Orangemen Crush Georgetown

Orangemen Crush Georgetown

Orangemen Crush Georgetown

Orangemen Crush Georgetown

#2 Syracuse put up more points than they have all season to defeat the #5 Georgetown Hoyas 19-9 on Harbin Field in Washington, DC with 3,218 on hand. The Georgetown defense broke-down completely except for a valiant effort by goalie Scott Schroeder but he simply faced too many shots. The 5’10” 160 pound freshman Mike Powell was impressive with a goal and four assists despite being on the receiving end of a few crushing blows from Georgetown defender Rodger Colbert. He was covered most of the game by Brant Gresham which surprised Powell, “I thought I’d grab Colbert or [Kyle] Sweeney. He [Gresham] is a great player. I’ve never played against a back-checker. He let’s you go then gets you. I had some trouble today.”

It was evident that both teams were excited to play, as there was a double violation on the opening face-off by the wings. Syracuse won the re-do and got their first goal 27 seconds into play when Powell found Mike Springer who ripped off a shot. The Orangemen quickly scored again when 6’3” Spencer Wright from San Diego, CA caught a pass from Powell and dumped above Schroeder’s stick. Powell said after the game that he thought those first two goals hurt Georgetown’s intensity a little bit. Georgetown won the next face and moved the ball quickly to Henehan to Sharpe who scored. Syracuse took advantage of a turnover in the midfield as Josh Coffman picked up the loose ball and moved it to Springer who stuck it high. The Cuse did have plenty of opportunities to increase their lead but Schroeder was all over the ball allowing his team to hang around. The Hoyas made the score 3-2 on an extra-man opportunity with 48 seconds left in the quarter after a slash call on Powell. Steve Dusseau had the goal on a pass from Trevor Walker.

Brian Solliday opened up the scoring in the second quarter for Cuse. He drove left and shot left for the unassisted goal. Scott Doyle took his short stick defender Brett Walther and ripped off a lefty crank to make the score 4-3. The teams traded another pair of goals next. Powell picked up a loose ball off a Georgetown clear and hit Coffman open on the crease. Coffman threw about six fakes to make Schroeder dance before putting it in. Georgetown answered 30 seconds later as they won the face off a push call and Staab ripped a shot from 10 yards out. Syracuse reeled off five goals at the end of the second quarter to open the game up. Chris Cercy picked up his own face-off and went straight to goal. He had tried it before and it hadn’t worked. Powell fed Coffman from behind the crease for the next goal. The Springer put a tough shot in on the crease after catching a pass from Wright. With about 4 minutes to play Colbert drilled Powell who remained on the ground for a few seconds before popping up. Head Coach John Desko was all over the officials and it apparently paid off because with 50 seconds left in the quarter, Colbert laid another vicious hit on Powell but this one was called illegal. Brian Nee made the most of the opportunity with a score. On the following face-off Cercy pushed through once again and went to goal to put Cuse up 10-4 at half. Cercy was showing shades of his Hopkins performance in the Final Four last year.

Syracuse once again got the scoring started with Wright shooting stick-side low. Mike Henehan answer for the Hoyas off a feed from Tom Tamberrino. Tamberrino was all over the field, “Tommy Tamberrino played hard the whole game today,” said Coach Urick. Syracuse got two more, first Wright unassisted again then Springer 13 seconds later unassisted when he dodged from the wing after Cercy won the face-off following the Wright goal. Dusseau scored in the final minute by taking his defender to goal and scoring on a bounce shot. The Cuse quickly answered when Pat Hogan picked up a ground ball on the ensuing face-off and got it to Powell who put it behind-his-back.

The fourth quarter was much of the same. Wright got his fourth of the game in front of the goal off a pass from Solliday. Sharpe answered for the Hoyas on a nice low-to-high shot. Dusseau made it two in a row for GU when he bumped his defender then stepped back and let one rip. Syracuse answered with two of his own first with Wright who returned the favor to Solliday who put it inside the right pipe. Then Brian Nee dodged from behind for his second of the game. Senior Keith Baker got his sixth goal of the season unassisted with 3:28 to play. Syracuse poured it on with two more to end the game.

