Nerves Nip Hopkins

Nerves Nip Hopkins

Nerves Nip Hopkins

Nerves Nip Hopkins

The main concern for Johns Hopkins all season was their lack of experience. They started four freshman, one sophomore, a junior with one previous career start and a senior goalie with zero career starts. Although it was a concern it didn't prevent Hopkins from going 12-1 and entering the tournament as the number one seed. However, it came to light today as they went down 6-1 in the first quarter and eventually lost 11-9 to Princeton in the NCAA Semifinals at Rutgers Stadium in Piscataway, New Jersey before 23,123 fans. "You can't simulate that if you win you go to the National Championship and if you lose you go home," said Johns Hopkins Head Men's Lacrosse Coach David Pietramala.

Princeton scored with their first shot of the game as Brad Dumont took the short stick that was covering him right to the cage to give Princeton the early lead. Josh White added another one as he ducked through two checks and finished. Hopkins answered with their first of the game from Adam Doneger righty high and hard. The Tigers exploded for three more before the quarter. The best one was when Brendan Tierney threw the extra pass to BJ Prager who completed the play. Hopkins was dominating the face-offs winning 10 of 12 in the first half. Despite their success in that area they had a difficult time converting the possessions. Princeton meanwhile was using solid ball movement and off-the-ball cuts to get some excellent looks which the finished. One of those came three minutes into the second quarter when Tierney cut behind his defender and caught a pass from Ryan Boyle to score. Hopkins got two more before the end of the half and Princeton got one for a 7-3 score heading into the break.

The Hop came out with a little more firepower in the second half. The defense was more aggressive and the offense was taking more chances. Kyle Barrie caught a nice feed from Conor Ford and stuck one high. Then Peter LeSueur made a nice move on Princeton's Joe Rosenbaum to score. That brought the Blue Jays within two but Princeton answered with two more to bring the lead back to four. Then on cue, Hopkins got another two for a 9-7 score heading into the fourth quarter. Sean Hartofilis went through two guys to get his first goal of the game. Princeton won the face off (only their seventh of the game) and held possessio for two minutes before Prager ripped a righty crank. Hopkins had a great opportunity to score with Kevin Boland from point-blank range but Princeton goaltender Julian Gould (did you know he studied classical guitar in Spain last summer) made an awesome save. Hopkins did convert another opportunity when Barrie deposited a LeSueur feed on extra-man. Hopkins for most of the game (and most of the season) seemed to like to pull it out and set up one-on-one match-ups but today much of their success came off passing. Hopkins won the ensuing face-off but couldn't get another goal until 3:41 was left when Boland dropped the ball then had a scoop and shoot. That goal brought Hopkins within two and made the score 11-9. The Blue Jays had two more great opportunities with around two minutes left but they couldn't get passed Gould. Princeton managed to maintain possession and killed the clock. After the game expired, Petro attempted to call his players together but insted the team ran out to greet senior Nick Murtha who was coming off the field for the last time.

As the players streamed into the tunnel after the game senior Pat Miller stopped and took a look around. Although the senior didn't play today he knew this was it. The Loyola HS grad clearly appreciated his time with the Hopkins lacrosse program. Princeton Head Coach Bill Tierney explained how his team was able to hang on to their lead the entire game, "We do a lot of situational stuff in pratice where we say to the kids 'Ok, you're down a goal with two minutes left or you're up two with four minutes left.' We have to remember that it is still just ball with sticks and you have to handle the situations whether there are 30,000 people or 3,000."

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Feeling Bleu
    by (#2700) on 5/25/02 @10:05PM
The last time JHU copped an NCAA title was in 1987, when Bill Tierney was Blue Jay assistant coach. March matchups are very nice, but The Lax Scientist always has an answer in May.
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Bobby Benson
    by (#29612) on 5/26/02 @12:46AM
Benson clinched the award for most overrated player in NCAA lacrosse today. He was absolutely non-existent on the field. And that bounce shot he took in the final minutes was so slow that the backup goalie could have ran from the sidelines and blocked it after it was released.

