NYIT In A Zone, Beat Limestone 9-4

NYIT In A Zone, Beat Limestone 9-4

NYIT  In A Zone, Beat Limestone 9-4

NYIT In A Zone, Beat Limestone 9-4

New York Tech packed their defense in tight using a zone. They relied on their strong goalie Matt Hunter to stop all the outside shots and he made most of them giving up only four goals. Hunter was named the most outstanding player in front of a record crowd of 15,417. NYIT got two goals from Paul Montali, Ted Zummo, Sean Meagher, and Joe Gabrysiak.

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Yeah Tech
    by (#20194) on 5/26/03 @12:26AM
Nice to finally see the D2 play on the same field as everyone else, and they proved that they belonged on that field. Great game played by both teams, and Tech finally pulled it out. Great season for both Tech and Limestone. Maybe instead of showing the softball elimination matches for the 9th and 10th place teams, ESPN will wise up and show D2 and D3.
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    by (#53789) on 5/26/03 @4:56AM
thanks for covering the d-2 final. maybe if you place it farther down the page absolutley no one will see it. it is good to see that you guys at lax.com don't buy into the bureaucratic bullshit that seems to make up the ncaa. way to go on the club finals also; fucking chumps. proselytize stupid. and the crowd goes wild!
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You're Right
    by (#1383) on 5/26/03 @10:14PM
They also forgot to cover the Wisconsin JV Jamboree. That's the tourney where i hear they take the four best teams in the state out of a field of nine.
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you gotta start somewhere
    by (#53789) on 5/26/03 @11:00PM
funny shocks, most clowns are funny. you are right man, just be clear. enjoy your SOMELAX.com. long live laxpower. sorry to all for the swear
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slop fest
    by (#41652) on 5/28/03 @1:28PM
I think the D2 finals was pretty shitty for a finals lacrosse game...I thought that it was cool that they got the respect they deserved and got to play on the same field as the other finals but it just seemed like a off paced and sloppy play...The only person who impressed me was the NYIT goalie who had a solid performance but other then that not too much to say
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hey, littledumbo cataclysmic rainfall might have
    by (#53789) on 5/30/03 @12:21AM
had something to do with this strange phenomenon [sloppy play].

huh, the d-1 game was played with absolute precision? you're right "not too much to say" so next time attempt to formulate a statement with some pertinence. also, the lax.com community expects an apology for the expletive. dont ever disrespect d-2; quality ball with quality ballers.
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hey ass clown
    by (#41652) on 6/01/03 @3:50PM
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