Cercy had a big game with face-offs and he explained his two goals, “At the start of the game they were tying me up a little so I tried to come out front and create some transition and make them respect the fast break. They weren’t sliding to me and rightfully so because we have three all-americans on attack.” Coach Urick had high praise for Syracuse, “They are playing very well right now, as well as any team I’ve seen.” Urick also talked about a change in the team’s attitude, “We need to play with a greater sense of urgency. It’s win or watch right now.” Coach Desko spoke of his team’s scoring, “I am happy with our offensive output. We did a good job dodging and going to goal.” Desko was able to find some fault in his team’s game, “I was not happy with our clearing. They did a good job riding us but we didn’t do a good job clearing it. Hopefully we’ll have a few weeks to work on that.” Attackman Mike Hammer left the game for Georgetown in the first quarter with an apparent concussion but Urick expects him back.

Both teams wait for tomorrow and the fate the selection committee has decided for them. Syracuse should get a free ride to the quarters while the Hoyas could face a very tough road with no real quality wins.

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Hoyas won their AQ
    by (#6645) on 5/05/01 @7:55PM
The Hoyas won the ECAC automatic bid, they're already in the tournament.
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He Knows
    by (#2) on 5/05/01 @8:08PM
He was refering to the teams they'll get in their bracket, not whether they may or may not be in the playoffs.
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    by (#10) on 5/05/01 @8:20PM
Way to mix it up with the idiots that frequent this forum and back up your boy.
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No quality wins
    by (#8966) on 5/06/01 @3:04AM
What about that barn burner a couple of weeks ago against UMass?
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    by (#764) on 5/06/01 @9:20AM
UMass doesn't have any real quality wins either. The only one they can claim is Hofstra, and they aren't even going to the tournament. So really, GT can't say UMass is quality when UMass hasn't beaten anybody good either.
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    by (#10697) on 5/12/01 @7:59PM
we all know that umass SHOULD be in the tournament over duke- and even though they're not, they still only lost to cuse by one goal.. so i dont care if they dont have any "quality wins"... umass is a good team and i think gt can call it a good win
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    by (#8807) on 5/07/01 @9:53AM
I missed the game but if Sweeney is so good why didn't we hear about him shutting down some big gun? Sounds like he got toasted. I mean 19 goals, come on. Anyone who saw the game, please let us know.
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(no subject)
    by (#1635) on 5/07/01 @12:54PM
Sweeney played Coffman all day and I believe that Coffman was held to one goal. Toasted...? Good one. He's still going to recieve first team all american accolades
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    by (#12690) on 5/07/01 @6:11PM
Regardless of whether the kid is going to be an all american or not, Georgetown is a crock of shit. They fu--ing suck and I hope they get the shit kicked out of them in the first round.
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g'town is a joke
    by (#12400) on 5/07/01 @8:14PM
G'town needs to grow some balls and start playing someone. Butler, Ohio St., Hobart...sweet, what happened, was Pfeiffer busy with UNC...the hoyas need to play someone...LC is going to rock their world...except doyle who will go 6,0...son doesn't pass the rock but that's straight...he still needs the mullet

