Outlaws Slay Dragons in Expansion Action

Outlaws Slay Dragons in Expansion Action

Outlaws Slay Dragons in Expansion Action

Outlaws Slay Dragons in Expansion Action

San Francisco, CA - The Denver Outlaws used a pair of two-point goals by Jeff Sonke and 14 saves by Trevor Tierney to coast to a 15-11 win over the San Francisco Dragons at Kezar Stadium.

Both of the two point goals came in man-up situations, as Denver spoiled San Francisco's first-ever game. Offensively, the Outlaws were paced by Sonke's five points (2-1-5) and Matt Brown's four points (3-1-4). Denver also got two scores from Mike Law, Kyle Barrie and Hunter Lochte while Brian Langtry and Matt Rewkowski each notched one.

In the first quarter, the team split eight points as the teams traded scores. Denver capped the frame with Sonke's first tally during a man-up situation to even the score 4-4.

The teams remained within one of each other, until Denver went on a six-goal run late in the second quarter to open a 11-6 advantage into halftime. Lochte popped in his second goal of the game despite San Francisco netminder Alex Cade doing a split in an effort to make the save. Sonke recorded his second two-pointer of the contest with eight seconds remaining in the half on a man-up opportunity.

The Outlaws were held scoreless in the third quarter, but clung to a one-point edge heading into the final frame.

Denver wasted no time in the fourth quarter asserting itself as Barrie tickled the twine 13 seconds into the final frame for a two-goal advantage. Lou Braun, who shared the afternoon's faceoff duties with Chris Cercy, assisted on Barrie's low shot. After Law's tally made the score 13-10, Barrie recorded his second of the quarter when he spun backwards and fired a backwards shot that beat Cade for a 14-10 lead.

San Francisco crept with in three when Taylor Simmers scored midway through the final quarter.

The Outlaws regained their four-point cushion when Brian Langtry found the back of the net with 4:04 remaining to provide the final margin.

Denver will put its perfect 2-0 record on the line on Saturday when the Baltimore Bayhawks, the MLL's defending champions, pay their first visit to INVESCO Field at Mile High at 7:30 p.m. Find single game tickets to Outlaws games here.

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AND 3 Days Later Someone makes a comment........
    by (#96158) on 6/03/06 @9:31AM
Looks like a either noone out there thought much of the game OR Noone out there nows about this site.
SO did the league pick two horrible locations for 2 of the new teams OR does Lax.com need to advertise out west??
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(no subject)
    by (#99195) on 6/03/06 @10:44AM
well i think right now not to many ppl will no about it but in a few years i think these are perfect locations especially the california teams
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(no subject)
    by (#97042) on 6/04/06 @2:25PM
Judging by the fact that 13000 people went to Denver's opener and 10,000 to their second game, AND the fact that 5,000 or so went to SF's opener, I think it's not a "bad location" thing.
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expansion teams
    by (#73922) on 6/05/06 @4:23PM
San Francisco is the perfect place for an expansion team. Kezar stadium could be better but it is still very nice. I went to the home opener against the Outlaws and the day was awesome; 72 degrees, a slight breeze and not a cloud in the sky. Plus it is on the edge of Golden Gate Park, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Plus, in Northern California, lacrosse is exploding here faster than anyone can say "Gilman!"
Does anyone want to place bets on which team will pack up and leave because of lack of attendance and interest? My money is on the Riptide, So Cal has already lost their indoor team after one season.
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It is waht it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by (#96158) on 6/06/06 @4:32PM
If people made comments that made more sense, I would not need to point out the foolishness in them, making people feel attacked or disrespected.
People should put more thought into their posts if they are that concerned with harsh reactions. If people want to blurt out whacky stats they should be ready to have them corrected.
Predicting 25,000-30,000 people attending regular season games is crazy when you realize the attendance of this leagues last two Championships donít total those numbers.
Suggesting 30 man game rosters, while the plain facts are that there isnít enough talent in the entire league now, with 18 man game rosters makes little or no sense.
How can I not get frustrated when the MLL tore apart 6 good teams to make expansion possible to cities where people in those cities donít even know if a Lacrosse ball is inflated or stuffed??

It is an absolute fact that the Sport of Lacrosse is a great thing to watch when played at the highest level. When the 4 best D1 Teams in the country get together to figure out a champion 150,000 people show up. They travel from far and wide to see it. They pay good money for the tickets and fill an NFL stadium.

So, how has the MLL managed to build a pro league that does not draw, anywhere near, the same level of interest?
The MLL has done a good job of using rules to demand the need for complete and well rounded lacrosse players to play in their league. The shot clock and the elimination of long-pole middies created a wonderfully fast paced game, while putting the demand on all midfielders to play at both ends of the field.
The demand level of being an elite Lacrosse player to play in the league is a true demand due to these rules. (Only the best of the best should be Pros)
Attendance was strong at the majority of the original 6 Team sites. Attendance was great at some, not so good at others.
How does anyone see it as a good idea to take a product that isnít working well in ALL its current markets, taking that product, diluting it making it a lesser product in all of its markets previous and future AND actually expect success or growth??
This yearís expansion cut off the leagues legs making growth or progress impossible. The expansion in 2008 will cut off the head and Kill it.
Anything else anyone has to say is just the BS halftime show of this leagues Life.
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    by (#96841) on 6/07/06 @11:59PM
Sorry to have to tell you this "deli," but the fact of the matter is that the Denver Outlaws have a high average attendence that most other nonexpansion teams, so when you say that Denver is a bad place to expand to, it's just flat out wrong. And in case you forgot, didn't the all-star game in Denver last year (which I was at with about 20 some of my friends by the way) set the record for the highest attendence for an outdoor lacrosse game? I believe it did, so I think that the person that needs to get their facts straight is you not everyone else, but you!

P.S. It's spelled what not waht.
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Grizz---that's all good!!!
    by (#96158) on 6/08/06 @6:14PM
First, thanks for the help on the spelling.
It is great and I am happy that the attendance at Denver games is healthy. I don't think I ever said Denver was a bad place to expand to. My point has always been that the MLL expanded too much too soon. I think adding 4 teams all at once is the mistake more than where they put those teams.
If Denver is the healthiest place for Lacrosse to have a successful pro team, well maybe that should have been one of the only 1 or 2 places that the League expanded to this year.
I hope the league does well everywhere it goes but if it tries to go everywhere all at once it won't work anywhere!
Everyone out there with a new pro lacrosse team in town go out and enjoy your new team!
The NJ Pride seems to be the one team who held onto as much of their current talent as possible. All other 5 of the original 6 teams are obviously weaker teams due to expansion.
I think it will be an interesting race to watch. Will the 2008 expansion happen before 1 of these 4 (2006) teamís folds?????
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Good Point
    by (#96841) on 6/15/06 @8:40PM
I completely agree with the too much too fast point you made. Sorry I got a little confused with exactally what your saying.
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hs championship
    by (#29967) on 6/16/06 @1:14PM
something i dont think a lot of people on here realize when they see the numbers that attended the outlaws home opener is that the colorado high school state championships were held in that stadium before the opening game.i think it goes withouth a doubt that this brought at least a few hundred more people to that game
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