro Resigns from Denver

Munro Resigns from Denver

Munro Resigns from Denver

DENVER – University of Denver men’s lacrosse head coach Jamie Munro has resigned after 11 seasons, Vice Chancellor for Athletics and Recreation and Ritchie Center Operations Peg Bradley-Doppes announced today.

Munro has been reassigned at DU and will work with Bradley-Doppes and the senior staff on special projects until June 30. A national search for Munro’s replacement will begin immediately.

“I want to thank the University of Denver family for 11 great years,” Munro said. “I’ve decided to resign to pursue other opportunities. It’s been a wonderful ride at DU and it couldn’t have happened without the hard work and dedication from my assistant coaches, players and support staff.”

During his time with the Pioneers, Munro tallied a career record of 91-70, securing four GWLL Championship titles and two NCAA postseason tournament appearance. He was named GWLL Coach of the Year in 2000 and 2006 and placed 11 players in the last three seasons to the GWLL All-Conference team, including a Newcomer of the Year honoree in 2008. Munro has also coached five All-Americans during his 11 seasons with the Pioneers. DU finished this season with a 7-8 overall record and 1-4 mark in its final season of play in the Great Western Lacrosse League.

“I’m excited about the next chapter in my life, whether it’s coaching or pursuing a new career path,” Munro said. “I’m also looking forward to working on a daily basis with Peg, who is one of the most reputable athletic directors in all of collegiate athletics.”

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    by (#44432) on 5/09/09 @5:59PM
Munro has run a lackluster program at Denver. They have enjoyed some mild success from year to year in the GWLL and in the playoffs here and there, but Denver should be a premier hot spot for lacrosse recruits. It has good academics which aren't too hard, a glorious campus and wonderful facilities including the new lacrosse stadium they built. It shouldn't be difficult to get people to attend there with a coach who doesn't have a policy of "the more you run, the better you are." Peace, Love, Pioneers.
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(no subject)
    by (#221354) on 5/11/09 @8:28PM
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denver lax
    by (#221354) on 5/11/09 @8:38PM
Jamie got fired for the behavior of his Canadian boy's off the field. Not as bad as Duke and their black strippers etc but still not very good. Jamie and Pressler both paid the price. Sad as Pressler deserved to be fired for the Long Island and Jersey boy's running around Duke like idiots for years! Jamie got a raw deal as he worked hard and did well at a school that you rather go to Conn College or Bates instead of if you had a brain. D-1 lax is a joke go to Amherst, Williams, Wesleyan or Middlebury and Bowdoin and get a life. Hey what did you do in college... I MAJORED IN LACROSSE!!
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no you are the moron
    by (#221354) on 5/12/09 @2:00PM
nice spelling thank you for proving my point YOU MORON!!
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your lacksorry
    by (#199913) on 5/12/09 @2:48PM
you lack any amount of knowledge that someone as biased as you could posses. I'm sorry but I take it that you got denied from a DI school? The Duke case is done and as for what happened with the DU players that should be left alone as well.
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