RIP 10 Tournament

RIP 10 Tournament

RIP 10 Tournament went down to Savannah, GA to cover the first annual Rip 10 Tournament. This Lacrosse Tournament is in memory of Ricky McAllaster and raised money to support the Ricky McAllaster Foundation, that spreads awareness and safety about Teen Driving.

The tournament was an all day lax event at the Savannah College of Art and Design, featuring young players at the youth level all the way up to College MCLA.

If you want to support the Rip 10 buy a pair of Rip 10 shorts HERE!

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    by (#221942) on 3/15/11 @1:30AM
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(no subject)
    by (#233316) on 3/15/11 @1:43AM
Where is this tournament? Is there a website with contact information?
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    by (#202236) on 3/15/11 @9:53PM
savannah college of art and design....saw "SCAD" on the scoreboard. i was wondering the same thing till i saw it.

it was good to see some mcla action on here, in my opinion. im hoping to play for south carolina next year, definitely going to the school. go cocks.
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Ricky McAllaster Memorial lacrosse Classic
    by (#181916) on 3/16/11 @11:40AM
The tournament is in Savannah, Ga and it will be played next year over President's day weekend (Feb 17-19). For further information on the tournament please contact Thanks for your interest.
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