No. 3 Terps Shell No. 5 Minutemen, 13-7

No. 3 Terps Shell No. 5 Minutemen, 13-7

No. 3 Terps Shell No. 5 Minutemen, 13-7

No. 3 Terps Shell No. 5 Minutemen, 13-7

Game brief
No. 3 Maryland showed signs of that Final Four smile early on in the game against No. 5 UMass, and earned the 13-7 win with effective hard hitting defensive pressure, offensive precision and power, and methodical execution of lacrosse fundamentals. Senior Terp Mike Mollot rocked the Dome with a 5-pt performance (4g, 1a). Defensively, the Terps showed no mercy and made it difficult for the UMass All-Stars to convert down low. Sophomore gorilla Chris Doyle notched a hat trick for loyal fans.

Defensively, the Terps were too much today and the Minutemen go-to-goal players were getting many good looks at the goal and when they did they got stripped in the hole. As the sense of urgency became more pronounced, the UMass offense relied more on sending the lone attacker in to close the deal as opposed to the effective off ball movement that helped to get them so far this year. The Maryland attack didn’t disappoint either. You could sense UMass’ frustration, especially late in the fourth as UMass had 8 fouls in the final quarter. Although UMD failed to convert on EMO, UMass gave up almost half a quarter (6:30 minutes) worth of time.

Statistical review
Shots on goal: UMD (36), UMass(37). Saves: UMD (15), UMass (13), Faceoffs: UMD (10/24), UMass (14/24), GBC: UMD (35), UMass, (29), Clears: UMD (21/22), UMass (17/18), EMO: UMD (0-3), UMass (0-8).

Starting line-ups
UMass: Attack - Junior Jeff Zywicki (Sir Robert Borden, Ontario), Junior Kevin Glenz (Lynbrook, NY), Sophomore Gene Tundo (Orchard Park, NY); Midfield - Senior Kevin Leveille (Albany Academy), Sophomore Chris Doyle (Mahopac, NY), Senior Chris Fiore (Freeport, NY); Defense – Junior Chris Gervat (Northport, NY), Freshman Jack Reid (Glastonbury, CT), Sophomore Matt Garcia (Lakeland, NY); Goal - Sophomore Bill Schell (Mahopac, NY).

UMD: Attack – Gr. Brian Hunt (Unionville, PA), Junior Dan LaMonica (Boys’ Latin, MD), Freshman Joe Walters (Irondequoit, NY); Midfield – Junior Drew Kirk (St. Iganatius, CA), Senior Brett Harper (Upper Arlington, OH), Junior Paul Gillette (Severna Park, MD); Defense – Junior Lee Zink (Darien, CT), Junior Chris Passavia (Ward Melville, NY), Senior Michale Howley (Wantagh, NY); Goal – R-Sr. Danny McCormick (Landon, VA).p>


Entering today’s match up No. 3 Maryland posts a record of 11-3 and No. 5 UMass’ record is 13-2. The Terps lead the series 1-0 when UMD defeated UMass 13-4 in 1983. Key wins for the Terrapins include Virginia (8-7), Duke (13-7), and Georgetown (9-8). Maryland has dropped games to UNC (6-10), Hopkins (5-6 OT), and Duke (6-7). The Minutemen are looking to advance the NCAA semifinal’s round for the first time in program history. UMass has had key wins over Georgetown (11-8) and Syracuse (14-13 OT). The two Minutemen losses have come at the hands at ECAC opponents including: Penn State (10-11) and Rutgers (9-12).

The UMass offense will be challenged by the tight fisted hold of the Terrapin defense. Danny McCormick posts an 11-3 record with a GAA of 6.72 and save percentage of .621. Junior Jeff Zywicki with 62 pts and Senior Kevin Leveille with 51 pts lead the Minutemen offense. On the opposite end, the Terp attack is stacked with talent including the contributions of Freshman Joe Walters and Mike Mollot.

The edge goes to UMD for their defensive pressure as well as tournament experience. Maryland is No. 3 in NCAA Tournament Appearances (26) while UMass ranks No. 8 (15).

