Notre Dame Runs Down the Greyhounds

Notre Dame Runs Down the Greyhounds

Notre Dame Runs Down the Greyhounds

Notre Dame Runs Down the Greyhounds

On a windy afternoon in Baltimore, Notre Dame came into town and defeated Loyola College 10-7 in front of 3,614 people at Curley Field. The win kept Notre Dame undefeated at 5-0 but bumped Loyola to 3-1. ND goalie Kirk Howell had another outstanding game with 18 saves. Loyola did have their opportunities to find the back of the net as they out shot the Irish, 37-27. Senior Tom Glatzel led the attack for the Irish with four goals.

Notre Dame got off to a fast start scoring the first three goals of the game, two coming off man-up situations. Senior Steve Bishko had the first score on a hard shot. Glatzel followed up with the next two, the first coming on a sweet feed from fellow Boys’ Latin alum Dave Ulrich. Loyola finally answered when senior Gavin Prout showed great vision and found Chris Summers who finished. Mike Sullivan scored the next goal on an extra man opportunity to bring Loyola within one. Glatzel maintained the hot hand and scored another EMO goal 45 seconds into the second quarter. This time the look was from Dave Ulrich’s brother Todd. Notre Dame began to open things up a bit when Jon Harvey took his defender and made the score 5-2. The Irish followed that up when Chris Young converted yet another man-up opportunity. Loyola HC Dave Cottle did not look too happy with the officials’ calls today. Manhasset, Long Island native Gunnar Goettlemann tried to get things going for the Greyhounds when he scored a tough shot with six and a half left in the second quarter. Dave Ulrich closed out the scoring for the first half putting the Irish up by four.

The second half was different from the first. Loyola kept possession almost the whole time leaving ND with very few offensive opportunities. Mike Sullivan caught a feed from Prout as he was cutting to the cage and put it low and away to bring Loyola a little closer. Jim Fink had the next score on a jump shot low and away again. Glatzel answered for his fourth of the day when he dumped it in as he rolled the crease. Loyola came back though with the first two of the fourth quarter. Prout got his first of the day on a bounce shot off a feed from Sullivan who was behind the cage. Sullivan fed the next goal but this time the scorer was Horsey. With seven minutes to play in the game Howell made a huge save on a point-blank shot that would have tied the score for Loyola. If that goal had gone in we could have been looking at a completely different game. Notre Dame pulled away and scored the final two goals. Bishko made the most of a Loyola offside penalty for ND’s fifth EMO goal. Then Dave Ulrich put the ball in an empty net as Loyola attempted a ten-man ride.

Notre Dame looked good and they are certainly for real. They could easily end the season undefeated as the rest of their schedule is currently a combined 10-22 and only one team is ranked in the top 20 (Hofstra #18). Seniors are clearly leading Notre Dame as they scored every goal. Loyola is having some problems with goalies. Fifth-year senior Kirk Howell started and played the entire game but only recorded 6 saves.

Notre Dame’s next game is at Hofstra while Loyola will play Brown at home next Saturday.

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for real...
    by (#5458) on 3/18/01 @9:24PM
this just proves what i've been saying since the start of the season: notre dame is for real.
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    by (#137) on 3/18/01 @10:02PM
who wrote this? someone's five year old brother?
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    by (#5866) on 3/19/01 @6:11AM
those are the nicest bunch of pictures ever. way to go.
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The real deal
    by (#5776) on 3/19/01 @9:58AM
Wow! Could the Irish be the real deal this year?? Only time will tell. It is nice to see a little more parody in division 1 lacrosse. It is an exciting year all around! How about Hop beating 'Cuse... Never thought that would happen. I can't wait until the playoffs...
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how high can they get?
    by (#951) on 3/19/01 @10:03AM
with a seemingly easy rest of the season schedule, i wonder how high in the polls ND will climb. I think they should definitely be at least #3 after this week.
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   3rd? by 3/19/01 @2:44PM
      who's better? by 3/19/01 @3:04PM
   ND #2? by 3/19/01 @6:09PM
      nd vs hounds by 3/19/01 @6:42PM
         ND scores as well man up as man down as man even by 3/19/01 @7:05PM
ND is an eastern team
    by (#3045) on 3/19/01 @7:39PM
Half of NDs team is from MD and NY with 10 more players comming from the Northeast. It is a National University that will be able to get top eastern talent for years to come. Schools like Denver might not, although even they have gotten some top notch east coast guys. They are a good team this year, but lets see if they can do it when it counts. There are lots of March Hero's but many teams start to gel when it counts. ND and others have to prove that they can do it then, and then they can stop talking. May is going to be an Orange month this year, and I aint talkin about Virginia orange either.
Whats up with Fairfield? They play a hell of a schedule, I heard they cut some all-americans, or were they "massachusetts all-americans" aka phony all-americans. Anyway, why would anyone go to that school. They lose to all the good teams, and beat all the bad teams. I also heard that Ithaca College was goin D1 next year, watch out Cornell.
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   D1? by 3/21/01 @12:23PM
      You gotta be joking? by 3/21/01 @7:15PM
         I started that rumor and was just kidding by 3/22/01 @5:52PM
            not true by 3/27/01 @8:24PM
               to give scholorships I think you do. by 3/28/01 @5:57PM
                  hopkins is by 4/02/01 @1:00AM
The Poll is out!
    by (#764) on 3/19/01 @8:20PM
1. Princeton
2. Notre Dame
3. Maryland
4. Georgetown
5. Johns Hopkins
6. Syracuse(!?!)
7. Massachusetts
8. Loyola
9. Virginia
10. Duke
11. UMBC
12. North Carolina
13. Hobart
14. Penn State
15. Bucknell
16. Brown
17. Towson
18. Harvard
19. Cornell
20. Navy/Yale

I don't know whose kidding who, but Cuse could demolish G-town. It's just that G-town hasn't played anyone good yet. An Hobart should not be that high either. Just because they're on top in the Patriot League (the worst in DI, save the MAAC), they shouldn't automatically be ranked so high.
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   Shame by 3/20/01 @7:35AM
      it doesn't matter by 3/20/01 @1:03PM
         hey lax2themax shut up by 3/20/01 @3:52PM
            Think before you speak. by 3/21/01 @7:30AM
               Right on the money Grendel by 3/21/01 @8:10AM
   Ignorance by 3/20/01 @10:33PM
      i dont care by 3/21/01 @3:42PM
         Maybe you're right, maybe you're wroooong. by 3/21/01 @5:05PM
      yeah by 3/21/01 @5:07PM
         'Cuse knows winning by 3/21/01 @9:43PM
            I agree, but... by 3/22/01 @12:23AM
               Very right by 3/22/01 @7:58AM
               (no subject) by 3/23/01 @6:58PM
            Do you guys see any games? by 3/22/01 @5:37PM
               best attackmen in the country by 3/22/01 @8:48PM
                  WHAT??? by 3/22/01 @9:53PM
                     sportsmanship by 3/23/01 @7:10PM
                        get off of by 3/27/01 @8:33PM