landon is lame
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    by (#951) on 5/08/01 @1:47PM
he is without question the most talented long stick midfielder in the country. however, it doesnt matter how good he is, G-town will still lose in the first round.
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This wasn't a good game, however...
    by (#1329) on 5/08/01 @3:21AM
...I still don't think its reflective of the skills of either team. 'Cuse played well, G-town played bad. This happens sometimes to good teams but in this case I saw some key elements in it. First of all, all G-town did was shoot from outside, all day and high. This is why Mulligan had those high saves. Also, because they shot high all day, they missed high several times and even hit the top post a few times I believe. In my opinion, if they shot low or bounced some, they would have had more goals definitely. 'Cuse shot better, as in they shot low and bounced the ball against that hard ground that G-town plays on and in-turn scored ten more goals than G-town did. Second of all, Cercy tore them a new one in face-offs and then he would just run down the middle and shoot (I know he scored at least once). They didn't pick him up enough doing that and they need help on face-offs as well, desperately it seems. Now, I'm not a fan of either team here, but I have a bone to pick with Mike Powell from 'Cuse. Now I know that he's very good and he's setting records, thats good, congrats to him. But, he's been acting his shoe size, not his age this whole season. From not shaking Hopkins hands after they upset them in the dome, to the flamboyant goal celebrations (now put to an end thank god), to the baby-like responses to being hit. For example, Colbert was all over him during the game and hit him several times. I think he got called for a high hit only once. They interviewed Powell at half-time and asked him "what did u say to colbert after he hit you" and he replied "i asked him if he was crazy". Come on, this is D-1 lacrosse here, not some sissy sport. Powell needs to grow up, suck it up and hit the weight room if he can't take the hits as they come, clean or not, its gonna happen. Whether its an inflated ego he has from 'Cuse, # 22 and/or his brothers or not, he needs to get it together or get off the field. When he asked Colbert that, he should have replied "Yea, I am crazy...for not taking you out of the game already you little pu$$y-a$$ b!@#$, this isn't high school anymore you tool." And this was after the first hit. Several more followed and Powell was visibly intimidated by Colbert. What did you guys think who saw the game ?
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(no subject)
    by (#11000) on 5/08/01 @11:52AM
Colbert is weightroom
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    by (#12773) on 5/08/01 @12:40PM
Powell was covered by Gresham not Colbert. As Powell said afterwards, Colbert nailed him once or twice, but it was Gresham that gave him trouble all day.
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(no subject)
    by (#12040) on 5/08/01 @12:43PM
Powell scored 5 pts in the game....not bad for having an "off" day....
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I never said he had an "off" day man...
    by (#1329) on 5/08/01 @2:29PM
...he played well, just like 'Cuse did all day, I never said that any of the 'Cuse players, especially Powell, had an "off" day at all. Also, I know that Colbert didn't cover him all day, but he did hit him and stop him several times. Later...
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(no subject)
    by (#12040) on 5/08/01 @5:30PM
Colbert and the other boys should have hit him a few more times, cause in my book scoring 5 pts in a game would not classify as being "intimidated"
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Yea, no Sh!t...
    by (#1329) on 5/09/01 @3:40AM
...of course having five points isn't being intimidated, i was simply saying that Colbert intimidated him, not the whole G-town defense. He said the man that covered him was good but he didn't intimidate Powell like Colbert did. I'm gonna watch the tape to be sure, but I never saw Powell go through Colbert to get any of his five points, but I guess to all the 'Cuse bandwagon lovers on here that doesn't matter now does it ? Its funny that all the people that have responded to my comments dance around how Powell acted at some points this season, and instead only talk about his "five points" etc. the other day. Big Shock all you 'Cuse fans....too bad everyone knows that Casey was and will always be the best of the three. That is, until Mike can earn Player of the Year two years straight, middie of the year and attackman of the year both once, some kind of all-american honor all four years, tie or break the points record at 'Cuse etc. Peace out y'all...just for the record, I don't like 'Cuse or any of the Powells, too flashy for me.
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    by (#1635) on 5/09/01 @12:16PM
Powell and the rest of the cuse team can not stop b!tching to the refs. They act like they are little kids out there. It pathetic that they can't suck up the fact that a ball didn't rolled their way. They are a good team, but they lack sportsmanship. good job cuse
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    by (#11771) on 5/14/01 @5:02PM
I think mike powell needs to mature but i was wondering if any one has cuse game tapes!? i am very interseted in them and would like some tapes i will buy or trade
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powell's an idiot
    by (#10697) on 5/13/01 @10:37AM
mike powell is one of the best attack in the country- but how can be so stupid to think that he'd draw colbert or sweeney? colbert was obviously gonna play springer or banks and sweeney is a ls middie. why would a d middie play an attackmen? of course he was gonna cover coffman... which by the way he did a hell of a job
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ls mids cover attack
    by (#8966) on 5/13/01 @11:10PM
When hofstra played Johns Hopkins last year, and Danny Denihan (attack) only had one point, it was cuz brian spallina (ls mid) was covering him
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