Game detail
The Minutemen came out of the gates strong and banged out two goals within the first three minutes of the first quarter. Maryland gained possession of the faceoff and brought the ball behind in a 1-4-1 to Junior Dan LaMonica. Freshman Joe Walters took a shot up top but the ball sailed wide and UMass defensive anchor Bill Schell started the transition. UMass Junior Chris Doyle made a statement with a nasty rip from nearly 30yds out that hit opposite side top right corner at 13:28 (1-0). UMass gained possession of the faceoff but shortly thereafter turned over the ball. Maryland turned over the ball on the clear. McCormick cam up with two saves when Neil Lundberg and Gene Tundo tried to shoot on goal. Freshman Sean Morris finally found mesh on the rightside crease roll and fired away in the top right corner giving UMass a 2-0 lead at 12:06.

The Terrapins responded with two back-to-back goals to round out the scoring in the first quarter. UMass snagged the faceoff and McCormick denied Zywicki’s shot. Bill Schell followed Mollot’s lead and save a shot from up top by Maryland’s Mike Mollot. The Terps would get on the boards with a fast break goal. Off the clear from McCormick, Ryan Moran brought the ball down and UMass defense would not be able to recover. Two Terp attackers were parked on the crease and Moran looked like he was going to dish off the pass and he effectively split the defense and got a shot off quickly that sailed past Bill Schell’s right shoulder at 10:17 (1-2).

UMass won the faceoff and McCormick saved Sean Morris’ shot. R-Sr Matt Brock came up with the equalizer. Brock started with the ball up top and beat his defender with enough time to setup in front of the goal and tear up the top right corner with a lefty shot at 8:24 (2-2). Neither team was able to hit the net for the remaining 8 minutes. Both teams looked strong on the slide. UMass out shot UMD 14-11 in the first quarter.

Maryland hit the net first in the second quarter with another goal from Matt Brock, his second, at 9:20. Maryland won possession of the faceoff however the next five minutes was a tennis match of turnovers until Matt Brock stepped up with a shot from up top at the same spot. His skipper hit opposite side top right corner giving MD the 1-g lead at 9:20 (3-2). Tony Ventiquattro leveled the scoring with a goal 1:20 later. Ventiquattro rolled the left lip of the crease and got McCormick on the dip and dunk that cruise in the lower left corner at 7:59 (3-3).

Maryland rattled out three consecutive goals. Mike Mollot beat the defense up top and fired away for the low bouncer at 5:19 (4-3). Maryland gained possession of the ball and 15 seconds later they scored. The offense moved the ball more quickly and with purpose. Mike Mollot passed to Joe Walters up top. Walters saw the opportunity as UMass was slow on the slide and fired away past Schell’s right hipside at 4:16 (5-3). Junior Justin Smith followed with a crease roll goal as he wrapped the right side beat the defense and finished with a shot and facial. Smith’s sidearm shot hit inside pipe in the top left corner (6-3) at 1:40. UMass responded 16 seconds later. Minutemen snagged the faceoff and Chris Fiore was blazing down field and looked to have been tripped from behind and as he came down, he managed an off pace bouncer shot as he dove down and hit the turf at 1:24 (4-6). Maryland and UMass were tied for SOG at 9 a piece in the second quarter.

The Terps outscored the Minutemen 4-1 in the third with UMass out shooting Maryland 10-9. Mike Mollot hit the net first with a crease roll with the one-handed scoop that hit lower left corner at 11:22 (7-4). UMass’ Kevin Glenz responded with a hard earned roll on the goal that went right over McCormick’s head (5-7) at 9:45. Unfortunately, UMass wasn’t able to translate the flurry of good looks at the cage into goals. Maryland closed out the rest of the quarter with three goals one from Ryan Moran and two from Brian Hunt. Moran started the ball up top on the 1-4-1 and used the smoke and screen to his advantage get the lefty-lower left corner shot (8-5) at 4:33.

