New Trier Takes Down Loyola Academy 7-6 for its Sixth Straight Title in Illinois.

New Trier Takes Down Loyola Academy 7-6 for its Sixth Straight Title in Illinois.

New Trier Takes Down Loyola Academy 7-6 for its Sixth Straight Title in Illinois.

New Trier Takes Down Loyola Academy 7-6 for its Sixth Straight Title in Illinois.

New Trier ran out to an early lead scoring 3 goals on their first four possessions, before Loyola could answer effectively with their own score to make it 4-1. The team traded possessions and in the last 8 minutes of the first half, Loyola used a patient, ball control attack and found the back of the Trevian net 3 times to tie the game at 4-4 by halftime. New Trier answered with two quick goals in an 18 second span at the beginning of the second half, including one garbage style goal in which it appeared that the shooter had entered the crease to go ahead 6-4. Loyola scored in the third to end the quarter down 6-5 on a shot by Will Forsyth and the Ramblers choose to hold the ball at the end of the quarter rather than shoot even though there were two lanes to the goal that opened during their rotation. Consequently Loyola retained possession and began the last quarter in the Trevian zone rather than at the faceoff line. Dylan Brennan then tied the game at 6-6 with a 15 yard strike from the top left at at the 5:50 mark. Both teams were unable to get any good looks for the next 5 minutes but at 1:02, Mick Parks came around the back right and tossed a feed pass top dead center to Chris Sweitzer, who used a right handed overhand shot to find the net and make it 7-6 for New Trier. Loyola gained possession off the face off but twice was stripped of the ball by New Trier’s defense, which then forced an errant pass down the left side of the net.

This was to be the final championship before the IHSA adopted the sport for the 2011 season, but the recent economic downturn may have thrown that decision by the IHSA into doubt. The IHSA has agreed to sponsor a state title series in lacrosse if 65 schools sign the Emerging Sport Registration Form for boys lacrosse and 40 school sign it for girls lacrosse. The Chicago Public School system is grappling for ways to cut its nearly 900 million dollar deficit and the elimination of water polo and lacrosse has been mentioned as one proposed aspect of budget control. However, other school systems such as Districts 203 and 204 that include Naperville North, Central, Neuqua Valley, Waubonsie Vally, Metea Valley, Wheaton North and Wheaton Warrenville South have indicated that they will not consider sponsoring the sport while they are under teacher cuts. This leaves lacrosse proponents at least 7 schools shy of the IHSA mandated number of 65. However, the sport may still be played as it is today, as an emerging sport for next season.

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illinois plays lax?
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Lack of Intelligence
    by (#224705) on 6/06/10 @11:18PM
"Broooooooooo, if you don't play laaax on the East Coast then you don't play laaax." Listen up.....

New Trier might be from Chicago, but don't think of them lightly. IF you didn't notice, Chicago produces pretty good athletes (Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade, Kevin Garnett - to name a few) and lacrosse is gaining a lot of popularity. New Trier played against a lot of good teams this season, including wins over Brother Rice, Culver Academy, Rockhurst Jesuit, and Western Reserve, so if you are from MICHIGAN, INDIANA, MISSOURI, or OHIO, you can stop talking. They also gave Landon all they could handle after a sloppy first game against Loyola-Blakefield. In the past couple of years, they have sent kids to play at schools like Princeton and Virginia, so they can produce talent.

But hey, what do I know. I guess we should listen to what you EAST COOOOOAST laxerzzz have to say. TEACH US YOUR WAYS!!! Tools...
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just because you dont play on the east coast does not mean you suck. theres teams every where and some of them could definitely compete with some east soast team and that is a good thing they are trying too get the sport in more places
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    by (#250115) on 6/07/10 @4:17PM
It's almost like everyone doesn't know where Steven Brooks is from...
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well...Ill make this more obvious...
    by (#235612) on 6/08/10 @3:53PM
lets be honest here football is more athletic than lacrosse, we can all agree on that, and I play for Lakeland High school's football team in florida, yea we are one of the best teams in the US. I played main south from IL, who actually beat loyola academy in the sate championship. We beat loyola but they gave us all we could handle. When we played the best teams from Ohio and the eastcoast we raped them, thus Illinois athletics>east coast athletics and ohio.
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they've done this b4 i remember these schools are literally a block away they practice at the same fields sometimes. i saw the saint Charles game it was good
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