Donegar, on the other hand, has a ridiculously hard shot. He's right up there with Springer. He can bring the heat
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    by (#8966) on 5/26/02 @2:54AM
That shot was wack, but Bobby Benson is still a great amazing player, he just made a poor decision.
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great amazing?
    by (#29612) on 5/26/02 @4:10PM
if by "great amazing" you mean that he sucks and is so weak, then i agree that he is a great amazing player. otherwise you are an idiot if you think he is good

his USA roster spot should be taken from him and given to someone more worthy
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your wack
    by (#6496) on 5/27/02 @1:27AM
When's the last time you made a start at the Hop., when u do then you can crack on Benson's skills.
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i agree
    by (#32226) on 5/29/02 @9:30PM
Benson is the shit and so are the Blue Jays they played awesome top rate lacrosse the whole season I watched this game in disbelief. Hopkins played there worst game of the season and i think that is mainly because of nerves. these guys were mostly freshman in front of a huge crowd. still people like Harrison, Donegar, Murtha and so on make watchin that game all worth it. They will come back veterans next year and be champs they've got the potential they just have to find there rythmn and work well together as they did this season and work well with the freshman coming in. they are and always be a team to worry about and respect
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    by (#31947) on 5/30/02 @9:16PM
This is BS Bobby beson sucks.. he should get off the field
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philly kids
    by (#5306) on 5/26/02 @11:14AM
I'm amazed by Princeton's ability to "turn it up" come tournament time. At the same time, i knew it was a matter of time before jhu lost a close one, after winning the majority of their games by one goal. But what i really want to talk about is the play of Kyle Barrie and Jonny x-mas, though they both lost. I think that these freshman are evidence of the booming lax scene in philly. They should both develop into special players. I think it's great for the game. The more and more hotbeds develop, the better the game will become. Cuse over Priceton.
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(no subject)
    by (#30922) on 5/26/02 @11:53AM
man, not another princeton vs cuse title game!!!i do give credit to princeton though, after going to 2-4, they knew they had to win every game and they did-now there in the title game next year. hopkins will be much better with more experience
ill be rooting for princeton now
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    by (#10699) on 5/27/02 @10:15AM
ya princeton did great winning the rest of the season after going two and four
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Philadelphia lax
    by (#20511) on 5/26/02 @1:37PM
I agree with laxer69, I think the 2 philly freshmen (barrie and xmas) outplayed the other 2 Long Island freshmen (yevoli and leseur)in yesterday's games. they are a good indicator of the level of play that is starting to come out of that area.
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The HV Fresh rocked em up
    by (#6496) on 5/27/02 @1:29AM
Chris Watson held Hartofolis to one score, and Sean Lindsay with the fucking third quarter Cannon.

Hudson Valley What
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defense for the finals
    by (#29015) on 5/26/02 @12:39PM
ok, the semifinals were some of the illest games I have ever seen. I play defense with a passion and I'd like to say the finals are gonna be great. In my opinion two of the best defensemen in the game are going to go head-2-head. Damion Davis of Princeton and Adam Glatzel of Syracuse are both great defensemen with different styles. Glatzel uses his stick and strengh with his other defensmen to keep the ball outside and snaggs passes. Damion Davis is a tank, hes built solid, Princeton's defense is infamous for letting the guys run in, then double and triple teaming the guys making him losing his wits. Davis is the guy the that usually crushes him making the middie or attackmen look like a moron. He is also really fast. I mean he got seperation easilly on hopkins attackmen. Speed and strengh what else do u need?
Overall its gonna be a great game where defense is going to decide the winner. This is one you definately don't want to miss. *gets vcr ready to record*

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adam glatzel??
    by (#20923) on 5/26/02 @5:47PM
is he john's lesser known cousin?
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    by (#8608) on 5/26/02 @6:36PM how come bigmull is writing final four games, for those of us who were not at the game this story sucks, Bigmull put some heart in it. Pictures are sic! but story sucks. I hope Neil or Mike write Mondays game not Bigmull. Go Tigers!
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Who won the Revolution??
    by (#22234) on 5/27/02 @1:51PM
I dont even have to read this article to know that biggmull is a bloody fool. He doesn't even live in this country! Keeping in line with his brothers of 1812, biggmull is a bigg loser.
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