UMass snagged possession of the face off but was unable to hold the ball. Maryland didn’t waste any time in working the ball to net. Joe Walters set up Brian Hunt who was admiring the Dome top view from the crease. Walters threaded the needle from the side to Hunt on the crease who then shot lower right corner at 3:40 (9-5). Hunt scored again less than two minutes later as he weaved in and out cones parked out in front and hit lower right corner at 1:06 (10-5).

UMass took the ball at the top of the first quarter and couldn’t cash in on two EMO looks at the cage. Brian McGlone got the wide-open jumper at shot at Schell’s right side (11-5) at 10:52. Chris Doyle took it into his own hands and scored UMass’ last two goals of the game. At 10:29, Doyle cranked the ball off a pass from Chris Fiore from way out and it hit the left side. You could hear the shot from the other end of the field (6-11). Maryland gained possession of the ball and didn’t waste it. Joe Walters passed the ball to a wide-open Mike Mollot at top. Mollot got the hat trick goal on a top right rip at 8:53 (12-6). At 8:46, Gene Tundo was called for unsportsmanlike conduct and Jack Reid got called for the pushing. Maryland was unable to create anything on the opportunity. Chris Doyle scored at 7:11 on one of the smoothest goals of the game. Doyle rolled the crease and shot past McCormick as he faked high and pulled low for the reverse stick shot that hit low (7-12) at 7:11.

At 5:40, there were some affectionate exchanges and would set the tone for the rest of the game as UMass was called for 6 fouls over the next five minutes. To add insult to injury, Joe Walters passed the ball to Mike Mollot down below who punctuated the day with a behind the back shot that hit top right corner (13-7) at 3:40. UMass would have several more looks at goal but was unable to convert. At the last whistle, another exchange broke out between the two teams.

Maryland outshot UMass 8-3 in the fourth.

Final score: Maryland 13 UMass 7.

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Fear the Turtle
    by (#40548) on 5/17/03 @8:38PM
Thank god there gone, no one wants to watch a team from the north anyway. UMass' "high powered offense" f!@cking blows! How did they get those stats, oh yeah, that weak ass schedule they play in that overrated conference that they play in. The only team worth watching in that conference is Georgetown, oh yeah, a southern team. Whats up with that UMass defense, or was that an under-rated MD offense, I will take the later of the two. Maryland, excellent game, way to shut them UMass a**holes up. Cant wait for Maryland vs. Virginia, should be a great game.
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Your an idiot
    by (#47781) on 5/17/03 @8:59PM
Who is the best D3 team? Oh yeah, that would be Middlebury and that is in the north. UMASS did not get ranked number 5 for being a sucky team. Why dont your learn some things about college lacrosse and then write some messages. Until then, keep your lame comments to yourself.
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    by (#7471) on 5/17/03 @10:00PM
salisbury is #1 not middlebury what are you talking about. Not saying umass is a bad team but they do play a super easy scedule and didnt deserve to be there today.
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are you kidding me
    by (#40548) on 5/18/03 @3:39AM
Middlebury, who the fuck are they. They lost to the burg. Come on now, how bad did bury kill them by, thats all that matters. I am sorry if you want to talk shit dont talk about D3, cause its all salisbury, dont even try that shit, everyone knows. You are just a dumbas
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Thank You!!
    by (#28017) on 5/17/03 @11:52PM
Way to go Terps..Im so glad to see them stepping it up when it counts most especially after everyone thought they wouldnt do anything cause their offense hit a slump 3/4 of the way through the season...theyre getting it together when it counts most..I had no doubts that the Terps would take it to Umass like they did...Umass so-called wonderful high powered offense..3 guys with over 30 goals..we beat Syracuse & Georgetown so now were lax gods got shut down..Mad props to the Terps D for smacking the crap out of Umass's offense and giving them a wake up call..and Im glad to see that Umass were such good sports about it by getting stupid unsportsmanlike penalties and giving late hits..way to be good sports about it Gorillas..Tough Luck to Umass..just goes to show that just because you beat SU and G'town doesnt mean your goin all the way...theres always next year..see you Terps fans at the Final 4..Im guessing against UVA..should be another good game..but hey we beat UVA and and lost to Hop in a nail if Hop can get by SU and we can beat UVA again..which I think they will...this could be the year...FEAR THE TURTLE!!!!
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    by (#13244) on 5/18/03 @7:04PM
as you just said about Umass beating the Cuse and G-town...Only games that matter are the playoff games.
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    by (#53119) on 5/18/03 @12:21AM
Yes Umass had a fairly easy schedule this year.. but have any of you ever been to the games? if you havent you cant say sh*t. Umass gives a whole new meaning to lacrosse. They win games just on how they actually work as a team and no one is out for themselves. This year they made things happen, syracuse vs. umass when zwyicki scored in OT had to be the best game ever, Umass deserved a rank higher than 5 and had the worst game of the year, and a 6 point deficit for the worst game all year? picute what theyd do if they had a good game... LATE
Reply to this

