Princeton Tigers Cage Syracuse, 12-8

Princeton Tigers Cage Syracuse, 12-8

Princeton Tigers Cage Syracuse, 12-8

Princeton Tigers Cage Syracuse, 12-8

The Princeton Tigers played classic Coach Tierney ball en route to a thoroughly dominant win over the struggling Orange of Syracuse. The game featured only one fast break goal and few transition opportunities. Prolonged possessions on both ends of the field, more so for the Tigers, showcased Princeton's superior play on defense and offense. Princeton controlled the pace, score, and ball. The outcome was never in question from beginning to end.

Press Release

Peter Trombino spent all week inviting people to watch Princeton's men's lacrosse team play Syracuse and then spent two hours Saturday afternoon making the crowd glad it came.

Trombino, who popped up on the Princeton Department of Athletics Website all week promoting the game, scored a career-high five goals and added two assists for a career-high seven points to lead Princeton to a 12-8 win over Syracuse in front of 5,874 fans at Princeton Stadium. Princeton and Syracuse have combined to win 14 of the last 19 NCAA championships.

Mark Kovler also had career highs with four goals and five points. Princeton improved to 6-2 overall with its fifth straight win as it now heads to Philadelphia to play Penn Tuesday night, while Syracuse fell to 3-5 heading into a game against Cornell Tuesday night.

"It feels great," said Trombino.

"It's about time," interjected Tiger head coach Bill Tierney, whose comment drew laughs during the postgame interview session.

It was a far cry from seven days earlier, when Princeton defeated Yale 5-3 in a game that saw no Tiger offensive player score in the second half.

"It was a long ride home from New Haven," Tierney said. "And it was a tough week of practice. It wasn't an easy week for them. I say this with love, but it is about time that Peter and Mark score like that."

Trombino matched Princeton's goal total of a week ago by himself as the Tigers never trailed against the Orange. The game's crucial points were the start, which saw the Tigers shut out Syracuse for the first 23:30, and the fourth quarter, when Tommy Davis scored a pair of goals and Trombino added his fifth in a 1:48 span as Princeton broke open the game after the Orange had closed to 9-7.

"We were very impressed with Princeton," said Syracuse coach John Desko. "We knew their defense would be tough, and Peter did a great job of shooting the ball. We had beaten them a few times in a row [three], and they wanted to win this game, in the stadium, with a big crowd."

Kovler and Trombino scored first quarter goals for Princeton, and the two then scored again to start the second quarter as it was 4-0 Tigers before Syracuse got on the board on Dan Hardy's goal midway through the second. Pat Perritt made it a two-goal game at 4-2, but Kovler scored his third with just 12 seconds left in the half to make it 5-2 at intermission.

The Orange would score first to start the second half, but Trombino scored back-to-back goals to make it 7-3. Mike Leveille stopped that run with a goal with 3:47 left in the half, but Alex Berg won the next face-off and fed Trombino, who swung it to Josh Lesko for a goal to answer Leveille's in nine seconds. Kovler scored again to end the third, and it was 9-4 Princeton.

The Orange, though, would rebound to get the first three of the fourth quarter to make it 9-7 with 8:41 to play. By the time Syracuse would get the ball back across midfield, David would have scored his two goals.

Syracuse outshot Princeton 41-36, but Alex Hewit made 12 saves for the Tigers. Peter Coluccini, who made 19 saves against the Tigers in a 7-5 Syracuse win a year ago, made four.

Syracuse leads the all-time series record 15-8. It was Princeton's first win over Syracuse in Princeton since 1947, though the teams did not play much during the regular season before beginning their annual series in 1999.

