NBC to Broadcast NLL Games

NBC to Broadcast NLL Games

NBC to Broadcast NLL Games

NBC to Broadcast NLL Games

The 'Fastest Game on Two Feet' has piqued the interest of the famous network peacock, which means some huge exposure for pro lacrosse and the city of Calgary. In a landmark deal for the National Lacrosse League, NBC will air the league's all-star game -- held this year at the Saddledome -- and the Champion's Cup final live across North America, a league source confirmed yesterday.

An official press conference to announce the deal is expected this week.

The all-star game had been slated for Sunday, Feb. 27, but will be moved to Saturday, Feb. 26 at noon to accommodate NBC.

The Calgary Roughnecks were awarded the right to host the all-star game last March.

They had submitted a bid along with their landlords, the Calgary Flames, and were chosen over a number of other bidders, notably the Toronto Rock.

The NLL has made it their No.-1 priority to nail down a national TV deal in the U.S. The Score and Sportsnet have broadcast games nationally in Canada while Stateside games were only aired regionally on networks, including Fox Sportsnet, Empire Sports Network and Altitude.

While the deal with NBC is only for two games, the league is viewing it as a major step towards finally inking a full-season deal that will bring the NLL added credibility on the North American sports scene.

Four Roughnecks took part in the all-star game last year in Denver. Captain Tracey Kelusky, Kaleb Toth, Rob Kirkby and Ted Dowling played for the West Division, which lost 19-15 to the East.

From the Calgary Sun

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I'll watch it
    by (#37283) on 1/19/05 @11:34AM
Even though its indoor lax. Its certainly worth watching. I expect the NLL to get a full season deal next year.

Go Sting!
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(no subject)
    by (#58416) on 1/19/05 @3:14PM
That's extremely doubtful for a full season.

The main reason the NLL got this attention was because of the lack of the NHL this year. Since its the "hot rumor" that the NLL is pretty much a replacement for the NHL, NBC wants to capitolize on that and snag what can be replaced as hockey. However, if hockey comes back next year, don't expect the NLL to be back.

And anyway, this ain't exactly primetime stuff. Plus, the NBC has a history of airing crappy 3rd rate sports (Arena Football, XFL, etc.)
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(no subject)
    by (#37283) on 1/19/05 @3:45PM
Your somewhat right...but people who were marginal sports fans probably rather get into watching lacrosse than go back to hockey, (it looks doubtful for the NHL next year anyway).
I think live television on a weekend day is very great time. Just imagine what goes on during the weekend : Your sitting on your butt in your tighty whities, flipping through the channels and you see some awesome lacrosse action. A lot of people are going to stop in curiosity.
NBC sports has gone way downhill, but hey, you gotta start somewhere! It is a channel that everyone gets. I guess we will have to see how it ends up. NLL should at least get a full season on an NBC owned cable channel next year.
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    by (#69511) on 1/19/05 @7:27PM
does this deal mean that the games will be aired nationwide or just to a certain area?
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Games Shown Nationwide...
    by (#37283) on 1/20/05 @1:22AM
So did anyone else read the article on the NLL site? They claim that this will be the first time that lacrosse is going to be on network TV. Don't believe them, (unless they consider indoor and field lacrosse to be seperate, which I and most of you probably don't), the NCAA championship used to be on CBS and ABC in the late 80s/early 90s. Thats one of the ways I was introduced to the game, watching on TV from Arizona. If you need further evidence, check out some of the video clips on laxpower.com, they show some graphics from the games that proves its network footage.

Don't believe everything you see on the internet! (except for what I just wrote of course)
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Was it on nationally though?
    by (#41662) on 1/20/05 @2:33AM
I have no idea, I'm actually asking. College games are on ABC down here in Baltimore, but obviously its just the local affiliate.
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lax on networks
    by (#5100) on 2/01/05 @7:22PM
weren't those tape-delayed? sometimes you'd come back from commercials, and the score would miraculously be different. thank goodness espn picked up broadcasting the entire tourney. it used to be mike joy (who now does nascar) and leif elsmo. and was where leif declared one of his most uninformed comments of all time (of which there are many). upon freshman doug knight scoring a goal when he got into the 94 championship after an injury to uva's starter, leif declared that that was the most important goal of knight's career. oops.
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Here's the Problem w/ NLL
    by (#90203) on 2/15/05 @9:33PM
There's a reason that the NLL never comes on network TV, and there's a reason the NCAA tournament is the only widely broadcasted lax events of the year.

Lax is "the fastest game on two feet" and it's so fricking fast that there's no time to make a profit.

The reason hockey, football, and baseball are broadcasted is because there's always time to slide in an advertisement or two... "sponsored by [company x]" is how networks make their money to stay afloat.

In lax, especially box lacrosse, there's always action, and there's no time for commercials, hence making the game a waste of money.

My guess goes to the guy who said it's an NHL replacement at the moment, but god knows I'll be at the sports bar saturday to watch this game.
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your point has some merits
    by (#41662) on 2/20/05 @1:24AM
but I disagree. Say you love watching hockey, football or baseball. Wouldn't your veiwing be more enjoyable with no commercials? But they are there, and you watch anyway. TV execs have not shyed away from broadcasting the NLL because of the lack of "natural" timeout chances. It just hasn't been popular enough to warrant a 90% affiliate pickup on a national network. College basketball wasn't designed with timeouts at 16, 12, 8 and 4 minutes in each half. When lacrosse is popular enough nationwide, they will air more games and they will insert TV timeouts just like basketball.
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    by (#94285) on 3/03/05 @1:43PM
any of use no how to get lacrosse in england imm not payin 130 pound for a yr wen i want 1 month and i got nbc but it is nbc europe eill this nbc show it???
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