    by (#41662) on 5/18/03 @1:58AM
A whole new meaning to Lax? What, how to make a lot of NCAA's in your history but only win 5 games? 5-15 ain't exactly re-writing the History books buddy. UMass holds the record for appearences without a Final Four. And guess what buddy, every team that wins games plays as a team. That isn't a new concept, just a concept lost on a few teams. You think Maryland achieves the type of shut-down defense they do without playing as a team. Cuse lost games this year when they failed to play as a team. Now they are playing the right way and are a threat. How many non-Umass games have you been to? Enough to warrant your "new meaning of lax?"
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as a team?
    by (#7471) on 5/18/03 @4:01PM
how is 3 guys with over 30 goals a team game thats the opposite of team Umass is a decent team but compared to hop,md,uva,cuse and some others they cant compete
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Lick my nuts terps
    by (#53124) on 5/18/03 @5:36AM
you are all gay. f@ucken f@ggots! lick my nuts. Zoomass will always represent the Northeast. Maryland is a gay state anyways. You have no good professional teams forcing you to live for the college teams. Lets go Orioles! f@ucken queers. Maybe y'all should try to being back Albert Belle again. Fags
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r u serious?
    by (#53137) on 5/18/03 @10:47AM
UMass got shut down. theres no reason to bash the whole state of Maryland just because they beat u...i suggest you grow up along with the rest of your UMass loving friends. looks like your gorillas couldnt stand in that final 4 of hop terps cuse and most likely UVA anyways so its not like you would have won it all
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ur stupid
    by (#7471) on 5/18/03 @4:03PM
what about the ravens they won the superbowl 2 seasons ago. And massachusettes has no good pro or college teams so shut up
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    by (#13244) on 5/18/03 @7:02PM
PATRIOTS 2002 Super Bowl Champs...I guess you have a short term memory problem.

BC has won 4 straight bowl games.

BC 2001 National Ice Hockey Champs

Umass National Champs in Football in 1999.

Amherest is in the Championship game of Women's lax D-3

Do I need to continue???
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Nice try
    by (#41662) on 5/18/03 @8:09PM
Redsox-nothing in a million years
Celtics-Embarrassment of the 90's
Bruins-Still have a team?
UMass-5-15 NCAA Tourney record, 0 Final Fours
Who doesn't win bowl games these days? When was the last time BC played in a real bowl game, ie, played somewhat near New Year's Day?
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Your somewhat right Zlax.
    by (#28017) on 5/19/03 @3:34PM
I'll give you credit for the Pats winning the Super Bowl. New England should kiss the ground that Adam Viniateri walks on. As far as everything else goes though, Im not too sure that Mass has too much else to brag about. Where as the Terps national championship basketball, Peach Bowl champs in Football, seven straight womens lax championships and and the mens lax teams has been to the Final 4 almost every year except for the last 2. And theres 2 MD teams in the mens Final 4 this year, might as well say 3 though cause most of UVA is from MD too, not to mention Salisbury for D3 and Limestone who is all pretty much from MD also in the D2 championship. I think BC has a good football team, but what division is Umass football champions in 2AA or something..I dont seem to recall them playing in any bowl games. And I'll give you one for the Hockey championship too..but thats because its not that big of a sport down south. So its ok to to try to defend your sports team, but Saul T Nuts has no clue!! He's just a raging homo!
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    by (#13244) on 5/20/03 @10:11AM
Umass won the D-1 AA National Championship in Football in 1999.