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(no subject)
    by (#163643) on 4/07/07 @8:25PM
go princeton. princeton is taking it all this year.;b
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great game
    by (#156316) on 4/07/07 @9:02PM
i was at this game. it was awsome, a few big hits, and a lot of scoring. but princetons d was a little off. they'll need to pull it together against cornell next week
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Syracuse blows
    by (#97931) on 4/07/07 @9:10PM
Im amazed that SU cant win a single game. With all the star power they have on offense they should have no problem scoring goals. Their defense is bad but that means they have to step it up on offense. I really thought they would go to the Championship game this year, but i guess not. Their is no way they can make it to the tournament
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    by (#134841) on 4/07/07 @9:20PM
Cuse does suck, but DU anf their frosh don't
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    by (#134864) on 4/08/07 @11:03AM
DU sucks and so do their freshmen
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Problems in the cage
    by (#88611) on 4/07/07 @9:26PM
'Cuse needs to give another goalie some time, Coluccini only had 4 saves. I understand its D1 and they face some serious rubber but 4 saves is completely unaccpetable. They have a goalie from Michigan, I believe he was a high school all-american, so they could give him a shot. Although Michigan isn't exactly a lacrosse hot bed, he was in one of my magazines so the kid must have some talent.
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    by (#134841) on 4/07/07 @9:32PM
If cuse's o scores 8 or 9 goals a game, and their d and goalie play well enough, cuse can turn around their season
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Um, no.
    by (#163871) on 4/07/07 @9:43PM
No they can't.
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(no subject)
    by (#134864) on 4/08/07 @11:05AM
I would somewhat agree with that statement, ohio is more of a hotbed but michigan is getting there, they are just great atheletes
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Michigan has improved a lot in lacrosse.
    by (#136419) on 4/08/07 @11:16AM
Brother Rice has the most tradition in high school lacrosse in Michigan, but there are more solid teams now than ever. By the way, I believe Brother Rice is near Bloomfield Hills. It is one of the wealthiest areas in the country. Have any of you been there. I bet there are celebrities living there. I wonder which ones.
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(no subject)
    by (#134864) on 4/08/07 @11:08PM
i believe it's closer to ann arbor, its just a rich area with good talent, the only team that really beats them is upper arlington out of columbus
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    by (#97931) on 4/07/07 @11:54PM
2 peter coluccini so south salem, ny 74 0.471 34.879

those are his stats according to this website. he has a 47% save percentage, thats pitiful. Put someone else in there now. Syracuse has nothing to lose so why not play a goalie and get him some experience. Hell ill even drive our freshman team goalie up to Syracuse to replace him
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For Syracuse to make the tournament
    by (#136419) on 4/08/07 @12:01AM
Syracuse is 3-5 right now. They have 5 games left. For them to be eligible for the tournament, they need to go 4-1. They still have to play Cornell, UMASS, and Rutgers. Will they do it?
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(no subject)
    by (#163871) on 4/08/07 @8:35AM
...and Albany.
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I hope Virginia plays Princeton again!
    by (#136419) on 4/08/07 @12:09AM
If they do, I would call Princeton. Bill Tierney owns Dom Starsia in the tournament and is hands-down a better coach than Dom in every way. The best example is the 2000 Semifinals. Virginia had the best team in the country, led by Conor Gill, Jay Jalbert, and Ryan Curtis. Princeton had talent, but they were very young. Virginia built a lead, but Princeton came back and won. Tierney outcoached Starsia so badly that day it wasn't even funny. If Tierney had gone to Virginia in 1992, he would have over 10 national titles by now.
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    by (#131429) on 4/08/07 @11:17AM
i will have to disagree with you,syracuse had the best team in 2000, they beat uva on the road that season and everybody wanted to see teh rematch of the 99 title game but uva choked, i would say that cuse and uva were the top 2 teams that season but cuse was just a little better
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You know-you are probably right!
    by (#136419) on 4/08/07 @11:29AM
Come to think of it, I think that 'Cuse was just a little bit better than UVA. Still, Bill Tierney just getting Princeton to the title game was incredible-definitely his best coaching job ever. Princeton was so young that year-the majority of their good players were freshmen and sophmores. I clearly remember that UVA-Princeton semifinal. Virginia had a 4 goal lead and appeared to be a lock to face Syracuse. But Princeton came back. Like I have said before, Tierney outcoached Dom Starsia so badly it wasn't even funny.
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Syracuse is going to be fine!
    by (#136419) on 4/08/07 @12:30AM
Every great program has a down year or 2. This just happens to be a down year for 'Cuse. They will be back very soon!
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    by (#131429) on 4/08/07 @11:21AM
and i have to say its been a very dissapointing season for the orange, the defense and goalie are obvious issues right now but the offense has been equally bad at times. i think at this point you gotta think a change in the net next season is gonna happen, i dont want to get on coluccini but 4 saves yesterday just isnt gettin it done.

....if this team has some pride left i wont be surprised to see them upset cornell this week
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It's true...
    by (#125438) on 4/09/07 @3:26PM
I went to the game and when Princeton marked Pat Perritt and when dan hardy went down with a little nut check from cocoziello, 'cuse didn't score for a good 5 or 6 minutes.
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Kovler and Trombino
    by (#156316) on 4/08/07 @11:46AM
both had great games. And Dan Hardy on cuse does not deserve #22 hes a little prick
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