New Tier vs. Dublin-Jerome Ohio High School Lacrosse 2012

New Tier vs. Dublin-Jerome Ohio High School Lacrosse 2012

New Tier vs. Dublin-Jerome Ohio High School Lacrosse 2012 went down to Ohio to tape New Trier vs. Dublin-Jerome. This is a big out of state rivalry between Ohio and Illinois.

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    by (#172313) on 4/09/12 @8:02AM
WHERES OH-IO LAX AT?!?!?!? they made this vid for you!!!!!!! ohio lacrosse is so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh-Io really
    by (#96831) on 4/09/12 @10:27AM
this is one of the weakest hs vids I've seen yet out of any state
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    by (#305491) on 4/09/12 @12:20PM
lmao OH-IO lax this is what you brag about? this is garbage come down long island and watch some real lacrosse
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   (no subject) by 4/09/12 @1:26PM
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    by (#233818) on 4/09/12 @4:38PM
*awkwardly watches knowing New Trier is the best team in my state and they are getting destroyed*
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   same by 4/09/12 @5:02PM
      (no subject) by 4/11/12 @11:13AM
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    by (#278214) on 4/09/12 @5:43PM
this is actually awful
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    by (#309027) on 4/09/12 @7:57PM
OH-IO lax. ohio is actually terrible at lacrosse. you go on and comment on all these videos and say that all these developing hotbeds are bad when any team from florida, texas, california, kentucky would beat these teams shown here. from your so called powerhouse of lacrosse
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Where are you OH-IO?
    by (#285303) on 4/09/12 @8:02PM
So the one time they show your amazing state's lacrosse, you go all quiet? Thanks for posting this and shutting up OH-IO.
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    by (#330201) on 4/09/12 @8:33PM
I don't know who OH-IO lax is but this is honestly terrible lacrosse.
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   (no subject) by 4/09/12 @9:15PM
    by (#264181) on 4/10/12 @12:09AM
OH-IO was probably on new tier.
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   (no subject) by 4/10/12 @12:15AM
Stop the hate
    by (#308614) on 4/10/12 @1:57AM
Yeah i know OHIO lax talks so much crap on here, but i seriously doubt that half the people on here who are talking crap are really good enough to back it up. Ohio does have good lacrosse, its not as good as the hotbeds, but its better than many Cali, Colorado, Texas and Illinois teams, and who ever is talking about Kentucky being better than Ohio needs to look in the mirror and admit to themselves that they're lying. Im from Ohio, i grew up playing lacrosse in Ohio and many more recruits are starting to come out of OH. Brett Hughes, Max and Brett Schmidt, Hakeem Lecky, Lewis Ratcliffe and many more have come from Ohio. One thing i think Ohio has more than other parts of the country is amazing athletes because we're such a big football state, and thats also the downfall of it because its hard to pull those committed athletes away from their original sport. So please don't think that all Ohio lax is garbage because i promise its not. And while you may have us beat in Lax, Id love to see a team from Baltimore or LI come to OH and try to play us in football, you'd get destroyed. Sorry i had to throw that in there. And OHIOLax if you're reading this shut up and stop instigating people.
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   Stop the hate by 4/10/12 @7:00PM
      my bad by 4/10/12 @8:41PM
    by (#196296) on 4/10/12 @9:01AM
Ohio teams could whoop any team from kuntucky, cali and any other shitty state, you fags. ohio has some of best athletes and players comming out non tradional hotbeds, now go back to chugging balls, and blowing dudes
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   for comparison by 4/10/12 @3:45PM
      wow by 4/13/12 @3:58PM
      MyLifeIsBitch by 4/19/12 @2:46PM
         (no subject) by 5/16/12 @12:42PM
   Ohio lax. by 4/10/12 @4:15PM
      (no subject) by 4/10/12 @5:12PM
   OH-IOlax by 4/10/12 @7:04PM
Ohio lax sucks
    by (#161587) on 4/11/12 @5:47PM
Man ohio lax sucks!!! I hope this isn't one of the best teams in ohio
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   Dublin-Jerome by 4/11/12 @5:54PM
Our NJ 8th graders could beat New Tier!
    by (#330769) on 4/13/12 @4:32PM
Goal tending was really weak and D just let DJO walk in. Shots were too easy for New Tier Goal tender to not be able to stop. In all, Illinois and Ohio, you have light years before you can beat the East Coast.
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   (no subject) by 4/13/12 @10:37PM
   Ur right by 6/29/12 @12:24AM
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    by (#329410) on 4/18/12 @10:19AM
ohio lax is tooo clean this is a legit video
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    by (#269173) on 4/19/12 @12:13AM
Teams in alabama play better defense than new teir. that was the worst excuse for a defense that ive ever seen. a bunch of rag-tag losers.
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