Stonehill which is in Mass won the D-2 Women's lax title

Amherst College did win the D-3 Title in Women's Lax the same town that Umass is in.
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UMass is the Redsox of Lacrosse
    by (#31207) on 5/18/03 @6:06PM
Actually I take that back. The Redsox are loaded with talent, UMass is just plain overrated. I think all of the UMass fans should take the next couple of years off from posting their bs and wait until they actually make the final four. It could be a long time.
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    by (#50228) on 5/18/03 @7:35PM
Excellent post, tkole, I couldn't have said that better myself
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    by (#41662) on 5/18/03 @8:38PM
We live for college teams? That's why the only one person swearing and calling people faggots on this topic is the UMass fan? Sounds like you live for Umass lax. DelMarVa and Boston are about equal in good pro teams and lame-ass pro teams. But our college quality is so far superior to Boston.
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hey you shithead
    by (#47758) on 5/20/03 @7:45PM
you little prick, what the hell do you have to go and bash the state of maryland for? just because we beat umass you have to start pissing and moaning about how gay and bad maryland is. Well, I could prove you whole post wrong, but Ill let you keep some of your pride. I'll leave you with this question, being that this is a lacrosse site. Now tell me, who are the defending MLL champs and what state are they from? I rest my case...
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    by (#50228) on 5/18/03 @3:34PM
(no text)
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c'mon guys
    by (#53210) on 5/18/03 @9:16PM
It's too bad that people feel the need to be assholes about this. Congrats to the Terps, and thanks for a great season UMass. See you next year!
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    by (#46862) on 5/19/03 @8:48AM
Too much trash talking static on this site these days. It's really gettin' old.

I was hoping Umass would finally make it to the F4 and I'm not completely surprised that SU got there.

SU/Uva Final anyone?
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North v South
    by (#52306) on 5/19/03 @9:57AM
Great Southern teams...made up of great Northern players...go Long Island Grads!!!
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the players come from all over
    by (#40548) on 5/20/03 @3:18PM
man the players come from all over, I know that NY gives out a good amount of players, look at UVA, they got Rotelli, Shannon, and Yevoli, but to say they make up the team is ludacris. Christmas runs in a nuetral pa team, but then you get into the key players, Whitty, Ward, Gladding, Dixon, and oh yeah not to mention thier most important player, the goalie, Johnson.

Maryland in my opinion is evenly stocked, except thier goalie is from the south

When it comes to JHU you dont want to get started, there top five out of six scorers are from the south. Oh yeah and there goalie is from the south as well(hold on I am catching a trend with goalie theme)

Syracuse isn't a southern team and everyone knows that they are made up of NY players, well except for a couple, Brian Nee, everyone saw his game against Princeton, and oh yeah a goalie, Jay Pfeifer

So basically the top position on the field, the goalie is dominated by southern talent in the final four this year, and if you want to look beyond the final four, the best goalie was probably C.J. Kemp, out of fairfield, they had a bad season but he was nice, and he is out of the south. So the moral is dont make a stupid comment like that when you dont know what you are talking about. There is a reason why the southern teams are so good, they know how to recruit everywhere, they bring in the talent. And you know what, most of the talent is from either the DC/Baltimore(MIAA)/Annapolis area or New York. Its always been like that and it will always be like that cause we understand the dynamics of the game better than anyone else. Given the diamonds in the rough are out there, I am not saying they are not, but majority of Dominant players come from these areas. And I will say that if you wanna watch great high school talent, look at the MIAA conference out of MD and you will find the best high school competition at a high level. Some games are better than most college games.
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    by (#52306) on 5/21/03 @2:31PM
Yevloi, Hartofilis, Donegar, Donegar, Walsh, Howley,Passavita,LeSeuer, Crocket, Banks, Powell etc etc...and by the way..the correct spelling is "ludicrous".
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(no subject)
    by (#47758) on 5/23/03 @4:43PM
You said donegar twice.
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