New York Shootout: Part II

New York Shootout: Part II

New York Shootout: Part II

New York Shootout presented by Nike-Part Two

Stories by Rich Barnes
Photos by Rich Barnes
Video by Mike Gilbert & Zach Babo

Taking the place of the defunct Empire State Games, the New York Shootout brings together the best New York underclassman from their respective regions.

Western/Buffalo vs. Southern Tier (1pm)

In a matchup that featured the explosive offense of the Southern Tier and the stingy defense of the Western/Buffalo region, this game would not disappoint.

In a back and forth battle, both units would struggle at times at the offensive end due to sloppy play. It was evident that the multiple game format and heat were starting to catch up with all the players.

In the end, the stingy defensive unit of the Western/Buffalo team would get the better of the Southern Tier offensive unit. A Western/Buffalo goal with under two minutes to play would prove to be the difference with Western/Buffalo edging the Southern Tier region, 7-6.

Other 1pm game: Hudson Valley would get their only win of the day with an 8-3 victory over the North Country.

Suffolk vs. Nassau (2pm)

The 2 p.m. games matched area rivals to see who could claim bragging rights for their region. A game that was marked early as the “Game of the Day” was slowed by heat and the early losses by both clubs. A back-and-forth game that featured some solid goaltending and defensive play, the Nassau region was able to chip away at an early deficit to grab victory over their area rival.

Suffolk would hold a small early lead only to have Nassau chip away and eventually take over and win the game by a count of 9-6.

Other 2pm game: Looking to go 3-0 on the day, the Central region took on area rival Rochester. Central got a first-minute goal from Billy Ward (Baldwinsville-Syracuse U) and never trailed. A late surge by Rochester was held off for a 9-7 win for Central in another game slowed by heat and fatigue. Ward had a team-high two goals. Goalies Stefan Basile and Cathers each played for a half for the Central team.

Western/Buffalo-8 vs. Hudson Valley-4 (3pm)

**Buffalo region also went 3-0 on the day.

Southern Tier-12 vs. North Country-3 (3pm)

**North Country was supposed to be combined with the Albany area but for reasons unknown???

..No Albany Kids tried out.

Rosters for all teams are posted below amongst the pictures.

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    by (#225360) on 8/01/09 @12:57AM
2:39 guys got some sweet neon cleats
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    by (#216394) on 8/01/09 @11:45AM
any reason some teams wear team helmets and others don't? Just wondering...
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    by (#224361) on 8/01/09 @7:38PM
4:18 all i can say is JACKED UP n at 4:26 that was amazing fallin over making the behind the back shot
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    by (#196296) on 8/02/09 @8:44AM
no FLIDS winning it this year thank god, probably busy getting new hair cuts and lifting weights and doing jager bombs
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that was by far the sickest hit of all the games

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videos wont load, tech support anyone? (nt)
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Maybe the current hurricane will hit douchebag island aka long island and take away all the flids
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